Rapid Mobile App Development

Coupled with low-code, RAD helps reduce risk and delivery time to boost customer-business engagement

Rapid Application Development Services

Mobi India uses the RAD model to create web and mobile applications quickly, and launch its products faster. Our mobile app developers follow the iteration development model to elicit early feedback, refine, and validate the app while reducing the friction points like cost and schedules.

The need for Rapid Application Development has seen impressive emergence of a plethora of low code and no code platforms. These demands attract Codebots and are highly passionate about catering it. RAD alleviates the complications witnessed in traditional software development models by focusing more on customer satisfaction with early delivery of products, working software.

This agile software development methodology prioritizes rapid prototype releases and iterations, and at Mobi India, we vow to live up to it. We analyse the customer’s requirements, and ensure the users are involved in the entire life cycle of the project for high-speed development. Our team has hands-on experience in validating your ideas and build the most user-friendly version of your software product.

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Our primary goals are:

Reduce project risks

In alignment with the fast development, delivery, and low investment cost, we care to reduce the project risk through the correlated process of specification, design, and implementation; parallel development as mini projects facilitating ease of change, and use of prototypes to the full potential.

Intelligent business decision

Our customized web and mobile applications with a powerful backend simplifies data aggregation and transforms the piles of data into usable one leading to powerful insight into the data for making informed business decisions. The presentation of data is made easy for your employees and customers.

End-to-end solution

We work to deliver an end-to-end application management cycle starting from concept, design, development, deployment, maintenance, and support. We ease the business workflow and process improvement by providing everything you require to run the application with an all-inclusive platform.

Why Mobi India?

We offer the trendiest versions of RAD technology to help enterprises avail of streamlined management. Our highly-experienced professionals are well-versed with varied RAD techniques like CASE tools, prototyping, SWAT teams, iterative lifecycle, timebox development, and more. Our core strengths are:

24x7 Technical Support

Developers at Mobi India are aware of the evolving demands of the market. Therefore, we strive to provide unparalleled technical support throughout the development phase.

Also, post-launch, our team will remain in contact to assist you with any technical challenges coming your way while assessing the applications.

Quality Output

Owing to rapid testing and rectification, we ensure satisfactory addresses to end users’ needs. Users demand faster development and launch procedure with uncompromised quality output.

Our well-renowned team excels in delivering quality output of the services and ensures it caters to the evolving demands and preferences of both business and end-users.

On-Time Delivery

With RAD, we ensure the entire development lifecycle shrink to boost the process and launch period. Our ultimate goal is to help businesses save their investment, and time, and reach the market fast-paced.

To gain customer credit and loyalty, we deliver undivided attention to our valued clients and ensure on-time delivery of application development projects.

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