• Smart Parking system development with the help of IoT

    Smart Parking System Development with the Help of IoT

    I’m sure once, in your lifetime, you must’ve come across parking issues? Owning a car seems quite frustrating when it comes to finding the right parking spot. One can feel every emotion they’ve – be it anger, frustration, meltdown when it comes to looking for a parking spot. It’s about time that technology and other services must be used to create a solution that can assist regular users to find a good spot. Technology has already taken over a human’s life in terms of day to day activities. There are several technological advancements like AR, VR, Mobile Applications, AI, IoT, and more, that are making life easier on this planet. So, from such advancements, today we’ll focus on IoT(Internet of Things) and take a look at how it can be used to transform the smart parking system in the near future.

    With the increasing population, the consumption of 4-wheeler vehicles has grown. This sudden rise in vehicles has ruptured the parking system to the core. Although this problem can be faced only in metropolitan cities, it still needs to be addressed. For a time, I had to take multiple rounds around a block just to look for a parking spot. In the end, I had to park my car far away from my accrual location and had to take a walk. I could’ve taken an Uber for that. However, several IoT Service and Solution Providers and Android App Development Company have come together to create a smart parking solution that can help in eliminating the continuous struggle.

    So lets’ take a look at what this Smart parking Solution is and how IoT fit in all this:

    Smart Parking

    A Solution that in real-time, and with the help of technological advancements tools like AI, IoT, etc. can report the availability of open parking space near their desired location. This is how a Smart Parking Solution should work. With the help of IoT, bikers and drivers can receive a real-time update on the basis of sensors that are installed at the location. This will create a dynamic map of the location that can be accessed by anyone with the help of wearables and other devices.

    What Will be the Features of this Technology?

    Tracking Sensors

    Vehicle Tracking frameworks use OBD sensors or GPS to accumulate information on vehicles to find out parking spots’ inhabitants. This information is then handled by the network server and then shared in a readable format with vehicle organization managers and drivers. IoT forms the establishment of any vehicle monitoring platform. Today, this application is being used by large enterprises by their application development team for car-fleet management.

    Automated Parking

    An APS or Automated Parking System can move vehicles up and down in a multi-story office. Vehicles don’t need any more space for people to get in or out during the cycle since it is automated. This reduces the land utilized for parking and further upgrades the accessible space. APS offices don’t open parking garages and give restricted access making them secure. The asset utilization inside such an office is negligible as less light and ventilation is needed to safeguard an APS parking garage.

    Parking Counter

    Automated systems are now eligible for keeping the count of any vehicle leaving or entering the parking garage. This system will be utilized by drivers the most as it’ll offer real-time information or counter on how many parking spots are empty and where they can park their drive. Furthermore, with the help of AI, a pattern can be analyzed to forecast future parking hikes, making the system smarter.

    Economic Benefits of Smart Parking System

    The financial advantages of Smart Parking System can prove to be very effective for each district:

    With an accent in incomes, it is conceivable to assemble new administrations for citizenship, enhance portability, and Road infrastructure, while shaping an idealistic hover to speak to the genuine key to change it into a smart city.

    Also, putting resources into this system can guarantee critical and safe incomes and that should not be disregarded.

    Wrapping Up

    Smart Parking systems combined with IoT and other technical advancements can prove to be a lot beneficial for citizens as well as for the government. It can pave the path for transforming a city into a successful and planned smart city. Mobile app development company, such as Mobi India, offers such exceptional services of developing IoT based solutions that can be used for enterprises as well as for government. Such systems are developed with the help of professional Android App developers. Hire Mobile app developers to customize your wearable and other AI, IoT related services.


    Q1. What are the platforms on which you build apps?
    Our developers are experts and professionals in their field and are able to develop a native application for both Android as well as iOS applications based on client’s requirements.

    Q2. How does a Smart Parking System Work?
    The Smart Parking System uses a combination of different technologies like IoT, sensors, AI, and collects data on the basis of information received from these applications. It then combines the data and sends the report in a readable format so that drivers can assess the parking situation and select the optimum parking space.

    Q3. Why do we need a Smart parking system?
    Smart Parking will allow you to select the location where you can park your vehicle and it will also help in reducing a sufficient amount of traffic from the roads.

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