• Determining Cost Of Android & iOS App Development In 2023

    Determining Cost Of Android & iOS App Development In 2023

    As mobile apps have become a raging mainstream trend, businesses realize the value of building mobile apps to capture a fair share of the market. The extensive growth of mobile technology has entrepreneurs & business owners wonder about app development cost for variety of solutions. Thus, we have decided to determine mobile app development cost in India to make their investment decision smooth.

    So, let’s understand, but before that let’s take a glance at benefits of creating a mobile app in 2023

    • Mobile apps provide greater exposure for a business as they are easily accessible, at just a click of the finger.
    • Brand building becomes easier with mobile apps as users are more likely to remember the business as an icon on their mobile screen.
    • Enhanced customer engagement is another benefit of having a mobile presence. The buyers get a real-time shopping experience with step by step guidance to complete the transaction.
    • Buyers can get updated information and offers through push notifications, which builds loyalty in the long run.
    • Mobile apps serve as a powerful selling channel and are expected to have a brilliant future.

    A business has to consider various factors while having an app customized to their requirements. These factors have a direct influence over the costing.

    App Development

    Business Model: The design, features, and functionalities of the app are to be decided on the basis of the business model. The parameters to be considered include the product/service being sold, target customers, budget, and more.

    Platform: The development cost of the app depends on the platform it is going to be built for, Android or iOS.

    Functionalities: Based on functionalities, apps are classified into basic, gaming, database, dynamic, and customized ones.

    Design: The cost of app development largely depends upon the design, with a high-end design obviously being more expensive as compared to an average one.

    Developer: A business can hire a freelancer, a small agency, or a large agency for the development project, depending upon their needs and budget. Though freelancers and small agencies make cheaper options, it is important to understand that the skill factors should not be overlooked. So, hire mobile app developer that suite your requirement criteria and budget.

    How Many Hours Does IT Take to Create an App

    How Many Hours Does IT Take to Create an App?

    In major application development business models, the mobile app development cost in India usually involves time spent on development. So, let’s take a glance at a time usually take to create an app and the estimated cost of development.

    App Type Time Estimate Cost
    Mobile App 1,200h $30,000-$300,000
    iPhone App 1,200h $55,000-$300,000
    Android App 1,200h $50,000-$300,000
    Web App 1,200h $60,000-$300,000
    Startup App 1,600h $40,000-$400,000
    Taxi App (Uber) 1,600h $50,000-$400,000
    Retail App 1,200h $50,000-$150,000
    Hybrid App 1,200h $40,000-$200,000
    Healthcare App 1,200h $55,000-$300,000
    ECommerce App 1,600h $60,000-$250,000
    Game App 1,600h $60,000-$250,000

    Costing Estimates for Android And iOS Mobile Applications

    Costing Estimates for Android And iOS Mobile Applications

    Mobile app development is a complex procedure, involving a series of steps. The process starts with ideation, followed by deciding the design and functional layout. The app is then designed and tested before being made live on the app store. A development team comprising of a project lead, UI/UX designers, coders, and testers, oversee the entire development cycle.

    The cost of the apps is classified according to the platform they are built for. An iOS app is cheaper as well as takes less time to develop as compared to its Android counterpart. Here are the estimates of mobile app development cost in India for various kinds of mobile applications:

    iOS Apps Cost Estimates
    Simple Apps: $1000-4000
    Database Apps: $ 8000-50000
    Games: $ 10000-250000

    Android Apps Cost Estimates
    Elementary Apps: $ 25000-35000
    Standard Apps: $ 45000-55000
    Complex Apps: $ 55000-100000
    High-Tech Apps: $ 75000-150000

    These are some basic numbers of cost which can fluctuate as per the complexity and need of the project. Let’s dissect deeper into the cost of development and several similar aspects that may impact the overall expense leaving your thoughtful for a while. So, let’s get started.

    Different Aspects Incorporating the Cost of Application Development

    Building a mobile application is a never-ending process if not performed precisely, which can cause the accumulation of huge expenses. So, by understanding different aspects of cost and associated expense for mobile app development processes, you can put a bar to the particular process.  

