• Enterprise Mobile App Development_ Perks, Types, and Cost

    Enterprise Mobile App Development : Perks, Types and Cost

    The current era is surrounded by technology, which has resulted in ever-increasing competition among various businesses. It has become pivotal for everyone to be a part of this race to be in the market and to survive the fierce competition. Keeping all of this in mind, it is clear that enterprise mobile app development has now become a key to every lock in search of growth.

    From the consumer’s perspective, it is a fantastic asset for developed and developing businesses. Employees no longer need to contact their managers for minor information requests; everything can now be handled through a mobile app. Employees can apply for leaves from the convenience of their homes.

    Enterprise app development solutions are simplifying business processes. Catering these types of solutions to employees can boost their morale and motivate them to work even harder.

    The business app market is expected to grow by USD 653 billion between 2021 and 2025.

    Due to the high demand for business mobile apps, an increasing number of businesses are partnering with enterprise application development. Furthermore, top enterprise software development companies can help you create an outstanding app for your company.

    Before you settle on a choice, let us outline the favorable circumstances of having a mobile app.

    Introduction to Enterprise Mobile App Development

    An enterprise mobile application is a convenient mobile software system that businesses use for their day-to-day internal and external needs.

    Enterprise app development is a distinct method of creating an application for an organization to improve workflow, increase productivity, streamline tasks, and many other things. It is also safe to say that this app can keep your business operating smoothly and effectively by providing tools that are tailored to your specific requirements.

    According to sources, 73% of businesses are planning to invest in enterprise app development.

    Benefits of adopting an enterprise mobile app for your company

    Benefits of adopting an enterprise mobile app for your company:

    Increases productivity

    Achieving high levels of productivity is a pipe dream for every business. With its unique and remarkable features, enterprise mobile app development can truly assist your business in resolving this issue. Enterprise mobile apps play an important role in streamlining communication between departments within your organization as well as between the business and its customers.

    Furthermore, the app includes a number of useful tools that employees may find useful. Push notifications, for example, keep them informed of upcoming meetings or project deadlines, whereas a calendar assists them in managing their work schedule.

    Active communication

    Several businesses continue to communicate via email and other traditional methods. However, in this era, when millennials and Generation Z are all about instant communication, such traditional methods appear outdated and have a significant impact on their productivity. Because it may be difficult to get a quick response when employees are not near their desks and progress may be hampered.

    However, with enterprise mobile app development, communication becomes more effective and efficient because most employees now have smartphones, making interaction a breeze. Several fancy custom-based apps can provide you with really cool emojis and stickers, making communication both serious and fun.

    Higher ROI

    Providing incredible features in your enterprise app will result in increased revenues, improved productivity, and improved security, all of which will result in a higher ROI for your company.

    Increased opportunities

    With enterprise mobile app development, you can seize great opportunities that would have taken much longer otherwise. This app can assist your organization in recognizing market changes, resolving supply chain issues, obtaining employee-related information, obtaining customer feedback, managing reputation, and more.

     Reduces operational costs

    Every organization, regardless of size, wants to save money. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies into your business app, such as AI, AR/VR, blockchain, and so on, will significantly increase the value of your app. As a result, an enterprise business app welcomes automation and saves money in the long run, while also providing exceptional experiences for your customers and internal team.

    Data organization

    In general, data from a company is not well organized or structured. This can lead to confusion and poor performance. However, with enterprise apps, this area becomes simple. Enterprise apps make it simple and quick to access databases and perform routine tasks.

    Streamlines workflow

    Doing repetitive tasks can reduce employee efficiency and productivity. With that said, an enterprise app automates work, freeing employees from tedious tasks. This will redirect their attention to more profitable areas of the business.

    Increased employee engagement

    A business mobile app unites all team members on a single platform. It allows employees to freely express themselves, share important news, make announcements, and so on. This saves time and effort by avoiding the need to go to management for a personal discussion.

    In a nutshell, enterprise apps foster a positive work environment and boost productivity, encouraging organizations to look ahead to develop business mobile apps.

    Enterprise App Types

    Enterprise App Types

    The following are the three types of business apps:

    Organization-based App: This app connects various organizational departments and brings the business under one roof. This app connects and interacts with employees from various industries with top-level management.

    Department-based App: This app enables a specific departmental workflow, such as sales, finance, human resources, marketing, and others. It incorporates department-specific features and allows for the monitoring of employee productivity.

    Employee-based App: This app is only for internal use and has limited features. This app tracks employee workflow and assists management in tracking employee performance levels.

    The cost of developing an enterprise app

    The cost of developing an enterprise app

    This is the most frequently asked question by app development companies. However, the answer is not so simple! Because one size never fits all. The cost of an enterprise mobile app development is determined by several factors, including:

    • Platform (iOS, Android, or Hybrid)
    • App Classification
    • App Completion
    • Location
    • User Interface/UX Design
    • App Specifications

    Furthermore, the more advanced your app, the more expensive it will be. AI, AR/VR, blockchain, and other advanced technologies frequently raise costs. As a result, before making a final decision, consider all of your options.


    Developing your business app is not only an investment, but it also provides you with a competitive advantage. It may appear to be costly at first, but the end result is well worth it. If you are considering moving with enterprise mobile app development, you should take a chance and look into the top enterprise app development companies.

    As previously stated, enterprise mobile apps provide numerous benefits and can improve overall business efficiency. I hope this comprehensive guide was everything you needed to get off to a great start. So, are you ready to start developing your enterprise app? Begin your journey toward success with Mobi India, where we will assist you in having the best enterprise app for your business.


    What are the chances of success for enterprise mobile app development?

    With an increase in the number of mobile users, the amount of app downloads is frequently skyrocketing, leading to an enhancement in the company’s revenue. As per Statista, the revenue of mobile apps will be reaching $935.2 billion in 2023.

    What are the examples of mobile enterprises?

    An example of enterprise mobility is when an employee upload proposal from their system to a cloud storage service. And then they can further access it from their personal iPad to showcase it at a client’s site.

    How much does it cost to develop a business app?

    Depending on the complexity of the app, the cost to build one could range from $40,000 to $150,000. The correct answer on how much it costs to develop an app totally depends upon the feature of the app.


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