• Why Mobile App Maintenance is a Serious Investment for Business Enterprises

    Why Mobile App Maintenance is a Serious Investment for Business Enterprises?

    Mobile apps for brands have gained huge importance all because of the convenience it provides to the customers. Brands hire mobile app developers for development work, but it becomes necessary to begin the maintenance work after release. The developed app is passed to the maintenance team for further improvement and user support. The maintenance of the mobile app involves app fixing and improves its developed version.

    The team helps the end-user with the issues faced during installation and usage. It is a small introduction to App maintenance; its importance cannot be explained in a few words. So here in the blog Importance of maintenance of an application is discussed. If you are looking for mobile app development in detail regarding how actual app maintenance is so crucial; please go through the complete write-up.

    Reasons to Invest in Mobile App Maintenance
    Whether you are running an entertainment app or planning for financial app development, make sure to keep an eye on the maintenance work. Below we will talk about the reasons to take the app maintenance job seriously. Let’s get started.

    1) Users Interest
    When your app becomes outdated with time, user interaction and user behavior changes. Make sure to update and perform maintenance on a regular basis to drive your users back from the competitors. It is tested and proven that mobile apps ging through timely maintenance increase traffic and get higher ratings from the users. It is very important to address the issues the users are coming across or else they will switch to different alternatives.

    2) Cyber Security
    Hackers always look for vulnerability within the mobile app. Your development team might have integrated the best security layers and encryption policies but they become outdated after a period of time and prone to cyber-attacks. Malicious users try different ways to get access to confidential and sensitive information. By hiring a mobile app development company for proper upgrades and maintenance, you will increase its security as well as user’s trust.

    3) Competitive Edge
    If you consult an experienced mobile app development company with good resources, they will provide you post-launch support services for several months. We all know that maintenance is not a one-time activity, it is a long and continuous process. If you have a team to monitor the app performance yourself, that is perfect. But, if you lack enough resources, it is always a great decision to assign the task to a reputed app development company. Make sure the app is bug-free, loads faster, as well as has smooth login and logout, and every feature runs flawlessly.

    4) Financial Benefit
    Most brands prefer to consult the best mobile app development company but it is not possible to build a perfect app in the first attempt. There will always a room for customizations and improvements. Having bugs, crash, and downtime issues, it will impact the brand financially. For some, it seems useless to invest in maintenance work and it might save money but in the long run, it is a big loss.

    5) Eliminate Revenue Loss
    For instance, if your mobile app generates $1 million on a daily basis from the products & services sale and suddenly it experiences downtime. What would happen, if you don’t address it immediately?

    Downtime is a serious and common issue nowadays for mobile apps. Renowned brands including Blackberry, Bank of America and Amazon have experienced major revenue loss in the past due to downtime. For example, a company responsible for managing the reservations of Virgin Airlines had to pay $20 million for downtime issues.

    No company wants to experience the same situation, thus make sure that your team or your outsourced app development company is able to address such situations and identify the downtimes instantly. The issue must be fixed on the fly to avoid heavy losses in terms of revenue.

    6) Ensure Latest OS
    iOS and Android on a regular basis release updated versions for mobile users. If your app is not updated, the existing app may not remain functional as earlier. This annoys users and makes them abandon your app. Having a maintenance plan is optimal in terms of addressing the last-minute inconvenience to the users. Maintenance basically facilitates a business enterprise with the right approach at the right time. Hence they can be positioned to respond at the appropriate time before it gets late.

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    What Are the Different Types of Mobile App Maintenance?
    To put it succinctly, mobile app maintenance typically branches into the following types –

    1. Emergency Maintenance
    This maintenance takes care of all the problems and errors that suddenly affect the system and need immediate support. Whenever a company comes across a critical problematic situation in regards to their mobile app, they must reach to emergency maintenance.

    2. Perfective Maintenance
    When an app is used by the users, several changes are discovered. Perfective maintenance integrates those feedbacks into the app. It includes functional modifications within the source code, in order to provide app users a perfect UX, just like they desire.

    3. Adaptive Maintenance
    The adaptive maintenance is done to ensure that the mobile app is compatible with the changing hardware or software environment. The app should be familiar with the influences and working conditions, which affect the application’s system.

    4. Preventive Maintenance
    Preventive maintenance is basically the intervention that is focused on eliminating the occurrence of errors. It focuses on eliminating the app complexity and improving the understandability factor.

    5. Corrective Maintenance
    At last, the corrective maintenance comprises repairing faults and other errors in the daily app functions. Errors related to the design, logic or coding are ascertained from the bugs mentioned by the users.

    Wrapping Up:
    The mobile app maintenance requires a thorough process and expertise of a skilled team to keep it bug-free as well as updated. Look for quality UI/UX design services to make sure the app is pixel perfect in look & feel. If the users come across any glitch within the blog, they might not be interested in installing the app. In addition, they may rate you badly, hampering the overall reputation of the company.

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