• The Mobile Platforms Startups Should Choose in 2022 iOS or Android

    The Mobile Platforms Startups Should Choose in 2022: iOS or Android?

    The most important decision that mobile application development companies or startups face is deciding on the best platform to develop their app on. iOS or Android? Which one will be advantageous to your startup? This article contains the solution to your consternation. We have created a few guides for startups that are still unsure whether to use Android or iOS as their app development platform. By the end of this article, you will have learned about some important factors to consider when making your final decision.

    Whereas Android targets a larger number of users, iOS app development company experience users are more common in developed countries because people here spend more money on deluxe devices or apps. So wealthy people in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States will not hesitate to pay for a worthwhile paid app. But that’s not all; there are a few more points to consider.

    Remember that your startup’s choice or preference will be independent of anyone else’s views or preferences. As a result, it is critical that you make your decisions solely on your own or with the help of a trusted development partner. Read this article and consider the points that must be considered when choosing a platform for mobile app development.

    • Audience

    Did you know that Android dominates 75% of the global market? Lower and middle-class income groups prefer Android, whereas the upper class prefers iPhones. As a result, it is necessary to acknowledge that iPhone app development is more popular in regions such as Northern America and Europe, whereas developing regions prefer Android over iOS. Young people value iOS for its style and happiness.

    As a result, the age group, income, spending capacity, and geographical location are some of the factors to consider before selecting an appropriate platform.

    • Development and Complexity Time

    The longer the time it takes to develop a mobile app, the more money it will cost. Furthermore, iOS is limited to a few screen sizes, whereas Android devices have a variety of screen sizes. As a result, Android App Development Services will undoubtedly take much longer than iOS.

    When it comes to approval and release times, Android continues to win. Approval for Android apps takes at least one day. iOS, on the other hand, may take up to three weeks to go live and be approved.

    • Market Revenue

    Priority is given to the revenue that will be generated for the startup. Without a doubt, in-app purchase revenue is much higher in the case of iOS app development, but due to a larger user base, Android applications can also compensate for it all.

    Aside from that, the Play Store still has a long way to go before it can compete with the App Store.

    • Fragmentation

    When it comes to devise fragmentation, Android has an advantage over iOS. Furthermore, if your startup is aimed at a large number of people rather than a specific group of people, an Android platform is a better option.

    • Ease in Designing and Development

    The ease of development or design is more dependent on the skills of the mobile app development companies’ developers. When it comes to design, almost all platforms take the same amount of time. As a startup, you can look for an experienced development partner. If you select a partner who specializes in both platforms, the platform will not have many issues.

    • Budget

    As a startup, it is critical to keep track of the startup’s budget while also keeping in mind the time constraints. Android App Development Services takes a lot more time and money. If the work must be completed in a short period of time and with limited funds, iOS is the only option.

    iPhone app development

    Key Takeaways

    Because of its rich features, great innovations, and lower complexity, iPhone app development has the following. At the same time, Android’s larger user base has kept it in the race, making it difficult for a startup to choose between them. Regular Android version updates increase the likelihood of more bugs. iOS has fewer bugs than Android due to fewer new versions and code writing.

    Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages. There is no formula that will work for the vast majority of startups. Your requirements are specific and one-of-a-kind. The platform you choose will be heavily influenced by your startup’s requirements, finances, and target audience.



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    How much does an apple dev cost?

    The annual fee for the Apple Developer Program is 99 USD, and the annual fee for the Apple Developer Enterprise Program is 299 USD, both in local currency where available. Prices vary by region and are displayed in local currency during the registration process.

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