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    Top 10 eCommerce Customer Pain Points and Their Solutions

    eCommerce is a flourishing business with a wider future scope. But some business owners find it difficult to thrive in the competitive market. And why not? The ever-changing business landscape is giving major competition to startups. But if you know how to overcome these challenges, you are winning it. However, you can consult an eCommerce app development company for your projects. If you want to know these challenges, let’s dive in.

    An Overview of eCommerce business challenges

    Whether you own a start up or are an entrepreneur, you may face some difficulties. These pain points can come from the user or your company’s flaws. And it can happen at any stage, including order fulfilment, data security, store agility, transportation, damaged orders, etc. However, some businesses are unaware of where their services fall short.

    And, some do not receive adequate assistance. You can seek assistance from an eCommerce app development company for your eStore. Let’s take a look at some of the potential challenges that businesses may face.

    eCommerce business pain points with solutions 

    Let’s look at some common challenges faced by eCommerce businesses.

    pain points of ecommerce customer

    Project cost overruns

    In simple words, when your funding expectation exceeds the initial budget. So, it adversely affects your eCommerce business. Where you might go wrong here? You may be calculating the wrong estimates because of inaccurate forecasts.

    Therefore, without analyzing the environment and risks you may lose your project. You can involve an eCommerce web development company for cost estimation. And they can help you to get the correct project estimation.


    There can be times when you can run over your estimated budget. But if you plan effectively you can manage your project. And even plan to see invest your money somewhere also.

    Lack of communication

    Communication plays a crucial role in every sector and department. And having a communication gap can ruin your store experience. It can be due to many reasons like uncomfortable users, ignoring requests, time zones, etc. Sometimes you get misinterpreted information via messages or emails instead connect via calls. And engaging with users with different communication means can help you understand the issues easily.


    Connecting with your customers can assist you in developing reliable user relationships. It also helps you understand their expectations and how to meet them.

    Real-time assistance 

    Users require live assistance to comprehend your website or even navigate the store. Don’t expect your users to know everything you offer in the market. You can involve mobile app development services to integrate chatbots into your eStore. Because these online agents are a savior for your users. Plus, the live chat feature helps to strengthen the user-retailer bond and rank higher in the SERPs.


    Use chatbots or live assistants to make your users feel important. Try to be interactive with users to learn about their interests, patterns, behaviors, etc. So you can add some user-friendly features.

    Missed project deadlines

    Now some startups or other enterprises may face delays to deliver on deadlines. And it can be due to high pressure and poor engagement model to follow. So, it can lead to losing opportunities, decreased share, reduced profits, etc. Moreover, deadlines can get missed due to many internal and external factors.


    So, proper work management, employee productivity, and cost management can help you. Because you should present an eCommerce platform that works efficiently inside out.

    Product quality concern 

    Quality is the hallmark of any business. And if you can’t deliver the quality you might lose some potential users. If your business is not managing employees and activities it might cost quality later. Even it goes the same for the products and services. Because your users rely on descriptions, images, content, etc. So, it’s your responsibility to deliver transparent and reliable services.


    Because users can’t physically touch your products, delivering quality becomes essential. Try to be transparent and quality-driven when you present your business in the market. You can consult an eCommerce app development company to assist with quality concerns.

    ERP integration challenges

    Integrations enable your company to seize new opportunities. Furthermore, if done incorrectly, you may lose some users and costs. However, many factors influence the integration process. It could be a lack of requirements, poor testing, inadequate support, etc. Furthermore, it can be a barrier to your company’s success.


    Your integrations must be compatible with the products and services offered by your eCommerce business. Consider the long-term and the various users who may benefit from their disparate needs. It also helps in the promotion of your company on a larger scale.

    Poor user experience

    Don’t make your eCommerce website a puzzle to solve. Instead, let users feel familiar with your website. Because if they don’t find useful information on your site. Your competitors might be winning this game. Also, poor experience can be due to some extra use of graphics or content that confuses your users. You can consult an eCommerce web development company for more help.


    So, here you need to design your website that welcomes users. Be mindful when choosing colors, aesthetics, schemes, modules, features, etc. Try to include reliable and experienced services to assist you.

    Receiving incorrect order 

    What happens when users receive the incorrect order? Here, you might lose your reliability. Along with quality users also check for transparency. So, you need to monitor your logistics, management, and support services. Because if any of the staff faces problem it might affect your reputation. Plus, damaged or incorrect orders can cause the worst impression on the market.


    You can easily manage this issue with warehouse management, inventory safety, etc. Because it ensures the product delivery is accurate at every stage. So, that you don’t get unhappy customers or bounce rates.

    Post-launch support

    Because of a lack of expertise, startups may face this issue sometimes. They may also end up hiring less reliable web development services. So, they don’t get timely maintenance and customer service for their store. Furthermore, it leads to irrelevancy, higher bounce rates, zero engagement, etc.


    You can consult a reliable eCommerce web development service to help you. And also priorly discuss with them the maintenance and support cost you will pay. Even try to update your plugins or add ons regularly.

    User data security 

    Last, but not least. One of the most crucial pain point is data security. Because your firm must be reliable to attract more customers. You also require confidential data from users, which is difficult to obtain. Furthermore, users abandon phony and shady websites. Because of reduced security and more dangerous activities.


    Try to involve more secure policies for users. Include safe payment methods for improved security. Also, you can take the help of reliable services to integrate secure integrations.

    Conclusion: Your eCommerce businesses can face many challenges. However, some of them with their solutions are discussed above. And these tips will surely help you. For more consideration, consult an eCommerce app development company for your projects.


     What is the most difficult challenge for online businesses?

    • Data and cyber security
    • Online identity verification
    • Attracting the customer
    • Customer loyalty

    How can e-commerce enhance the customer experience? 

    Blog posts, tips, interviews, videos, and infographics about the  products you sell can all be included.

    What does the future of e-commerce look like? 

    E-commerce has a bright future as new technologies and commercial breakthroughs create new growth opportunities.

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