• 6 Reasons Your iPhone App Is Unable To Retain Users

    6 Reasons Your iPhone App Is Unable To Retain Users

    Mobile apps are the lifeline of online businesses as these give their web stores an omnichannel reach. These are categorised into apps for iPhone and Android. You can opt for the former to extend your reach to the elite customer base. However, hiring one of the top iPhone app development companies to get a great looking app is not enough. You have to make sure that your app gets enough users to download it and retains them too. But this is easier said than done because there are numerous challenges that stand in the way. Being aware of these challenges and finding ways to resolve them is important to avail the best benefits of the iPhone application.

    Here are the 6 reasons why your iPhone app is unable to retain users:

    1. It is not targeting the right audience.

    Not targeting the right audience is one of the biggest reasons of users rejecting the application. Your iPhone app may be reaching out to the users who are not interested in it. Even of they do download it, they might end up uninstalling it very soon.

    The first and foremost aspect of iPhone app development is business analysis and market research. The developers need to identify their target audience and design for their preferences. They should also work on app store optimization for increasing visibility.

    2. It lacks in user-friendliness.

    An app which lacks in user-friendliness is not likely to retain users in the long run. People are most likely to abandon it if it fails to address their needs, in terms of usability, speed, and navigation.

    The iPhone app development company should focus on creating a user-friendly solution that is easy to understand and delivers a comprehensive user-experience. It should have a good loading speed and should not be susceptible to frequent crashes. You should ensure that your app bundles up style and substance in one.

    3. The content is obsolete.

    Another issue that drives away users is the use of obsolete content. Following a conventional content strategy results in user abandonment as the content fails to generate interest.

    Developers should focus on serving fresh, relevant, unique content that holds the user and entices him to come back again and again. Understanding their expectation is the key to delivering content that drives user retention. New ideas like viral content and gamification can boost user retention manifold.

    4. It lacks a user communication strategy.

    A majority of iPhone apps struggle with user retention as they lack a robust user communication strategy. An app that becomes dormant after installation loses its value as it does nothing to keep the user engaged. The user would rather uninstall it to free the storage space on his phone.

    The solution lies in devising ways to stay connected with the user. A combination of e-mail alerts, push notifications, in-app messaging, deals, discount coupons and special sale offers can be used for this purpose. Similarly, you should gather feedback from the users to build their loyalty and improve your app to suit their preferences.

    5. The app is doing too much!!

    Sometimes, doing too much can cause more harm than good. Too many push notifications and in-app messages, for instance, can irritate the user and force them to uninstall. Similarly, an app with useless functionalities or those which drain the batteries too fast lose their value.

    It is best to be judicious with the use of app messages and send only the relevant ones at an appropriate time. Repeated messaging should be avoided. Also, developers should add only the functionalities that are needed.

    6. It has security issues.

    One of the biggest causes of poor user retention for iPhone apps is issues related to security and privacy. Users prefer to abandon apps that put their personal and financial data at risk. Security issues also have a detrimental impact on the business brand as people fail to build trust in it.

    Developers should follow proper security practices and protocols while developing the iPhone apps. The users should be informed about the same so that they can use the app without fearing security breach and data theft.

    An iPhone app that performs well and retains users is an indication of business success. Therefore, you should not cringe on this investment and hire only a reputed iPhone app development company in India to create one for your business.

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