• Top On-demand App Development Ideas to Kickstart Your Startup

    Top On-demand App Development Ideas to Kickstart Your Startup

    Many people would love to start their own business, but they don’t always know what kind of business to start. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas out there that are both lucrative and well-positioned to take advantage of the latest trends in technology and consumer needs.

    In this category, learning & education app development services are gaining huge demand. And most companies are leveraging this opportunity, however, there are many more potential app ideas that we will discuss here.

    These on-demand app ideas have room for growth along the way to give you a potentially huge return on investment over time. So, don’t let these great opportunities pass you by!

    #1. Restaurant Food Delivery App

    With the rise of foodie culture, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are finding ways to make life easier for those who don’t want to cook. With this in mind, the restaurant delivery on-demand app idea is one that will likely have a lot of growth in the next four years and beyond.

    The simplicity of being able to order food from a restaurant without having to speak directly with them about it. And then having it delivered to your door within an hour or two is something that many people cherish & crave.

    The difficulty will be in how well you can stand out from other businesses in this space, as there are already many competitors like GrubHub Seamless, Postmates, Swiggy, Zomato, etc.

    #2. Personalized Grocery Delivery App

    What if you never had to worry about grocery shopping again? What if you could have fresh food delivered to your doorstep in as little as an hour? The idea of personalized grocery deliveries and subscription services is the future.

    One company that has taken this idea and made it into a reality is Instamart. It is a service that lets people order groceries for their homes with just a few clicks on their smartphone. However, the model is based on warehouse storage.

    If you can create a multi-vendor grocery to help small businesses enter the mainstream market, probably you can get more recognition. But! You need to take strategic action & firm approach to delivering the best solution.

    #3. Laundry Services App

    There are a variety of apps in the laundry service industry such as Washio. It allows customers to order a washer, dryer, and detergent on the app and then pick up their washed clothes from a designated location within 24 hours.

    There are also laundry delivery services, which will send you clean clothes for your entire family, no matter how many people there are or how dirty the clothes are. Apps like this allow busy people to go about their lives without worrying about doing laundry.

    Investing in this on-demand service can open the floodgate of revenue for your startup. However, you would need to reach out to your target audience. And acquire customers with lucrative offers & deals.

    #4. Taxi Services Apps

    A taxi service app is a type of on-demand app that lets users order, track and pay for a taxi service. There are already many apps of this type available in the market and you may have heard about some of them such as Uber, Ola, or Lyft.

    The first version of this type of app appeared in 2011 when Uber released their ride-sharing platform. This company has been growing steadily since then and they now operate in 68 countries around the world with over 3 million drivers.

    And it’s not just startups like Uber that benefit from these types of apps but also established taxi companies. However, creating a taxi booking app for a larger audience & multi-location coverage requires huge investment & Hard work to get a profit.

    Partnering with small taxi service providers can turn up useful in this space for better growth. So, plan wisely and research the market closely.

    #5. Airport Parking Reservation

    Passengers who want to save money on parking at the airport can simply book their reservation ahead of time. This app is beneficial for customers, who are able to plan their itinerary ahead of time. The company will also benefit from revenue from these pre-booked reservations.

    If a passenger needs to cancel or change their parking reservation, they can do so through the app and it will automatically change the status of their car in the lot. Some people may be reluctant to use this service because they don’t want to get charged if they don’t show up.

    However, the fee will only be charged if there was a reservation made. Creating such an application can help you excel in a unique marketplace with a high-potential target audience. So, decide for yourself.

    #6 Banking Apps

    Fintech is a growing industry with huge demand for wallet and banking applications to enable seamless payments & fund transfers.

    Investing in fintech applications can allow you to gain huge revenue in minimum time. If you want to leverage this opportunity, you must invest in banking app development services now.

    #7. App For Cleaning Services

    There are a lot of on-demand services for people who want things done for them but don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring someone to do it. A service you might not have heard about is house cleaning. It’s an app that connects customers with people who can clean their homes, get a haircut, and much more.

    This type of service is perfect for busy professionals who need their homes cleaned but don’t want the hassle or expense of hiring a professional cleaner themselves. Urban company is one major market leader in this space.

    Though you can beat the competition with the best services by providing the best quality services and support.

    #8. Gift Delivery App Services

    One of the most popular on-demand apps is a gift delivery service. The app allows users to send gifts, flowers, or other surprises to friends and family with only a few clicks. It also has the added convenience of being able to track your order’s progress from purchase all the way through to delivery.

    This type of service is perfect for those who are too busy to shop in person but want their loved ones to have something special waiting for them when they get home.

    Wrapping Up

    The future of on-demand apps is bright! Take a look at the ideas listed above and think about how you could make them your own. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to create the next big thing in the on-demand app development and fintech app development market.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get coding!


    What is on-demand service?

    It means that a consumer can request and receive access to a product or service, without waiting for an operator to do it for them. The process of requesting and fulfilling these requests are automated.

    Do apps make money?

    Yes, if done properly. App owners and app developers can still generate money from in-app purchases, advertising, and subscription services that offer premium features for those who pay.

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