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Setting a Benchmark of Mobile Applications using world-class QA

Mobile Applications using world-class QA

Quality testing is a key constituent of improving the caliber of a developed application. Because of the high demands and expectations of the end-user, the risk of launching an application without any QA has become a bigger threat now than developing the application. The process of functional testing is to fully understand the scope of application, objectively, and efficiently. The QA testing assures that the project is executing the functions the way it was supposed to execute them including data manipulation, searches, business processes, user commands, etc.

At MobiIndia, we believe that quality assurance of any project begins with the idea and then later continues through planning, designing, and launching of the final product. Our testing procedure is to check systematically the functional quality of all the components of an application. Our developers and experienced testers follow an agile methodology that covers the visible functions from the users’ perspective as well as all the back-end operations. This way we are able to diffuse every possible misstep along the way.

Our QA Testing Services

MobiIndia offers an extensive range of services:

Automated Testing

MobiIndia provides quality results and better results by offering expertise in Automated Web Testing. Our developers are agile and provide high-quality testing solutions that make your project nonchalantly proficient.

Functional testing

With years of experience, Functional testing at MobiIndia performed to provide a full investigation of functional components of the project. This type of testing confirms the fundamental requirements/specifications against the software application.

Design Testing

We evaluate each and every design component of the application. We assure that every designed issue is speckled at the beginning including links, colors, the layout of the web applications, responsiveness, alignment, navigation, etc.

Content testing

A well-Skilled Content Management team will take care of the Content posted on the application. Grammar Mistakes, Typos, Confusing-Phrases, or Non-Conventional style of writing can degrade the quality of the application. Therefore, these need to be dealt with first hand.

Compatibility Testing

Real-time and testing on live devices instead of simulations allow us to do effective testing with keeping customers’ perspective in mind. An Android application must look competitive as per other Android Applications. The same is applicable to iOS or Windows Applications.

Regression testing

With keeping quality in perspective, our developers also perform Regression testing in order to check the effect of the latest updates and upgrades over the application. It is important to maintain the traditional value of the application.

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What’s So Special With MobiIndia?


Our Ideologies are designed to support the development life cycle of any project, regardless of the size or time is taken by the project


We believe in transparency and ensure that no hidden cost is applied. Pay only for testing like any other service. No staffing costs or delays.


Testing flexibility ensures that the development and launching are never Road-Blocked and the application runs smoothly.


With 100+ years of experience, our testers are highly skilled and have already deployed several projects in testing and quality assurance.


In order to maintain a perfect collaboration, we will be connected all time i.e. during and after completion of the project.


24 X 7 availability to ensure that all your needs are matched ‘when’ and ‘as’ you need it.

Frequently ask Question

Quality Assurance checks are important to make sure if the product or the services are up to market standards or not. It is used to detect the defects before the final launch of the product.

There are several types of testing:

  • Functional Testing
  • Security testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Operational Testing

Cross-Platform testing checks the credibility of applications and websites in different environments. There are multiple types of testing:

  • Calabash
  • TestDroid by CloudBar
  • WebLoad
  • TestComplete by SmartBear

Mobile App Quality Assurance Ensuring Applications are Thoroughly-tested