• 6 Tips To Give Your Mobile Application A Performance Boost

    6 Tips To Give Your Mobile Application A Performance Boost

    The competition in the mobile app space is extremely tough, with their number increasing at a phenomenal pace. Consequently, there is a need to deliver extraordinary experiences to stand apart in the crowd. Performance is one of the key parameters that influence the quality of experience that a mobile application delivers. What more, it has a direct influence over the ratings and revenues of the business, and more importantly, on its brand reputation. Needless to say, developers pay due attention to the performance of every single app they create.

    Performance encompasses the speed and behavior of an application when it experiences certain load sizes and some specific situations. It happens to be one of the major aspects of mobile app development because, in the majority of cases, crashes and performance issues are attributed to their architecture. Whatever may be the reason, these issues have to be resolved sooner rather than later so that the users are nor driven to uninstall and abandon them for good. Here are 6 tips to give your smartphone app a performance boost:

    1. Evaluate the performance frequently
    It is important to evaluate your apps regularly and frequently through its entire life- cycle, right through the development, deployment, and during real-life use too. Mobile app developers encourage rigorous testing during the development stage as this enables them to rectify the issues early and with ease. On the other hand, post-deployment monitoring is equally crucial so that you can identify the problems faced by actual users and have them resolved. User feedback serves as a crucial input in this regard.

    2. Compress and resize the images
    Compressing and resizing the images is an effective measure to pep up the performance of your mobile app. However, you have to make sure that the minimized images do not lose their resolution quality.

    3. Cache the images
    Besides resizing images, you should use caching too as it reduces the time required to access them repeatedly. With this technique, the device memory stores the recently used images and retrieves them as and when needed, without having any impact on the performance.

    4. Simplify and streamline
    Another useful tip to pep up your business application is to simplify and streamline it by weeding out the redundant features. There is a widespread inclination for feature-packed apps but unfortunately, these are compromised in terms of speed. However, you can check the ones that are rarely used and cut them out to make the app faster and more powerful.

    5. Concentrate on responsiveness
    App responsiveness is the key metric that you should keep working on throughout its life cycle. Every single second that adds to the loading time counts as it can make the app slower and drive away the users. Whenever you have a feature or functionality added to it, employ rigorous testing to ensure that it does not have a negative impact on the speed.

    6. Create an offline mode too
    Having an offline mode for your mobile application is a smart way to handle the network connectivity issues which are so common these days. Such apps alert the users about the loss of connection if they are in the middle of completing an action. They also allow them to save the data so that the activity can be continued after the re-establishment of the network connection.

    The significance of app performance can be judged from the fact that it is directly related to the number of downloads, retention rate, conversion rate, and business revenue. For this reason, you should focus on creating ones that surpass the expectations of the users. You should look for a developer team that not only provides reliable app development services but also ensures that these applications perform seamlessly.

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