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    Top 12 Features of Ecommerce App Development to Boost Your Business

    Modern retail businesses have joined the bandwagon to offer seamless user experience. Because mobile commerce is the latest trend to follow. Nowadays, active users’ demand for apps gets aligned with their comfort. Add eCommerce app development company that provides features to assist shoppers with an effective experience. Because it helps you increase your brand awareness. If you want to know more, let’s dive in. 

    Why choose eCommerce app development features? 

    Trading enterprises focus on mobile eCommerce solutions to reach a larger audience. So, firms take the help of the web or mobile apps for their users. And creating an app without features is nothing. Because eCommerce app development features help in user connectivity. Plus, they get an opportunity to explore more about your business. Let’s look at some benefits of adding these features: 

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    User loyalty 

    Your eCommerce mobile app is the smaller digital version of your brand. So, focus on its customization, design, and optimization. Because users remember the details and colors every website offers. And if you want to offer unique value to users, then present a unique USP.  

    Plus, these mobile apps provide users to shop their products easily. The additional eCommerce app development features offer great mobility. Because the users can pick and put their favorites in the wishlist. Also, try to make the most of the first impression. 

    Brand recognition 

    Mobile eCommerce apps build strong connectivity between users and brands. Because these stores offer their products and users share reviews. So, this cross-communication enhances brand visibility. It impacts the user’s perception of your company and its products.  

    When you add social buttons to your store, it works as a powerful addition. Plus, it adds valuable reviews and attracts new visitors. And, users get notifications of sales, discounts, etc. So, this works as a regular interaction point for users. 

    Improved profits  

    Mobile apps are the trending user choice to shop anywhere and anytime. These eCommerce apps increase sales plus offer a user-friendly experience. However, the implementation of such complex features is tricky. Yet the results of a feature-rich app are always in the favor of the business.  

    Plus, the users get the simple concept and functionality helps to understand the app. Additionally, it increases profits by bringing potential visitors to your online app.  

    In-depth analytics 

    When you present every product in the mobile app you get accurate results. Mobile applications are an easy tool to track even hidden results. Plus, you know how eCommerce app development features affect user-friendliness.  

    And even how your competitors taking the lead by serving the users. So, this adds to how you can customize the user experience and reinvent the strategy. Moreover, these insights help to improve your business in overall ways. 

    Payments methods 

    Cash and credit cards are quite uncommon these days. Because the shoppers use online payment systems. Payment apps offer security, reliability, and speed. So, much to the user’s convenience users are falling for this option than cards.  

    And this is also a plus point for many businesses. Because if they adjust as per user needs they will get the fulfilling result. So, it becomes a better option to include every type of payment method. You can align an eCommerce app development company to integrate a secure gateway. 

    Top ecommerce app development features 

    Here are some eCommerce app features to include in the app. 

    Login credentials 

    Every eCommerce app should have a login or a registration page for all visitors. And that goes for every new or old user. Try to integrate these credentials for various platform users. Because you need these details for further use. So, keep a concise login or detail page that asks for every necessary information. Try to add more optional features for your customers.  

    Don’t be rigid about the data because they may change addresses, payment methods, etc. Let the visitors surf through your complete online store and notify them later. Focus to build a smart application that also offers to enter as a guest. 

    Shopping cart 

    Just like offline stores, mobile apps also need shopping carts. Going towards the need of adding a shopping cart for your eCommerce store. These wishlists help the users to keep track of their buy-later goods. Even it helps you to remind your users about their carts. It is one of the best eCommerce app development features to add.  

    Plus, the shopping carts are visible with price names, descriptions, etc. And to help to make the user’s purchase easy and transparent. Try to add an actionable CTA(Call to Action) to the shopping cart. So, that users get motivated to buy the products they have kept for a long. 

    Feature-rich browsing 

    eCommerce apps should prioritize the needs of their users. Because they are the intended recipients of these mobile apps. Try to present a feature-rich but simple app. Because your visitors are too busy to solve the maze you’ve created.  

    Instead, include product names, short descriptions, and images. Furthermore, users can quickly select a category and navigate to their preferred products. Add a search bar to the products page for users to easily find products. 

    Product page 

    Visitors are coming to your websites for the products you offer. Simply put, they need those products so they come to your site. Try to make your product page simple and sophisticated for users. You should keep several pointers in mind before presenting a website. 

    Short description  

    Maybe a liner or two-liners can do the best. It helps the users easily remember the product by name. 

    Visually engaging 

    Your product visuals are crucial for reliable engagement. Users remember pictures more easily than just words. So, it can be clothes, furniture, toys try to use videos along with images. You can consult a mobile app development company for seamless mobile shopping. 

     Detailed information 

    Along with short you need to add a long description for your products. It contains the size, benefits, uses, policies, etc. So, that your users get all the desired information about your products. 

    Share button 

    In many cases, customers click pictures or copy the name of products. So, it becomes your role to integrate a share button with the users. Because it helps them to share these products on social platforms or with friends. Ultimately it helps to increase your audience. 

    Search bar 

    Your eCommerce store has all the products but your users just look what they need. So, instead of laying everything in a confused state, try to use a search bar. Place a search bar on the top or the side, whatever suits your app. Consider the search option as one of the best eCommerce app development features to gain a wider audience.  

    Because it helps the users quickly search and go for the products. Try not to interrupt your user’s browsing with your search bar. Be precise and try to add some smart keywords that help your users. 

    Transaction options  

    When there is buying and selling the transaction is a must process. With the increase in digital payments, many stores offer only pay digital offers. So, to reach a larger audience, you must include various payment choices.  

