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Assisting startups and developing taxi companies with taxi app development services for their businesses to operate.

  • Easy for marketing
  • Full-proof security system
  • Various payment options
  • Customized solutions

Automate Your Cab Business with Taxi App Development Services

Mobile tech has been transforming cab booking services, and not having an app means you are falling behind your competitors. Our highly professional development team has years of experience in developing a taxi app which will be incorporated with all the latest trends and technology, user-friendly features, and create a strong system.

We at Mobi India are well-versed in providing the project on time and making sure that you get the adequate service and solution that can get your business to heights. Also, we deal in every sort of app services — like apps for passengers, drivers, admin. We cater in every sort of taxi development services.

Providing services in every sector, be it startups or developed firms, we provide services to enhance their presence in the market space. Our taxi booking services allow businesses to supervise their overall fleet operations. We are the leading taxi booking app development company, and we provide you with variants of services that you can view in Uber or Ola. We provide services and solutions depending on your business module.

Embracing Taxi Booking App Development Services

With our taxi app development services, you can easily streamline your overall taxi operations. We are helping businesses come out of their cocoon and automate their tough problems. With the assistance of our solution, you can easily enhance your overall business and get the most from us.

Customized Solution
Customized Solution

Customizing taxi app as per your requirements and market needs. We collect your ideas and then create a roadmap to include them into your app.

Airport Transfers
Airport Transfers

You can easily book the ride via an app, track the flight details, and set the pick-up and drop-off times. Integrated with various payment options to ease the process.

Corporate Transportation
Corporate Transportation

Tailored services for your corporate clients with multiple booking options, where firms can easily manage the overall bookings under one account.

Outstations Ride
Outstations Ride

Easily book rides for outstation places seamlessly and get the fare amount in advance, which will be estimated keeping the distance in mind.

Hourly Ride
Hourly Ride

You can easily book for particular hours that you’re willing to opt for, making the travel plan flexible. Get the price structure on an hourly basis seamlessly.

Web App Development
Web App Development

Providing web-based apps that can seamlessly provide you with a window where you can easily browse and book the app without any need for downloading the app.

UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design

Providing you with alluring and effective designs that can provide a user-friendly view and encourage them to use the app. We know a good design can do a lot for a business.

Backend Development
Backend Development

Providing you with databases that support your overall app's functionality and protect your data safely and securely. Now, having safe and secure data is a click away!

GPS and Integration
GPS and Integration

Incorporate the use of GPS into your app for real-time tracking and know the location of every moment. This way,, you can easily track and figure out the location.

Taxi App Solutions to Automate Your Business

Taxi app development

Private taxi/fleet business

If you run an independent fleet of minicabs, limos, traditional taxis, we create apps that simplify operations and ensure smooth service delivery.


As an enterprise, you may need to provide carpooling services to your employees. We cater taxi booking apps to fulfill your needs.

Taxi Companies

Assisting taxi-based companies with digital solutions so that they can reach a larger audience and create a brand name.

Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)

Cab services like Uber and Ola will need specific, custom-based solutions to enhance the present features of the platform.

Car Rental Companies

It can benefit your business to develop an app that allows them to manage and book cab services smoothly.

Taxi app development

Serving Major Features of a Taxi Booking App Development Solution

We serve our consumers with a real-time, safe, and secure user interface. add 100 words

Connect with the driver 1

You can easily get connected with the driver, and they can pick you up.

Promotional Code 2

You can apply a coupon code and enjoy the ride at a much cheaper price.

Save Location 3

You can easily save your location and then reach the place at any time.

Taxi Features

4 Price Estimation

You can easily get the details of your fare before taking the ride.

5 Various Payment Options

You will be given various payment options to pay for your cab driver.

6 Ride History

You can easily fetch your ride history and get the details about it.

Status 1

Drivers can set the status of whether or not they're active or inactive to take the ride.

Accept/Reject 2

Depending on their choices, one can easily check whether or not to accept the passenger or not.

Information 3

Drivers can easily visualize their customers' information, like where they have to pick up and drop off.

Taxi Features

4 Rate Users

Now, the driver easily rates their customers according to their behavior.

5 Provide Support

They can get all the issues resolved with a proper support system.

6 Push Notification

Get all the notifications without any hassle, and you can reach your destination.

Dashboard 1

With the dashboard, you can get clear insights into your overall feeds.

Bookings 2

All the bookings can be incorporated seamlessly.

Taxi Features

3 Manage Rides

You can seamlessly manage all the ride details in a single place.

4 Manage Driver

You can get the information of your driver and seamlessly log in and out of the account.

Technology And Solution Architecture

Our taxi booking app development company offers a great team of expert app developers with the right skill set and technology expertise to build apps that add value to your taxi business.

  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • Android SDK
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • React
  • Ionic
  • Stripe
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

Why Choose Us as Your Taxi App Development Services

Technical Heads

Our developers have years of experience and are well-versed with tech.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team for every particular project.

Tech Implementation

We make sure to implement all the latest technology that can enhance your business.

Happy Clients

We have delivered apt projects to our clients, looking for any modifications.

Regular Support

We provide after the completion of the development process, too.

Feature Identification

We understand your requirements and incorporate the features that you're looking for. /p>


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