• Trends That Are Influencing Android App Development In 2017

    Trends That Are Influencing Android App Development In 2017

    Mobile applications have become a business essential today as they ensure a greater reach for any enterprise. These apps are made for diverse platforms such as the Android, iOS, and Windows. While some entrepreneurs opt for either of the platforms, others avail cross-platforms apps, depending upon their requirements and budgets. The confusion of making a platform choice, specifically between Android and iOS can baffle entrepreneurs at the initial stage.

    Android emerges as the preferred option for those looking to maximise their reach as this platform has a major share of the mobile market. Once you are sure that you want to invest in Android app development, you have to look for the latest trends. Following these trends is imperative for making your app stand apart amongst its competitors. Here are the Android app trends that have made it big in 2017:

    Focus on designing apps that deliver an excellent UX

    Mobile app developers in India and all over the world have realized that the user experience is paramount for making a successful application. The entire focus is on designing Android apps that excel in UI and UX so that they have the capability to retain them for the long run.

    Instant apps have garnered instant popularity

    Another popular trend that has been ruling the Android space this year is that of instant apps. These smart apps can be downloaded with a single click, loading a part of it instead of the entire app. At the same time, they have a similar source code, APIs, and functionality as the current app. They are fast to load and consume minimum memory and space on the smartphone, yet deliver a native-like experience.

    Growing concern for app security

    The vulnerability of mobile devices to cyber attacks has resulted in growing concern for app security. The focus is on data management rather than device management as the user data is complex and sensitive. As a result, Android app developers are using stern measures such as stringent app permissions and cloud data storage to stronghold the security of these applications.

    Integration of latest technologies in Android applications

    Innovative technologies such as AR, VR, Beacons, AI, machine learning, and the IoT are changing the face of Android applications in 2017. Virtual assistants, virtual try rooms, and location-based services are a few examples of these technologies being used to serve outstanding user experiences.

    The rise of wearable apps

    Wearable apps have emerged as one of the most prominent Android app trends this year. The reason for their popularity is the extensive growth of the wearable market in the recent years, particularly in healthcare, sports, entertainment, and gaming segments.


    2017 has been a big year for the Android platform, with some innovative trends that definitely seem to be here to stay. Mobiindia is a reputed android app development company in India where clients can avail the latest trends and winning ideas for apps that bring extensive business growth.

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