• Things You Need To Know About Restaurant App Development

    Things You Need To Know About Restaurant App Development 

    Have you ordered food online through a restaurant app Development? Surely, you might have to order food online at least once. Whether you are a working professional, a college-going student, or even a domestic maker, an online food ordering service makes your life simple. Isn’t it?

    Well, how can you ignore the importance of ordering your favorable dishes online while leaving your lunch behind at home? Some people prefer to try different lip-smacking dishes and simply order digitally. Just like online shopping, ordering food by using a restaurant app has become part and parcel of several people’s life.

    Specifically during the unexpected pandemic situation, when everything was shut and enclosed. Only retail shops and restaurants were open to deliver things at home. Office-going professionals, teachers, housewives, and even children prefer tapping on the restaurant app to call off favorable dishes. Compared to preparing meals at home.

    Concerning all that, restaurant owners and anyone having a forte in cooking looking forward to creating a restaurant app. With the increasing digitization across several industries, hotels and restaurants have become quick responders towards restaurant app development to enhance business.

    So, here in this blog, get a brief idea of what it takes to develop a restaurant app based on several key points. Get to know common types of restaurant apps, features, and steps to develop the application.

    Stats that make you feel more confident 

    •81% of customers order food online in India through different food delivery and restaurant apps.
    •The restaurant app marketplace is expected to reach $40 billion by 2024.
    •91% of restaurants prefer to create an online food delivery app for customers’ convenience.
    •In 2020, food delivery apps generated a whopping $111 million in revenue.

    Based on the above statistics, it is clear that the online food sector is rapidly advancing towards digitization. Hotel and food joint owners can rely on restaurant mobile app development to digitize their presence far across the limited demographics. And start attracting more customers to increase the overall sales patterns.

    Common types of restaurant apps you should know

    Building a restaurant app for your business requires detailed-oriented research. We provide you with that information here by first referring to the common types of restaurant-based mobile apps.

    ▶Online Ordering Delivery App

    The most common and extensively used restaurant app is the online food ordering and delivery application. Like the matching profiles of Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy, and several restaurant-based apps, this is a kind of customer-centric application.

    Such apps allow customers to access restaurants in their close vicinity, access restaurant menus, select and order food, make online payments, and track orders. The full-service application is created into two different modes for the end customer and the other for the restaurant owner like you.

    Key features of online food delivery app.

    •User profile creation
    •The search option to find restaurants & food
    •Card registration
    •Auto payment
    •Order details and tracking
    •Order and payment history
    •Delivery status
    •Mobile notifications
    •Chat support

    ▶On-Table Order & Pay App

    On-table order and payment application is the restaurant-specific automated system. It allows the customers to select food from the menu, order online, and get it served at the restaurant table. This application is in high demand these days to limit personal interaction with the limited staff and serve food fast on the table.

    This particular application features a place an order functionality that allows customers to check on the list of food items from the digital menu. Once the food is selected, the information is transferred via app to the kitchen departments and professional chefs start preparing your food.

    Key features of the on-table order app.

    •Food menu
    •Order form & details
    •Reordering section
    •Order ahead
    •Selecting quantity
    •Bill split
    •Loyalty programs
    •Paying at the table or counter
    •Mobile wallet
    •Automated tipping
    •Email or print receipts

    ▶Find Your Restaurant App

    As the name itself implies, the find your restaurant app is a location-specific mobile application. It helps customers to find specific restaurants in their close or far vicinity depending on the location area Pincode or name. This application even helps restaurant owners to register their business for the convenience of nearby customers and showcase the real-time location.

    Find your restaurant app requires a comprehensive database that comprises numerous restaurant information. And it is based on different parameters like location, area, neighborhoods, city, and more. App developers follow a strategic mobile app development process to create this particular application for a particular city or country.

    Key features of finding your restaurant app.

    •Restaurant search feature
    •User profile
    •Restaurant information
    •Ingredients selection
    •Picture & video gallery
    •Push notifications
    •Reviews & ratings
    •In-app messaging

    Steps to develop a restaurant mobile app for you

    Steps to develop a restaurant mobile app for you 

    Now, that you have decided to invest in restaurant app development for the purpose of enhancing your food business. It is imperative to partner with an Android and iOS app development company to help you build a feature-rich application. And to get started, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

    1.Extensive market research: It all starts with doing extensive market research related to your competitors, customer expectations, and trends. The whole purpose of building a restaurant app is to get customer attention and improve sales patterns. To justify the same, you must know how your competitors reach an audience, functionalities to add, storage information, API’s and more.

    2.Finalize the UI/UX: Front-end of the restaurant app is imperative to create an interactive user experience with customers. Concerning the same, ensure to add relevant visuals, user-friendly navigation, maintain optimum speed, easy registration process, and security.

    3.Test & then deploy: Once the front-end and back-end of the restaurant app are developed. There starts the intricate process of testing the application, based on distinctive parameters. Rigorous app testing is relevant to remove bugs, errors, speed issues, and other possible loopholes.

    4.App marketing: It is crucial to do end-to-end restaurant app marketing to reach the target audience across different demographics. Without marketing, it is cumbersome to meet the desired requirements of customers and give a much-needed business push. Therefore, focus on app launching marketing campaigns followed by deals, discounts, and other relevant offers.

    Final Note

    A restaurant app development is a strategic and thoughtful process to impact the business extensively. It is imperative to understand the insights of the mobile app development process, types of restaurant apps, and features to include. Therefore, connect with an experienced and reliable app development partner like Mobi India to fulfill your requirements within budget. Moreover, ensure a result-oriented app is developed in the shortest timeline along with strategic performance.

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