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    Why Business Enterprises Prefer Flutter for Mobile App Development?

    The modern tech world has provided developers with several mobile app development technologies. However, the trend of building cross-platform apps is one of the notable trends. Surely, its creation requires best technology and finally Flutter from Google has been good news. Since the launch of Flutter, several renowned organizations have built their apps with this technology.

    Flutter is an open-source framework helping developers to build mobile apps for both iOS and Android platform. The best part of using Flutter for App development is the reduction of operational cost. In this blog post, we will be exploring the reasons why Mobile Application Development Company prefers Flutter for app development in comparison to native Android and iOS apps.

    1. Cross-Platform App Development

    For business cost is highly important and cross-platform app development reduces cost to a great extent. It provides functionality for the developers to write code once and execute it on multiple platforms. Cross-platform development is serving developers and supporting organizations to drive users. React Native and Ionic already support cross-platform app development.

    Flutter makes it smooth process for Hybrid App Development Company to build an app that runs on both platforms. It also helps developers to take benefit of the native features provided by iOS and Android.

    2. Fast Development with Hot-Reload

    Hot-Reload is a great feature enabling the developer to see changes in the real time. This helps the team to integrate latest features, and fix bugs. In return, the overall time to build is quickly lowered which makes the app development fast and helps to reach market fast.

    However, it is not the perfect solution and has some restrictions. Overall, it overcomes the barriers of app development which earlier need 2-3 minutes to see the changes.

    3. MVP Development

    For enterprises offering investors and clients a prototype is very important. This is addressed with the use of Minimum valuable product (MVP) and to make a smooth deal it is very important. And for that, MVP must run on multiple platforms so that you can show its functionality across them. Flutter can help to build MVP, thus reducing both time and cost to a great extent. Not only that, MVP can be used to build your product since the code written in Flutter is of great quality.

    4. Open-Source with Strong Community Support

    Flutter is an open-source and users don’t have to pay any fee for using it; a strong and active community is always present to bring in the trending innovations. The only investment that a company or startup have to make is to hire iOS app developers that can work with this feature-rich SDK. It is easy to learn which means that the developers can do smooth customization and build mobile apps in very short time frame. Once again, hot-reloading works in favor of new learners as well.

    5. Less Code with Fast Performance

    The total line of coding is almost connected with the cost of project. Flutter uses Dart programming that is implements object-oriented programming paradigm. In addition, it doesn’t require the JavaScript to work and thus boosts the overall mobile app performance. All the widgets are compiled natively to particular platforms.

    This clearly indicates that less code need to be written to achieve the desired performance level. Other key features that help to build good performance apps using Flutter include JIT compilation, AOT, and Hot-Reload.

    6. Less Time-to-Market

    For business enterprises mobile app development is a challenging job but most engaging way for brand promotion. Flutter being open-source offers cross-platform functionality and hot reloads features. These features make it the preferred choice for building mobile app and make a successful effort to reach market in short time duration. With Flutter same code can be used to work for both iOS and Android. Hot reload make debugging faster to build secure & awesome application faster.

    So these are some of the major features of Flutter for app development industry. These features can’t be ignored when looking to build mobile app for users.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. In which language is Flutter is developed?

    Flutter is Dart based and this programming language was released for users by Google in the year 2011 and is not that much popular among the developers. Dart has a simple syntax to implement for JavaScript as it supports most of the object-oriented concepts.

    2. Why Google invested in Flutter SDK?

    Flutter is a free and open-source framework developed by Google for the mobile apps. It provides a fast and robust way for the developers to build native apps on both IOS and Android. The flutter is the only SDK offering reactive styles without the use of any Javascript bridge.

    3. Is Flutter good for app development?

    Yes, Google Flutter is an open-source framework helping the developers to build cross-platform mobile apps. Google isn’t competing for the mobile app development as it has both the Android and Flutter as mobile app SDKs.

    4. What are the top-companies using Flutter development services?

    Some of the renowned brands that have invested in Flutter are:

    • Google
    • BMW
    • Alibaba

    Wrapping Up

    Now, from above we can say that Flutter is perfect for developing mobile app for your business operations. You can easily find certified mobile app developers to build mobile apps. Presently, the Flutter community has released some engaging features for development. Developers are going to build Flutter apps for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Thus, you can look for certified and experienced developers to help you in designing the most attractive and unique mobile apps for your business needs.

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