• Do Health Apps Cost a Lot to Develop 5 Things You Must Know

    Do Health Apps Cost a Lot to Develop: 5 Things You Must Know

    COVID-19 has made us all aware of many things, one of which is the importance of taking care of our health. As we all know, digitization has improved every industry, including the healthcare industry, to provide unbelievable services. In terms of health apps, it has become critical for hospitals, clinics, and even the entire medical sector to go digital while providing the best amenities to patients. Have a closer look at the features of the healthcare app and how it costs if you want one developed.

    Why is healthcare becoming a more crucial industry nowadays (1)

    Why is healthcare becoming a more crucial industry nowadays?

    Medical facilities are becoming more expensive, and the demand for digital solutions is increasing. The cost of creating a healthcare app is rising in lockstep with the market. Development spending has risen dramatically in the last ten years and will continue to increase. These costs are rising because of the time-consuming nature of developing health applications and the constant proliferation of emerging technology.

    Types of healthcare apps

    Let’s look at the various types of healthcare applications for different purposes and open to users.

    Mobile health application

    These are medical-related mobile applications that make use of built-in smartphone tools. Such apps may use a microphone, speaker, or phone camera to assess patient conditions.

    Patient data management software

    These could include EHR, doctor database software, and centralized systems to monitor hospital patients. That medical software can be Android or iOS apps that intend to collect information about doctor visits and make it available via specialized networks.

    Supervision management

    This category includes patient portals, doctor appointment scheduling software, and telemedicine apps. Patients can use these apps to make online appointments and cancel them with a single click.

    Patient analysis software

    These would be beneficial for remote patient monitoring systems. Wearable devices and apps include in this category. Remote patient monitoring is one method for doctors to keep track of their patients after hospitalization. Or to keep a close eye on people at high risk of developing health problems.

    Applications for hospital

    Prescription apps and medical billing software are examples of this software, which automates many routine tasks for medical professionals. With this type of medical technology solution, you can instantly receive a bill that any co-pays provided by your healthcare provider.

    Features of healthcare apps

    Have a closer look at mentioned useful and must-have features of healthcare applications.

    Appointment scheduling

    Appointment management is a feature found in many healthcare apps. The most common type of health application is scheduling doctor’s appointments or video consultations. Patients should be able to see what assignment slots their doctor has available through the management feature. Physicians should be able to access their calendars, review upcoming appointments, and change their availability as needed.


    The pandemic has had a significant impact on healthcare administration. Hospitals are overcrowded and unable to accommodate in-person doctor visits. In-person consultations have given way to video appointments. They have become an appealing option for both patients and doctors. Patients no longer have to spend hours in waiting rooms and on the road to see their doctor or healthcare provider.

    Electronic Health Record (EHR)

    Online appointments made using EHR Telemedicine applications are a good approach. The doctor is responsible for updating the patient’s medical record in the hospital’s internal system. As a result, most modern telemedicine solutions include an electronic health record feature. The doctor has a separate interface to fill out the health form and transfer the data to the internal system.


    This technology framework saves time for the doctor and the patient. An e-prescription feature allows physicians to generate and send prescriptions, including all relevant details. You could enhance the user experience further by including a feature that checks local pharmacies to see if a patient’s prescribed medication is available.

    User dashboard

    A prominent and simple-to-use dashboard enhances the user experience. You want to create a dashboard that provides vital information to patients and doctors at a glance. A dashboard offers different data depending on the purpose of your healthcare app. It could, for example, display the patient’s nutrient intake for the day or appointment reminders. Dashboards should be visually appealing.

    Third-party integrations

    APIs in healthcare gives patients control over their data. Third-party integration can assist hospitals in making their EHR more usable. You can sync data in your healthcare app with a website patient profile by implementing custom API features in your healthcare app. It allows you to significantly improve custom medical mobile apps and take them to the next level.

    User-friendly UX/UI

    Users of modern mobile apps expect a seamless and engaging user experience. It is critical to design healthcare apps with this demographic in mind. Those over age 50 did not grow up with smartphones and are more likely to find user experience a barrier to using them. Quirky features may appeal to younger audiences but may frustrate others, so simplicity in user experience and user interface design is critical.

    Points to consider before healthcare app development

    Here are some steps listed for developing a healthcare app.

    Determine the needs

    You must conduct extensive market research to determine the business needs and interests of the audience. Evaluate your potential competitors with a SWOT analysis. After considering all of these factors, you will be able to develop a powerful health app to aid the healthcare sector.


    After gathering all the necessary information from market research and analysis, now document everything to create the healthcare app. Now you can decide what kind of app you want based on your budget and needs. Determine the appropriate specifications for developing an app based on functionalities, resources, cost, and personnel.

    Creating an MVP

    Begin by designing and developing an MVP for your app. A minimum viable product (MVP) with only the necessary features will allow you to receive feedback from your target audiences. It can provide idea validation, information about required resources, and a quick time to market.

    Application development

    Furthermore, for this stage of the mobile app development process, you must consider an appropriate tech stack. You must have the required security compliances to launch the app. Hire experienced mobile app developers to create a health app.


    Consider that the healthcare app must be error-free before releasing it to the market. Each app-related issue must resolve within the time frame specified. Your hired mobile app testers will assist you in this process by performing various app testing.

    Cost of healthcare application development

    The average cost of developing a healthcare app is $20,000-$25,000, not including post-launch maintenance and promotion. This number, however, is insufficient for complex solutions. The cost of developing a healthcare smartphone app is difficult to predict. Before creating an app, it is crucial to determine the device on which the application is based. Check if it is an Android or iOS app or a hybrid version. And consult custom app design services to implement for you according to the platform.

    Conclusion: When you know your requirements, look for app design developers with experience in the healthcare industry. Remember that the overall cost of developing a healthcare app is determined by the types of apps and the number of developers you hire. For more consideration, consult health app design services for your requirements.

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