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Based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacon is one of the most innovative and leading technologies that offers easy communication amongst various iBeacon devices. Over the past few years, iBeacon technology has gained a lot of popularity among businesses, marketers, and advertisers. They are leveraging iBeacon in the most effective and interactive way for increased customer rate and revenue.

With iBeacon technology, businesses can now advertise their brand presence by broadcasting signals through their beacon devices to the potential customer’s smartphones within their near proximity. Our iBeacon app developers leverage the latest technologies and tools to build next-gen iBeacon applications for your business and expand your audience reach.

How is iBeacon Different from Beacons?

Developed by Apple, iBeacon is a protocol that can be used to deliver push notifications and location-based services that leverages the way BLE allows wireless smart devices to connect automatically. This technology is based on Bluetooth low energy proximity sensing by sending a completely distinct identifier that is chosen up by a compatible mobile app or operating system. iBeacon is used to send and receive a small amount of data within short distances. So, iBeacon is a program or protocol while the beacon is a small Bluetooth transmitter (hardware).

Since beacon technology is gaining a lot of traction in the market, marketers and beacon development agencies have seized the opportunity by delivering solutions powered by beacon technology. Some of the popular Beacon technology use cases include:

  • svgShopping Malls
  • svgRetail Stores
  • svgReal Estate Agents
  • svgEducational Institutes
  • svgCar Park Operators
  • svgMuseums
  • svgTransportation

Leverage Our iBeacon App Development Services to Engage Your Potential Customers at a Whole New Level.

Here’s How a Beacon Works

  • Step 1Beacon Development
  • Step 2Smart Devices Detects Signals
  • Step 3Cloud Server Gets the ID Number
  • Step 4Server Responds
  • Step 5Beacons Notification

Mobi India - A Leading iBeacon App Development Company

As a leading iBeacon app development company, we offer a wide range of iBeacon app development services to build a wide range of iBeacon applications regardless of their size or complexity. Our iBeacon app developers help you offer customized in-store purchasing with relevant notifications and offers of the nearby stores through iBeacon applications. Our deep knowledge about BLE technology and precise calculation skills enable us to make the application relatable to your business venture.

We, at Mobi India, combine cutting-edge technology with a perfect combination of analytics and market research. We do rigorous research before initiating the app development process to understand today’s market needs. We then analyze the data gathered and build a complete solution roadmap. After gaining approval from our clients, we initiate the app development process to deliver apps that offer a delightful user experience and bring more profits to you.

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Our iBeacon App Development Solutions

As a renowned iBeacon app development company, we have developed and deployed numerous applications leveraging beacon technology. With their in-depth knowledge of Beacon technology and BLE connectivity, our BLE experts can convert your iOS device that transmits data via Bluetooth into an iBeacon. Our dedicated iBeacon app development team will take care of design, requirements, features, and help you establish a strong business presence in the market. Our team has rich experience and strong expertise in delivering:

pet tracker

Indoor navigation app

pet tracker

Discount notifications based on proximity

pet tracker

Proximity solutions

pet tracker

iBeacon based payment solutions

pet tracker

Customized iBeacon app

pet tracker

Enterprise solution based on iBeacon

pet tracker

Personalized alerts solutions

pet tracker

Document transfer apps

pet tracker

Smart museum apps

pet tracker

Vehicle tracking apps

pet tracker

iBeacon healthcare apps

pet tracker

Pet tracker app

Core Features of Our iBeacon App Solutions

Our experienced team of iBeacon developers builds high-end iBeacon applications that are enriched with advanced features and functions that give you a competitive edge in the market

Indoor Navigation

The iBeacon network directs users to the place even if they are out of the GPS network. This is useful when users need to navigate through an indoor place.

Proximity Marketing

With iBeacon apps, you can send alerts and notifications to potential customers when they’re walking nearby your store. Customers can get information about their favorite products on their smart devices easily.

Product Identification

iBeacon applications identify the location from the nearest beacon and alert the users about their favorite product information.

Automatic Payment Systems

BLE enables cashiers to pay automatically at checkout without using their cards or cash.

iBeacon App Development Services that Make Us Stand Out

Our iBeacon app developers have vast experience and expertise in developing high-quality iBeacon apps that perform flawlessly, helping you stay ahead in the competition.


Our dedicated team of ibeacon app developers creates the most intuitive and high-performance BLE mobile applications.


We deliver fully customized iBeacon applications that are tailored according to your business-specific needs and goals.


Our team of beacon developers is here to help you connect your hardware so that you can leverage the latest BLE beacons in your infrastructure.


We have a team of diverse professionals who are well-versed with BLE, beacons, and related technology. Together with you, they will discuss your business requirements and goals to come up with a better plan for you.


Our iBeacon experts monitor the app integration securely and make sure that it works seamlessly from all aspects.


We deploy your application on your preferred server. We make sure that our application is compatible with all servers and gets published successfully on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Our iBeacon App Development Process

  • 01Requirement Gathering
  • 02UI/UX Design
  • 03Prototype
  • 04App Development
  • 05Testing & QA
  • 06Deployment
  • 07 Support & Maintenance

Industries We Serve

Over the years, we have gained vast experience and expertise working on a diverse range of iBeacon projects. We cater to a wide range of industries including Logistics, Travel, Healthcare, Real-estate, FMCG, Non-profit organizations, banking, and more.

  • Food & Restaurants
  • Real-estate
  • Travel
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Education & E-learning
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Information Technology
  • Game
  • Social Networking
  • Banking & Finance
Why Choose Us for iBeacon App Development Services?
  • Vast Domain Experience and Expertise
  • Fully Customized Solution
  • 100% Data Security
  • No Additional and Hidden Charges
  • Innovative and User-friendly Designs
  • Global Reach
  • Dedicated Team of Professionals
  • 100% Client Satisfaction

Frequently ask Questions

Developed by Apple, iBeacon is an extended version of a Bluetooth-based beacon. iBeacon technology enables Bluetooth devices to send and receive static signals (data) within close proximity. iBeacon sends a unique identification number to the receiver (Smartphones and devices) in the neighborhood.

Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless technology that connects devices at lower energy. It uses the least energy for two BLE-based devices to share and broadcast data. However, the data transfer is relatively slow and low and is not ideal for transferring audio/video files.

The cost of developing an iBeacon application mainly depends on features, integrations, complexity, the country of the development partner, the hourly rate, the development timeframe, and so on.

Some of the types of applications that can be built using iBeacons include Complex Single-Page Applications, Real-time apps, FinTech apps, Ecommerce apps, Streaming apps, Social Networking apps, Microservices Architecture, etc.

Yes, of course. As a full-service iBeacon app development company, we provide extended and affordable support and maintenance packages after your iBeacon app goes live.

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