    Consult an eCommerce app development company for secure assistance. Moreover, you should also include credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery, etc. So, you can easily add these options:  

    • Credit cards 
    • Bank transfers 
    • Mobile wallet 
    • COD 

    So, giving these varied options for payment methods increases your reliability factors. Plus, it offers them the freedom to choose any option that the best for them. Eventually, they will appreciate the options you offer ad come again.  

    Product reviews 

    If you want a reliable customer base, add reviews for every product. Because numbers play a crucial game in online shopping. So, you can ask for product scoring and reviews from your buyers. It helps you in two ways: 

    • You can improve the product/service. 
    • Your new visitors get the idea of the quality. 

    So, try to include an array of effective reviews. Along with detailed descriptions, reviews give a competitive edge over others. Even shoppers can easily pick their favorites with this method. 

    Social sharing 

    As stated above about the share button, the social sharing links are equally important. Nowadays, social media is on the roar, and your users can be active on them. So, integrating these social sharing buttons can ease their time to switch platforms.  

    Plus, these eCommerce app development features give you an advantage in digital marketing. Also, offer them to share texts, links, emails, and products to any site. Moreover, this enables you to reach out to multiple users. 

    Engaging notifications  

    You may have noticed eCommerce apps constantly pinging you about new additions. Even if they are about to start selling, they will remind you. So that users are aware of what is new in your store. Furthermore, the order, delivery, and other alerts keep buyers on their toes. It also gives your company a competitive advantage.  

    Because you inform your users about any updates will increase your reliability. Furthermore, in this case, customer loyalty is rewarded. 

    Smart recommendations 

    Notification plays a crucial role but the recommendation is an X factor. Because you may be presenting endless varieties, categories, and products. However, your users may get confused about what to pick. So, it’s better to use personalized suggestions. And for this, you need the shopper’s historical shopping patterns, wishlists, etc. There you go!  

    When you have their previous fashion tastes you can easily recommend them. You might have noticed some apps offer how to pair up shirts, jeans, and accessories. So, try this method to get more attention. 

    Flash sales  

    You may consider sales and promotions to be part of your social strategy. Because sales and discounts are just the perfect to announce your updates. Even so, it is the simplest way to reach a wider audience than a brick-and-mortar store.  

    You can easily publicize the upcoming events or special sales you will organize. And adding eCommerce app development features got you the brownie points. Because you get all the attention of the audience from every age group. Plus, the festival-specific sales increase profits.  

    So, instead of reminding with a boring text, go for flash messages. Or maybe an engaging email, alerts that must at least grab an eyeball. 

    Membership & loyalty  

    Many apps offer these exclusive eCommerce app development features for users. And these additions are memberships and loyalty programs. So, we will look at both these shiny offers differently: 

    Membership options 

    Some eCommerce apps offer exclusive VIP memberships to several products. Because it adds value to their customer relationship and user journey. And it increases the uniqueness of your brand value. You can easily include these additions for reliable users.  

    Such as offering them special discounts, notifying them, getting easy access, and faster deliveries. Amazon Prime is one such great example of this. 

     Loyalty programs 

    Another pricey addition is these stores offer points, discounts, and coins on purchases. It promotes an increase in product sales and customer loyalty. You may call it a smart move to attract more audience or keep a faithful image. Try to integrate this feature to offer special promotions and discounts. You can consult an eCommerce app development company for more assistance.  

    User support 

    Last but not least, any eCommerce store must provide excellent customer service. Why? What’s the point of having search bars, descriptions, names, and images? Users may require additional assistance when searching or submitting queries.  

    You will win if you can provide supportive and dependable customer service. Excellent user support fosters a strong bond between customers and stores. As a result, you can integrate live chat, chatbots, messaging services, email, and so on. And if they have any questions, they can contact you via any means. 

    Latest eCommerce mobile trends to follow  

    Here are some latest updates every eCommerce app should add. 


    Technology integration is not a new thing in commerce or retail firms. Because online retailers ensure the user experience is fruitful. Apart from other trends AR/VR is gaining much interest. Because the potential users can easily try the product virtually before buying.  

    So it adds to the user reliability and competitive edge of your store. Plus, the integration of the physical and digital worlds can be worth spending. 

    Live commerce 

    It is an amalgamation of eCommerce and live streams. Simply put, shopping with online streaming presents a seamless shopping experience. Because it is one of the user-engaging eCommerce web development features to add.  

    Consult a mobile app development company for your projects. We can see that this integration has great potential for the eCommerce sector. 

    Voice search 

    Apart from a simple search bar voice search offers another smart AI integration. The voice search or smart speaker makes it a more reliable commerce relationship. Because the latest integration has the potential to grow your eCommerce business exponentially. Plus, it doesn’t require your users to learn any skills or courses. Moreover, it adds a plus point to mobile app shopping. 


    Conclusion: Planning the features to add to your eCommerce store is not an easy task to accomplish. Instead you need a thorough understanding of the market trends and user demands. So, above mentioned features offer great insights into these features. For more consideration, consult a mobile app development Process company for your projects. 


    What characteristics should an eCommerce app have? 

    When you create an iOS or Android app, you are creating a strong representation of your online business.  

    What are the prerequisites for an eCommerce app? 

    • Rapid and secure web hosting 
    • Highly responsive mobile site 
    • Web design that is easy to use. 
    • Strong operational systems. 
    • Checkout is completed quickly.  

    What is the function of an e-commerce app? 

    Users can use an ecommerce app to shop online, browse product catalogues, create wish lists, add items to carts, and complete purchases.  

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