• Learn the Step-by-Step Process of Taxi App Development

    Learn the Step-by-Step Process of Taxi App Development 

    The modern era has blessed homo sapiens with plenty of possibilities to ease their lifestyle. Now, every industry is propelling its root toward apps. This helps them to connect with their users. And if we talk about the taxi app development process, then you have reached the right spot.

    Taxi app development company is booming in the market and it’s the perfect choice for you if you’re planning to adopt this business. 

    Taxi app development has had a rapid impact on the cab industry. There was a time when taking cabs for short distances was unusual. However, with the growing number of businesses in urban areas, white-collar employees have begun to take cabs to their workplaces.

    People are switching from traditional taxis to online taxi booking in a large mass. When you book a taxi via the app, you just need to share your location. And the cab driver will be coming to pick you up from your precise location. 

    However, the case is not the same with the traditional taxi. While fetching a traditional taxi you have to en-route some hassle. You have to walk down to your nearby taxi/auto-picking spot and then wait hours to catch the taxi. 

    The taxi booking app development process is best for startups, enterprises, and even for developing businesses

    Before you hit the bullet, we would like to walk you through the development process of the taxi development app. 

    Also, we didn’t intend to upset you. But before you step into the taxi business, make sure to know your competitors, like, Uber and Ola. 

    Implement these vital features

    Implement these vital features

    Taxi booking has various key points that you should implement before marking out the structure of the app. If you have a clear vision then it will ease half of your work during the development process. Also, facing an issue in your initial is no biggie, anyone can lack while working on new tech. However, with our pointed features, you can always feel confident about the development process. 

    Let’s showcase to you some features:

    • Have a profound GPS location tracker
    • Low fare 
    • Alert notification
    • Various payment options 
    • Review Section

    GPS tracker

    GPS tracker 

    This is the most crucial point if you’re looking for a taxi app development process. Make sure to implement apt geolocation, it will assist the cab driver to find the rider. This will be saving the drivers and the riders time at the same time. 

    The rider and the driver can easily track each other which will connect them easily. This also provides a facility where you can locate and call each other for real-time updates. 

    GPS eases some of the points like: 

    • Manages the meeting point
    • Track each other
    • Shows the car model 
    • Showcase the shortest route
    • Count under the review

    Payment Section

    Payment Section

    We all know, once the ride is complete you have to pay your driver. And at the same time, you have to think from the consumers’ point of view. Having various options for the payment mode can ease half of your rider’s task. 

    Everything about Taxi Booking App – Development Cost to Features in 2023

    There are numerous options available in the market due to the online mode of transaction. For example, Paytm, UPI, BharatPe, and many more.  Provide your customer with various payment methods. It will be showcase an idea that you value their time and preference. 

    Various payment methods can:

    • Help you with the review
    • Provide online transaction history
    • Payment and ride history

    Text Section

    Text Section

    Having a chat option can help your rider to connect with you more easily. This is the most useful feature because sometimes due to network issues, it’s tough to connect with the driver. And the chat section eases most of the job. 

    The chat section allows the rider and the driver to connect without any hassle. 

    • Ease in communication
    • Easy Functionality 

    Listing some additional features that can ease your work in the development process:

    Listing some additional features that can ease your work in the development process:

    1. Genuine: This feature will allow the driver to view the rider’s profile. The driver can take easily take the booking after they have created their profile. It should be compulsory for the rider and the driver to create the profile.
    2. Log in/Sign up: This should be the crucial step, both the rider and driver should have the profile. This will assist them to add a payment option.
    3. Notification: From the time of booking to the completion of the ride, it’s crucial to send a notification for every step. These notifications can help you to update the customers with new rides, discounts and latest updates.
    4. High rate: Sometimes, you must have noticed due to office hours or due to heavy traffic it turns tough to book a cab for yourself. During heavy rain, heavy traffic, and low cab service, a driver can easily increase the fare.
    5. Language support: When you give your users multiple language options, the app becomes easier to use. Tourists from different countries can also book a cab through your app without facing language issues.
    6. Automatic payment: Through this feature, you can directly link your online payment platform. This saves a lot of time for the driver and also for the user.
    7. Advance fare calculation: This feature will calculate the fare price before you take the ride. This also helps the rider to check their budget before taking the ride.
    8. Book for someone else: This is the most fruitful feature where you can book a ride for your sibling, relative, or friend. The user just needs to add their friend’s pick-and-drop address.
    9. Free call: Sometimes, your data can exhaust, and with data calling via the internet a driver and user can call using their internet without any hassle. 

    We’ve compiled a list of the features that you will require for taxi app development. It’s completely alright if you can’t create your own app. It’s not a problem; at Mobi India, we have professional developers who can help you create a taxi-based app.

    We will keep you updated throughout the taxi app development process, from the beginning to the end. Contact us today to discuss your app development requirements.


    What should be kept in mind while creating a taxi-based app? 

    First of all, know your target audience, and your purpose, draft a solution, and then plan out the overall development. Also, it’s crucial to have a budget and try to promote as much as you can. 

    Next, look for a team like Mobi India who can help you with the development process. 

    How much time does it take to develop an app?

    It will take around 4-6 months depending upon the functionalities you’re willing to add to your app. You develop a full-fledged app with all the features that we have mentioned above, it can take you a year. 

    What are the advantages of outsourcing app developers?

    It’s the most fruitful decision to make. Outsourcing developers for creating an app can make your work done under a budget. Also, you can only pay them till the time you need them. It’s better than having an in-house development team. 

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