• Why Native Apps Are Better Than Web Apps For Your Business

    Why Native Apps Are Better Than Web Apps For Your Business

    Developing an app for business turns out to be a profitable advantage for enterprises to get recognized and extend beyond boundaries. It is happening with the rising advent of smartphones, seamless internet connectivity, and major adoption of apps among customers. In case, you are ready to get started with mobile app development, then prefer to go for native apps compared to web apps.

    Over a period of time, native app development has faced quite an acceptance among enterprises to provide an intuitive app experience to users. The platform-independent native apps are faster, easy to access, user-friendly, and cost-effective compared to the web apps. Not only this but there are other reasons that elaborate the increasing preference for native apps.

    6 Reasons Native Apps Are Better

    Here, we have the relevant reasons to claim the widespread acceptance and preference of native app development among enterprises of different sizes.

    1. Native apps run much faster

    Native mobile apps run faster compared to web apps. It is due to the fact that native applications are stored on respective OS service that ensures high processing speed. Moreover, such apps utilize the device’s programming language and APIs to provide the desired output quickly. In contrast, web applications are tied together with respective browser technologies and depend on seamless internet connectivity to provide the output. Additionally, web apps provide the look and feel of HTML-powered user interfaces that are not attractive compared to native device mobile apps.

    2. App Store advantage factor 

    Another hallmark of native apps is their availability on respective App Stores. Be it like Android’s Play Store or iOS App Store, find particular apps over there. When a user is in need of an app, he straightway accesses the App Store, searches for the application, and downloads the same. In addition, listing an app on the App Store gives you more chance of getting found and doing the app store optimization for maximum visibility.

    3. Highly secured apps

    Native apps are secure due to having the support of the device’s in-built security features and periodic OS update to bring new protective measures. The mobile device management further allows users to take complete control of the native app in terms of securing and further enhancing the features. On the flip side, web apps are more prone to security threats due to their operational visibility on different browsers and non-standard programming codes.

    4. Easy to scale up & enhance features

    It is simple to update and bring new features to your native mobile app without finding many efforts. There are unlimited APIs available for mobile apps that help render the functionality to an optimum extent. As per your requirement, create a new API for adding new features to the application and further enrich the user-level experience. And in terms of web apps, they work on limited functionalities of browsers with little scope for improvement.

    5. Seamless integration with mobile hardware

    A smartphone comes endowed with distinctive features like a camera, location, GPS, touchscreen, integrated calling, microphone, etc. Native apps can enable such device’s features to further upgrade the user experience to an optimum extent. Concerning the same, you must have witnessed several apps that can access your camera, documents, microphone, and other such functionalities.

    6. Intuitive UI/UX design elements 

    UI/UX design of native apps is interactive and intuitive compared to browser-enabled web apps. The design elements of a mobile app adjust according to a particular device and ensure an enriched user experience. Thus, you have the flexibility to make respective changes in the design elements and create a more interactive user interface and ensure an engaging user experience.

    Key benefits of choosing React Native for app development

    Key benefits of choosing React Native for app development 

    Now that you have got a clear idea of investing in native app development to create a more intuitive and lasting app experience. Next is how React Native an apt UI software framework for your application to become more engaging and user-friendly.

    1. Access to reusable components: React Native offers components for iOS and Android apps that can be used again and again to provide a native outlook in a hassle-free manner. The framework provides optimum speed and functionality to mobile apps that are best built within the agile framework.
    2. Reusing the existing code: The framework is further beneficial for mobile app developers to utilize the existing code for making specific changes accordingly. Developers need not spend much time and effort in creating new code everything.
    3. Easy to adopt: JavaScript programmers find it simple to pick up the React Native UI framework for building interactive mobile applications. It is much simple than any other framework for developers to create applications quickly.
    4. Platform independent: It does not matter if you are targetting Android, iOS, or both platforms. React Native applications work well on all sorts of operating systems while providing an enhanced user experience.

    Concluding Thoughts 

    Considering native app development is a result-oriented choice for enterprises to create an intuitive application that runs across all devices. Better than web apps, native applications are feature-rich, platform-independent, fast, and easy to build within a minimal budget. Get in touch with experienced and knowledge-oriented mobile app developers at Mobi India to create your profitable application in less time.

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