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    5 Emerging Restaurant App Development Technology Trends In 2021

    Technology has been serving the restaurant industry for long, but it has become a requisite with customer unique demands and changing competition. The restaurants that have adapted to technological advancements are enjoying more success rate in terms of higher revenue & customer engagement. From proper online delivery using Restaurant apps to dining in a fully automated restaurant, technology has set high customer expectations. As the year 2021 has approached, technology and automation will surely make an impact in the restaurant world. Digitization and improved Restaurant app development would set new standards in the F&B industry on the whole. Restaurant owners will invest in innovative technologies offering them an edge to better meet the customer needs.

    Top Technological Trends for Restaurants in Year 2021

    In the year 2021, the restaurant industry is likely to implement trends meeting safety standards and providing a smooth experience to the customers thus streamlining the complete workflow of operations.

    1. Voice Technology

    Virtual assistance implementation can be easily seen in the restaurant industry. Restaurant chains including KFC, Pizza Hut have enabled voice technology to provide a seamless ordering experience to their customers. In-app voice assistance like Alexa or Google Assistant provides a simple navigation to customers for placing orders with the support of voice commands. Voice assistance is the most promising technological trend ensuring a strong impact on the future of the restaurant industry.

    2. Contactless Payments

    As the pandemic caused serious troubles to the whole world, the presence of contactless payment became an important part of the dining experience. As per a survey, most of the guests believe that mobile payment is a high-priority option and for the dining experience. With this technology, guests feel secure and safe by paying through the dip, tap, or swipe. This completely eliminates the physical contact need between staff and guests, particularly at these unprecedented times. Most Mobile app development company in India is asked to integrate this important feature within the restaurant business.

    3. Chatbots

    Unlike conventional dine-in experiences, online order through apps lacks a personal touch. To offer a personalized experience to customers during the order placement on online platforms, interactive chatbots are integrated. Large restaurant chains have already introduced chatbots which are turning out to be a great tool for customer engagement. They are programmed to perform tasks including answering FAQs, processing orders, sending promotional messages and directing customers to different functionalities. To make further refinement Chatbot is integrated with social media platforms to evolve as a wonderful marketing tool.

    4. Self-Ordering Kiosks

    Many Restaurants are setting a new trend with the implementation of kiosks, which was not imagined by many customers. Kiosks are basically small-standing digital systems allowing the customers to place orders themselves. They enhance the service by eliminating unnecessary time consumed in order taking process. Kiosks are versatile systems allowing customers to customize their orders and pay through a preferred payment mode. The long waiting time in queues even during peak hours is reduced ultimately increasing sales. Complete display of the entire menu with a single click and the convenience of order placement helps in selling. These systems also offer real-time data regarding customer preferences. All the data is properly synced with the POS terminals. Restaurateurs can fully analyze what is working appropriately and further, brings improvements in services.

    5. Handheld Order Taking Devices

    With more restaurants knowing the relevance of handheld devices for order taking, the old means of pen and paper-based order taking will slowly fade away. Handheld gadgets like tablets and mobile billing apps save a large volume of time with each order. The gadgets work in collaboration with the On-demand delivery app development as soon as the order is placed service is offered. The orders taken by the servers are shown directly in the POS systems. As these hand-held gadgets are properly integrated with the restaurant management platform, servers can simply avail of the whole order history of particular customers. Taking orders on gadgets improves processing time as chefs can start preparing the dish as soon as the order is placed.

    Why Restaurant Mobile App is Important?

    1. Restaurant Brand Visibility

    With a mobile app, the restaurant is visible to customers. They don’t have to check on search engines or take suggestions from friends; they can know it easily through apps. A mobile app is integrated with features to suggest the list of restaurants and there is a filter to suggesting the place cuisine-wise, budget-wise, as well as distance-wise. Searching for good restaurants at a new location is never an easy job.

    2. Doorstep Delivery

    Time & place is not a boundary with the implementation of the restaurant app. No need to concern when making food order in the middle of the night. With mobile apps, it is easy to order your food and get it right at your doorsteps. To make your restaurant enjoy this success simply hire mobile app developers to bring remarkable results for you in the future.

    3. Multiple Payment Options

    Customers these days look for different payment modes. Mobile apps are integrated with features of multiple payment services, cash on delivery, pay through your debit or credit card, pay through UPID, or pay via electronic wallets.

    4. Reduce Waiting Time

    As mentioned earlier, the customers have the facility to pre-book the table in the restaurant before reaching. They no longer need to wait for their turn. With restaurant apps, the customer gets instant updates regarding their notification about the status of the turn and estimated time of the table becoming vacant.


    Customers nowadays look for innovative changes in the restaurant business. They prefer ordering food or booking tables at a restaurant through mobile apps and restaurant owners must integrate a mobile application for customer engagement. But if you are new and looking for such an app it is important to consult an experienced React Native App Development Company to build an engaging one. They will build a fast and fully-functional restaurant app for your restaurant, integrated with the newest trends, features, and above all, low cost.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the cost of Restaurant App Development?

    The cost of creating a restaurant app depends on multiple features and technologies needed. Only after the initial discussion and the client’s budget, the quote can be prepared.

    2. How long does it take to build a Restaurant Mobile App?

    We would be working on strict deadlines for achieving short-term goals. So, based on the needs, it would take about 2-3 weeks to complete the whole application.

    3. Can I own the source code once the app is launched?

    Yes, we share the whole source code of the customized as well as advanced restaurant application with our clients.

    4. Is it possible to integrate multiple languages for better sales?

    Of course, you can integrate different languages as per your choice and that too with ease. Also, the app can be customized as per your needs.

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