Mobile App Security Testing

We’ll Help You Protect Your Business-critical Mobile Apps from Malicious Attacks.

Mobile App Security Testing to Protect Your Critical Mobile App against Cyber Attacks

With the increased usage of mobile internet, ensuring mobile app security testing has become a crucial part of protecting app users and organizations from cyber threats and attacks that exploit security vulnerabilities in mobile applications. Mobile technology has drastically grown and acquired a massive user-base over the last few years. Mobile apps store and process a wide range of critical information such as credit card details, Intellectual property, medical records, and much more. This sensitive and confidential data can be easily targeted by cyber attackers.

Therefore, there’s a need for a greater and more agiler security infrastructure to protect such critical data. Mobile App Security solutions evaluate a mobile app and its security along with a large pool of mobile apps threat vectors to identify inherent security vulnerabilities and loopholes while ensuring the highest level of security of the application in use.

Mobile App Security Testing to Protect Your Critical Mobile App against Cyber Attacks
How Mobi India Can Help You with Mobile App Security Testing?

How Mobi India Can Help You with Mobile App Security Testing?

Mobi India offers a complete suite of mobile app security testing services and solutions that enable development teams to easily and efficiently implement application security testing throughout the app development process.

We have strong expertise in the mobile app penetration testing domain. We are capable of evaluating mobile applications against OWASP Mobile top 10 combined with our in-house developed security testing approaches developed by our seasoned app security experts over time. We can evaluate inherent security vulnerabilities, encryption technologies, backend services, source code review, secure transmission, data leakage, and much more.

Use Our Reliable Mobile App Penetration Testing Services to Eradicate All the Possible Security Flaws from Your Mobile App.

Our Mobile App Security Testing Approach

We follow the best practices to deliver reliable and high-quality mobile app security testing services. Whether it is an Android or iOS platform, we evaluate both server-side and client-side.

Our client-side activities include:

  • Mobile app de-compilation Mobile app de-compilation
  • Validating certificates and signaturesValidating certificates and signatures
  • Checking cryptographyChecking cryptography
  • Checking the management of sensitive and confidential informationChecking the management of sensitive and confidential information
  • Checking for unintentional data transferChecking for unintentional data transfer

Our server-side activities include:

  • Checking server configuration errorsChecking server configuration errors
  • Finding bugs and loopholes in server code or scripts
  • Testing for known and potential security vulnerabilities, andTesting for known and potential security vulnerabilities, and
  • Mitigating the risks of cyber attacksMitigating the risks of cyber attacks

Static Analysis

  • Extraction of the source codeExtraction of the source code
  • Comprehensive source code analysis based on CERT secure coding standardsComprehensive source code analysis based on CERT secure coding standards
  • Identify security vulnerabilitiesIdentify security vulnerabilities

Dynamic Analysis

  • App installation on real-world devicesApp installation on real-world devices
  • Conduct test attacks to test the security of your mobile appConduct test attacks to test the security of your mobile app

We also perform static as well as dynamic analysis of your mobile application. Static mobile security testing helps us to evaluate your mobile application at rest. This is useful for identifying security vulnerabilities associated with how the source code runs on actual devices, data flow, buffer handling, and more. The dynamic app security testing tools enable us to observe the app behavior on actual devices to identify potential issues or vulnerabilities.

Our comprehensive mobile app security testing may uncover gaps or loopholes such as vulnerability to malicious attacks, improper session management, unauthorized access, insecure use of cryptography, server misconfigurations, insecure passwords, sensitive data leakage, backdoor and debug options, and much more.

After the comprehensive mobile application security testing, we deliver a final report that lists all the security or service issues identified along with the proposal of best-suited solutions to close the gaps and enhance mobile app security.

Benefits of Choosing Our Mobile App Security Testing Services

Cyber-Threat Profiling

Create a cyber-threat profile that details out all of your applications’ existing and potential risks and enables us to replicate relevant malicious attacks instead of using random attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and session hijacking.

Multiple Platform Solutions

Test a wide range of mobile apps for mCommerce, mobile banking, and mobile payment systems across multiple platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows under a single program to improve efficiency.

Online Reporting Portal

Address the concerns of app developers, security analysts, and executives with our comprehensive reporting portal. This easy-to-use dashboard captures insights and easily sends tailored reports to vendors and mobile application owners.

State-of-the-Art App Testing Infrastructure
State-of-the-Art App Testing Infrastructure

Leverage our advanced mobile security testing environment to shorten app security testing cycles, validate apps on multiple devices and use our repository of domain and platform-specific security test cases to bring a superior-quality mobile app to the market 45% sooner.

Source Code Review Capabilities

With our years of experience and expertise in source code review, we will help you in identifying source code errors, design flaws, logic glitches well in advance to avoid re-work.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team of dedicated researchers and testers brings in strong expertise and esteemed years of experience in the information security industry. We have your back right from the design phase to release testing, incorporating proactive security at every stage of the mobile application development lifecycle.


Uncover All the Possible Security Gaps in Your Mobile Apps with Our Extensive Mobile App Security Testing Services.