• Factors To Bear In Mind While Investing In Hybrid App Development

    Factors To Bear In Mind While Investing In Hybrid App Development

    Having a mobile presence has become essential for businesses of all sizes today. However, the question that stands is regarding the choice of the platform for which the application is to be developed. For instance, investing in a standalone app for iOS, Android, or Windows limits the user base of the enterprise. However, this question has been answered with the emergence of hybrid mobile app development.

    As the name suggests, hybrid apps use a single codebase to target multiple mobile platforms. Written in a cross-platform code base such as CSS, JavaScript or HTML5, these apps involve less development cost and time. Despite the extensive benefits of hybrid applications, it would be wrong to join the bandwagon without understanding the benefits and suitability of these apps for your business. Let us know more about the factors to consider while investing in them.

    Assess the features that you need in your business application

    To begin with, you have to be clear about the requirements of the application according to your specific business needs. On one hand, native apps are device-specific and have the ability to use the native features of the device. For instance, an Android app will only be able to access the camera of an Android device. Conversely, hybrid apps bundle up native functionalities so that they can run on various devices. The key consideration is whether you can opt for the latter which follows a more cost-effective and agile approach depending upon your business objectives.

    Focus on delivering high-quality UI

    In general, hybrid apps are associated with a compromised user experience. But mobile app developers in India and abroad have started creating high-quality hybrid apps by using the reliable cross-platform development tools like Xamarin. These have enabled a consistent user experience for the applications, which is comparable with their native counterparts.

    Consider the current as well as future functionality

    Giving due attention to the current as well as future app functionality is the rule of thumb for mobile app development. There have been countless instances of hybrid applications being abandoned just because of being unable to scale up with the business growth. Therefore, it would be feasible to take a futuristic approach and design and develop the application with the potential business requirements in mind.

    Be aware of the current performance challenges

    Another key factor to be considered while developing hybrid apps relates to the current performance challenges that need to be overcome. The most common limitations relate to running animations, providing fluidity to the user, and minimizing the memory usage. Knowing about these limitations enables the developers to have more realistic expectations and create the best version of the app.

    Choose the right framework for app development

    While native apps have well-documented and well-established technology stack, the hybrid ones are developed using numerous app frameworks. The choice of the right framework can be a tricky decision as there are numerous options in frameworks. A large number of developers is relying on Apache Cordova because it offers a consistent set of JavaScript APIs.

    Make the app available on App Store

    Mobile applications are delivered to the end users by putting them up on the corresponding app store for download. Like native apps, the hybrid apps (but not web apps) can also be made available on app stores. It not only enhances the app reach but also facilitates automated updates. Therefore, you should ensure that your hybrid app is available on the app store.

    Going hybrid with its mobile app can be a great decision for a business, yet it requires some smart thinking. If not done properly, you may end up losing money and time rather than saving them with these applications. Therefore, you should discuss all these considerations with the hybrid app development company and ensure that they adhere to these considerations thoroughly.

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