• Challenges of Mobile App Development

    How to Overcome the Challenges of Mobile App Development?

    The advent of smartphones has paved the way for mobile apps usage as witnessed by its every minute download either as free or paid app. The mobile application development company has to keep in pace with the ever increasing demand by developing mobile applications that satisfy the eagerness and demand of the users. It’s a real challenge as it calls for hi-fi technical skills, deliverance of the best user-experience, upgrade of platforms, and stand distinct in the competitive market. The market experience a transformation in every field like fitness, health, utilities, commerce, games, and so forth owing to the release of hundreds of applications the every next hour.

    Let us have a look at what are the challenges that has to be addressed for developing a successful mobile app.

    It is highly recommended that during mobile app development in India or elsewhere across the globe, the developers must focus on the audience and their expectations. A thorough market research is needed in order to know the consumers’ preference, adoption, competition, informal discussions with colleagues or friends, and, etc. The developers must have a broad sense of logic and reasoning with these obtained collective data and be calculative regarding the consumers’ mind while developing the app.

    The developer must have these questions in mind and confirm whether the app developed is able to crack the answers.

    • For whom the app has to be developed?

    • Whether the mobile app development is for enterprise use or for general public?

    • What functionality does it include?

    • Whether it is a new app altogether or an upgrade of the existing one?

    • Analyze the expected research and innovation level

    • How to conduct benchmark analysis and the market value of the app?

    • What unique feature could be offered?

    • Where and how should be the app marketed?

    • What is the profitability?

    • How to make the app funded?

    • How to meet the right investors, joint venture companies, and so forth?

    Moving further, it is recommended to create an app that would run across as many devices as possible. There are several platforms which carries screen size limitation, demands specific OS requirement, embedded technologies, bug fixation as and when the issue may arise, and the intensity of the pixel. A responsive design is the best solution as it provides more liquidity to the screens and could be adjusted with different formats and screen-sizes.

    Furthermore, it is the best option to use the high-tech sensors so as to make the app interactive. The design of the app must be interactive. It is better not to restrict oneself for tap and swipe gestures, but also the buttons with click options, tangible interactions like the tilting, shaking or flipping to play, so that the app is able to respond with the direction or position of the device.

    And, needless to say, the design must be simple, clear and self-explanatory. The performance of the app, its battery life, and the mobile content management solutions are not to be overlooked. If a developer is able to address all these challenges prior to development and its release into the market, the developed app is bound to gain success in the market.

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