    So, let’s understand them.  

    #1. Market & Customer Analysis  

    Before building an application, it is essential to know your app’s potential market and target audience intents. It can cause you heavy losses in later stages if you don’t do it properly in the beginning. Verifying your app idea is essential with reference to the market.  

    Indeed, it requires you to allocate some budget to leverage tools for market analysis, audience analysis, and creating a requirement budget. Moreover, you need to also decide on technologies and best practices to follow development. 

    • Mostly, businesses allocate 5-10% budget of app development to these processes.  
    • Business analysis for a mobile app idea may cost you from $1,200 to $11,000, depending on project complexity.  

    Make sure to find the exact features you want to infuse into the application and go forward with an analysis of the expected user response. It can help in minimizing your analysis cost in long run and reduce overhead costs.  

    #2. App Prototyping & UI/UX Designing Cost  

    Prototypes and UI/UX designers are cornerstones of mobile application development processes prioritizing user interaction scenarios in application development. So, it is essential that not you just separate the process but also get it done under a high-quality designing team.  

    This ultimately requires you to spend a little more instead of just coding. From creating clickable prototypes to flawless UI and UX, you need to leverage several tools like Adobe XD,, In Vision, Figma, and more.  

    • App designing can cost you from $2,500 to $10,000
    • Average UI/UX designer prices are $20-$40

    Besides, make sure to find the right UX/UI designer with the right toolset to achieve the utmost quality in user experience.  Moreover, you can opt for iOS and Android app development services that come with fixed or flexible cost models. So, be optimistic and look for the best solutions.  

    mobile app development cost in india

    #3. Coding Of App Development  

    Coding is one of the most crucial parts of application development and you need a team of experts with next-level coding skills. From iMac to Android, each application developer comes with a diverse skill set for different platforms.  

    Thus, the cost coverage becomes broader for this category. If you want to create a solution that is accessible to all platforms, you need to ensure using the right application development mechanism that goes along with your need. 

    Precisely, it depends on hours to code the app, features to infuse, and the hourly price of development. It all together contributes to the cumulative price. 

    • Hourly cost of Android app developer in India- $15-$30
    • Hourly rate of iOS app developer in India – $20-$25
    • Cross-platform app developer hourly cost in India – $20-$50

    Overall, the cost of coding an app will majorly depend on the framework and solution you are using. Thus, make sure you make precise measures about your application needs & make sure to bring the most out of your efforts. All these contributes majorly to the mobile app development cost in India while impacting quality.

    #4. Cost Of App Maintenance  

    Building an app may take a lot of time and money, but if you have the means, it can be worthwhile. The cost of maintenance is especially important to keep in mind. You’ll need to keep your app updated and secure after you build it.

    When you work with an app or software development company, make sure to inquire about their maintenance services. A lot of companies offer ongoing plans that take care of any issues that come up.

    • Average app maintenance cost in India can range up to- #20,000- $45,000

    No matter how you create your app, remember to factor maintenance costs into your budget. Doing this will help keep your app running smoothly and securely in the long term.

    For long term maintenance, you can partner with Android or iPhone app development company impeccable industry expertise.

    Moreover, overheads such as web services, in-app purchase capabilities, share capabilities, SDKs, and game centers may take up the estimate further. Mobile app development is a long-term investment for any business and brings lasting benefits. Therefore, a business should not cringe at investing in these apps and hire only the best developers for this purpose.

    Moreover, if you are wondering about the mobile app development cost in India, I am sure the given estimates would have given you great insight.


    What does it cost to hire a mobile app developer?

    You can hire a mobile app developer from an IT outsourcing company or job posting sites. Also, you can opt for IT staff augmentation services. With different models, the average cost of a developer ranges between $20-$70 per hour.  

    Is mobile app development time-consuming?

    Mobile app development requires a significant amount of time to develop an app. Some projects last for 3 months or some for a year or so. Majorly, it depends on the complexity of the project.  

    What are the top technologies to create an app in 2023?

    The top technologies to create an app in 2023 are: Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, and Swift.  

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For long term maintenance, you can partner with Android or iPhone app development company impeccable industry expertise.