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    How On-Demand App Development is Transforming Businesses

    2020 was an unplanned experiment in replacing physical with digital. And mobile apps were perhaps the most common tool of that global experiment. As everything suddenly moved online, apps turned out to be more useful than ever. From grocery delivery to remote work and healthcare, everything has relied on digital platforms over the past year. And that’s where the role of on-demand app development services comes into play.

    With the coronavirus-induced restrictions disrupting small and large businesses alike, the commercial world saw a digital boom. Industries like grocery, retail, and restaurants rushed to deploy digital solutions. And on-demand app development services turned out to be the best tool for these industries. It’s not just businesses, consumers, too, have loved the way apps have transformed their experiences.

    Why Build an On-Demand App for Your Business

    Today, mobile app-based transactions are more commonplace in the business world than ever before. That’s why you cannot afford not to implement an on-demand app in your business. You could choose rapid mobile app development to promptly build a custom solution for business. Below are some of the most widely talked-about business benefits of having an on-demand app.

    Industries Using On-Demand Apps

    Restaurants, grocery, and healthcare emerged as the leading industries using on-demand apps early in the pandemic. FMCG companies and grocery store owners have since used it to overcome disruptions. Small business owners and big retail companies alike today are dependent on on-demand apps.

    Grocery and Retail

    Independent grocery store owners, for instance, have used apps to retain and expand their customer base. At the same time, big FMCG companies have scaled up their digital infrastructure using on-demand apps. Services like rapid mobile app development have helped immensely to quickly build and deploy personalized applications.


    We all know how devastating the pandemic-induced lockdowns have been for the restaurant industry. It was on-demand food delivery apps that helped them to deal with the pandemic’s fallouts. Most restaurants in India chose to register with food delivery apps like Zomato. At the same time, many preferred to opt for on-demand app development services to deliver customized experiences.


    The healthcare industry saw a remarkable surge in innovations provided by tech solutions. Telemedicine was in the works long before the pandemic. But the pandemic boosted its adoption across developing and developed countries alike. With easily available on-demand app development services, hospitals and physicians alike adopted apps.

    Benefits of Choosing On-Demand App Development Services

    From elevating your brand image to creating new revenue streams, on-demand apps help you in many ways. Here’s how.

    New Business Opportunities

    On-demand apps open many new doors for your businesses. While an app breaks free your businesses from geographic limits, it also enables you to launch new services. When you make your services tech-enabled, customers perceive you as a dynamic brand. Besides, by reducing service delivery time and increasing agility, you could attract new customers. You could hire a mobile app development company or get a freelance developer to build your on-demand app.

    Flexible Business Operations

    Tech-enabled business operations bring immense flexibility to your business. It not just expands your business’s presence but also enables round-the-clock operations. Such flexibility helps you to reach out to new customers while strengthening your brand image. Flexibility also helps you streamline business operations and customer relationship management practices.

    Mobile Commerce Capabilities

    Restrictions caused by the coronavirus triggered a record growth of mobile commerce across industries. Mobile commerce (or m-Commerce) was growing even before the pandemic. But the wave of lockdowns made it expand at a staggering speed. It also drove a massive surge in demands for on-demand app development services and other solutions.

    With restaurants and grocery stores facing unprecedented disruptions, online deliveries emerged as the savior. Mobile apps allowed even small and medium businesses to venture into eCommerce without facing any hassle. Experts say the mobile commerce boom is likely to stay even after the pandemic is brought to heel.

    Wrapping Up

    Digital platforms’ meteoric rise in 2020 will likely continue even after the pandemic is over. Consumers’ digital behavior and the markets’ shift to the online world universe have reshaped the commercial world unlike anything before. That means trends like the growth of on-demand app development services are here to stay.

    At Mobi India, a reliable mobile app development company, we’ve helped hundreds of clients seamlessly adopt shifting market trends. Over the past years, we’ve delivered dozens of on-demand apps to virtually every major industry. You could hire mobile app developers from us to build deeply customized solutions.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. How do I create an on-demand food delivery app?

    If you are an entrepreneur or a restaurant owner, the best way to create an online food delivery app is to hire an app development company or a dedicated app developer for your project. We offer on-demand food delivery app development services at a competitive price.

    Q. What is online grocery retailing?

    Online grocery retailing enables grocery store owners to sell goods via an eCommerce website. Online grocery stores allow customers to order grocery items online and get delivery at their doorstep. Online grocery retailing can also be done through eCommerce mobile apps.

    Q. How much does it cost to build an on-demand food delivery app?

    The costs of developing an on-demand food delivery app depend on several factors. Design complexity, development time, type of features, etc. play an important role in calculating the costs. We design and develop on-demand food delivery apps at market-best prices.

    Q. How long does it take to develop an online food delivery app?

    There’s no predefined time for developing an on-demand food delivery app. The development time varies depending on the features of the app and its design. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult app development experts.

    Q. How does a grocery delivery app work?

    A grocery delivery app allows your customers to order groceries online conveniently. The grocery delivery app and ordering platform help to increase grocery sales by building a loyal customer base.

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