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We have a team of highly skilled app developers who leverage the full potential of the React Native framework to ensure high quality, rapidly developed mobile applications for our global clients.

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Are you planning to build a robust, scalable, and intuitive mobile app to meet rapidly increasing business demands? Cross-platform app development is a cost-effective solution to expand your reach to a wider audience and boost your ROI. There are several cross-platform app development frameworks available in the market, and one of the fastest-growing cross-platform app development frameworks is React Native. React Native uses native UI elements to create world-class applications for various platforms like Android, iOS, Web, and UWP. Developed by Facebook Inc., React Native has emerged as an enormously popular framework used by developers all across the globe. Choose React Native framework to build high-performing and user-friendly mobile apps that deliver a truly native app experience. Use shared code across various platforms, and launch your business before your competitors do.

Why Choose React Native Framework for Your Application?

Why Choose React Native Framework for Your Application?

React Native is a cross-platform app development framework that was initially built to develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS, thereby making hybrid app development easier and simple. Additionally, Facebook has also built React Native Open Source that provides compatibility with other platforms like Windows, tvOS, etc. Hybrid app developers no longer need to confine to WebView components only. React Native comes with building blocks that are reusable ‘native components’ that directly compile to native. As compared to traditional hybrid app development frameworks, React has a web-style and a more agile approach to mobile application development that exhibit the look, speed, performance, and functionality of a native mobile app. That’s why many app developers and entrepreneurs are now turning to React Native app development services to build feature-rich, high-performing, and intuitive mobile applications.

Key Benefits of React Native App Development

A free and most popular framework

Open-source framework with rich UI components

Faster app development process instead of recompiling

High speed and performance as the app is reloaded instantly

Hot Reloading facilitates the running of new code while retaining the application state.

The framework combines easily with components written in Java, Objective-C, or Swift.

You can easily build a part of the app in React Native and a part using the native code directly.

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Mobi India - A Leading React Native App Development Company

Do you want to leverage the benefits of React Native to build a feature-rich, high-performing, and intuitive mobile app? We are a prominent React Native app development company that delivers high-quality React Native applications that have near-native quality and are built in the shortest possible time as well as development and code maintenance efforts. Our React Native app development team knows how to leverage the capabilities of React Native for maximum efficiency. We employ a proven and agile approach to mobile app development that helps us successfully deliver hundreds of innovative and ingenious mobile apps to our global clients.

Full Cycle Product Development

Full Cycle Product Development

From idea and conceptualization to transforming them into sensational reality, we use the power of the React Native framework to full potential. Our React Native app development services do not end here. We incessantly monitor your app performance even after it has been deployed to ensure that your end-users love interacting with it.

MVP Development

MVP Development

Leveraging the React Native framework, we take your business ideas to the market faster by creating an MVP, a concept that makes implementation easier to React. With an MVP solution, you can achieve maximum user acceptance and iteratively build an app that meets your users’ expectations.

Let’s Have a Glance Over Our React Native App Development Services

As a leading React Native app development company, we offer a wide range of cross-platform app development services leveraging the React Native framework. We deliver custom app solutions that impressively meet our clients’ business requirements and goals. We are also proficient in migrating your existing mobile apps to the React Native app development platform to help you expand your reach and ensure faster time to market. We always make sure that all of our React Native app development processes undergo strict quality checks and testing to deliver flawless products to our clients. We also provide dedicated app support and maintenance services to ensure your app is up and running always.

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React Plugin Development

React Interactive UI Development

Cross-Platform App development

React Native Android App

React Native iOS App

React Native Customization Service

React Native Support & Maintenance

React Native Languages and Frameworks We Use


  • Languages - JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Navigation - React Navigation
  • Utilities - Lodash, Ramda, Moment.js
  • Middleware - Redux Thunk, Redux-Saga, Redux Observable
  • Networking - Axios, Contentful, Apollo, GraphQL
  • Testing - Jest, Enzyme, Chai, Mocha
  • App State - Redux
  • Forms - Redux Forms
  • Bundle - Webpack


  • Hosting - AWS, Rackspace, Heroku
  • Configuration - Chef, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Pub/Sub Messaging - gRPC, RabbitMQ
  • Database - PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
  • Server - Nginx
  • App Frameworks - Rails, Trailblazer, Hanami, RSpec
  • App Server - Puma

Industries We Serve

  • Transportation
  • Food and Restaurant
  • Education
  • Fitness & Health
  • Grocery
  • Beauty & Wellness

Who Uses React Native Framework?

Here are some of the biggest applications that are based on the React Native framework. If you are planning to create React Native apps for your business, simply share your requirements with us and we will deliver the best React Native app solution.

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react native user universal-2
react native user universal-3
react native user universal-4
react native user universal-5
react native user universal-6
react native user universal-7
react native user universal-8

Why Partner with Us for React Native App Development Services?

Full-cycle Development Team

We provide a full team of Business Analysts, Project Managers, Designers, Developers, and QA engineers, who work together to deliver the desired product within the shortest possible time.

Strong React Native Expertise

Over the years, we have delivered hundreds of diverse range of React projects that have helped us achieve strong expertise and rich experience working with the React Native framework.

Lower Development Costs

We deliver a reasonable plan cost depending on your needs and abide by it. As the cost of React Native app development cost gets fixed, you can plan your budget competently.

Deliver Future-Proof Product

We believe in employing the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver next-gen app solutions, and React Native is one of them. Our React Native experts can discuss with you the best-fit language, app development frameworks, and library for your product.

100% Client Satisfaction

We follow a seamless communication process and result-oriented approach to create unique, innovative, and elegant user interfaces that provide the utmost satisfaction to our clients.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to delivering solutions on time and on budget. We have a team of proficient mobile app developers who can easily and cost-effectively build an app that matches your business goals perfectly.

Frequently ask Questions

React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks for mobile app development. We suggest our clients go with React Native mobile app development services because the framework offers many benefits such as a faster development process, higher flexibility, and better performance. By outsourcing React native mobile app development, you can cut down overhead costs, ensure quicker delivery, and easy maintenance, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the market. The React Native framework brings more speed and agility to the mobile app development process.

This is possible if you work with a professional React Native mobile app development company. It requires an in-depth understanding of the React Native framework to create a native alike mobile app using the React Native framework.

The cost of React Native app development depends on several factors including mobile app categories, their complexity, features, UI/UX designs, the React Native app development package you choose, etc. If you have a React Native app development project, simply share your requirements with us. We will thoroughly analyze your project requirements to give you a ballpark figure.

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