• Top 7 Restaurant App Development Features To Drive Excellence

    Top 7 Restaurant App Development Features To Drive Excellence

    Digital transformation is driving the entire industrial force towards excellence, and the restaurant industry is no different. With out-of-box, engaging, and innovative restaurant app development services, this industry has paved its way to flourish by all means. With each passing year, more and more restaurant owners are entering the mobile app development world to attract high revenue growth.

    Restaurant app development and food delivery apps help the industry to manage staff, customers, food orders, sales, and other aspects of the restaurant. Also, a dedicated restaurant mobile application development company serves numerous objectives like notifying the customers of a newly launched beverage, new branch openings, offers, and discounts. The success of any restaurant business primarily depends on its customer base, which you can grow by retaining old customers while attracting new ones.

    Enhanced customer engagement and user experience help restaurant owners in achieving their desired goals. However, a mobile app for restaurants is embedded with amazing food delivery app features to seamlessly offer a great user experience. Therefore, if you are planning to grab a competitive edge in the digital landscape, a custom restaurant app should be an absolutely quick decision.

    In this blog, we have curated a list of top features you must include in your restaurant app development process. But before getting ahead, let’s understand a few interesting statistics about the food and delivery industry.

    The food and beverage industry is evolving swiftly. Therefore, technology is the one true solution to ease the online food ordering process and delivery. After all, how many of your customers have the patience to line up in the queue and get their food ordered, takeaway, or delivered? Reports claim that:

    • 43% of the world’s population prefer ordering food online
    • The total online food ordering revenues are expected to get increased by $200 billion by 2025
    • The food delivery market is predicted to show a CAGR of 16.23% for the period 2021-2025
    • The food delivery market is projected to increase by $25,416 million by 2025

    These statistics certainly look tempting, and you may miss out on a lot of potential customers due to a lack of digital solutions. Again, hiring a mobile application development company for your mobile app is only half-job done. To ensure user-friendly engagement, let’s look at the top features one must include in their food delivery apps.

    Top Must-Have Features For A Restaurant App

    Top Must-Have Features For A Restaurant App

    Although the app features may vary depending on the restaurant’s niche and business model, here are the top must-have features in any online food ordering system. Let’s get started!

    Location-based food services

    Mobile apps equipped with location-based services like geofencing and beacons enable customer engagement before the customers even arrive at their location. You can understand it as distributing flyers to passers-by. LBS (Location-based services) in a restaurant mobile app helps restaurants to engage with their potential customers by sending them to push notifications on their smartphones as soon as the customers enter their defined location/geographical region.

    Push Notifications

    With the rapid growth in online food ordering practices, it’s obvious for people to have multiple food delivery apps installed on their mobile phones. With the help of a push notification, restaurants can gain visibility over their customers and stay ahead of their competitors. It assists businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Also, the messages are used to send various information, including discounts, special offers, and location-based order drop messages.

    Above all, push notifications comes as an aid for a sales pitch. Whether it’s for notifying prospective consumers about special offers and discounts or loyalty programs, these notifications always help to immediately attract a consumer’s attention and engage with them.

    Easy payment methods

    Payments are the most crucial part of any restaurant. Although it is the final step, consumers will avoid visiting your app again in case they encounter the slightest inconvenience in completing the payment process. Therefore, choose an ideal payment gateway or mobile wallet software like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, iOS PayPal account, Mastercard, Credit card, Debit card, Internet banking, Cash on Delivery, and more. Depending on the availability of the customer’s payment channels, they can choose one of your given options and seamlessly complete the entire payment process.

    Search Filters

    Customers appreciate the ease and time savings that offers a sophisticated search feature with numerous criteria. Users deserve the freedom to choose their favorite restaurants depending on their delivery timing, distance, menu choices, and restaurant offers. Accordingly, the users can search for items under one roof.

    Social media integration

    Giving a platform to the users to share photographs and reviews of dishes they’ve tried on social media helps you get a lot of organic exposure. Word-to-mouth publicity is the best practice for any business to become popular and people’s choice. To get input and provide sales-centric information to the customers, you can also hire a social media team who can interact with the users and help attract more people.

    Order history

    Many customers expect to try the dishes they tried once at your restaurant. Simply browsing their order history and hitting the “order again” button saves their time and wins your customer’s loyalty points. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. Thus, it’s a must-have feature on your mobile app.

    Order tracking  

    Once your customers have placed the order, very few of them have the patience to sit and wait for their order to arrive. Adding an order tracking feature on the mobile app eases the tension between the restaurant and the customers. Users can track their food and connect with their delivery partners to coordinate the food order.


    There are many other features like a customer feedback portal, chatbots, and order scheduling that restaurants can add to their mobile app for easy customer engagement. Connect with our experts to know more about restaurant app development services and features that can accelerate the success rate of your restaurant business.

    Our mobile application development company understands the trends and restaurant needs to serve them better and drive excellence to your growth.

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    What are the top things I need in my food app?

    • On-demand food ordering app push notification
    • Rewards/discount programs
    • GPS tracking in real-time
    • Easy payment methods
    • Search Filters

    How to make my restaurant business successful?

    • Create a mobile app for customer engagement
    • Serve quality
    • Gain a positive guest experience
    • Design the menu, app, and facility with pleasing decors
    • Prioritize hygiene
    • Hire experts

    How to increase my online food delivery business?

    • Take technology help to accept the orders
    • Ensure transparent communication
    • Create a stellar online menu
    • Assign orders and track deliveries
    • Provide great service
    • Outsource deliver partners
    • Focus on quality food and packaging services

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