• Top Mobile App Development Trends To Lead In 2020

    Top Mobile App Development Trends To Lead In 2020

    The mobile industry is growing at a rapid pace and is nowhere near to slow down in the future as well. With the rapidly advancing technology, we are experiencing a continuous change in the mobile app development trend over the last few years. These trends are helping app developers to build user-centric solutions through mobile technology. For developers to meet the ever-increasing competition and customer demands, the latest trends need to be integrated within the mobile app. Let’s discuss the app trends in detail:

    1. IoT
    The Internet of Things is already playing a vital role in different fields like transportation, E-commerce, and healthcare. It is now slowly spreading its wings to build a better tomorrow by making integration with wearable devices. Statistics reveal that in 2019, IoT sales crossed $ 1.71 trillion, and by 2020 end, it will break last year’s record as well. Using IoT, the end-users can manage non-IT gadgets through mobile apps. This feature has become crucial to the user’s life, allowing developers to keep the app IoT friendly.

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    2. Instant Apps
    Back in 2016 Google launched the accelerated app, and it has a promising future. Instant apps have changed things completely and are convenient for developers and users. They operate like websites and engage people with their smooth functionalities. These apps are new, and users can access them without downloading them.

    Some of its features are:
    • Small in size
    • No download is needed
    • Works like a website
    • Excellent user experience
    • Do not use device memory
    An example of an instant app is the Google Instant app, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

    3. Blockchain
    Blockchain is a rapidly changing technology these days that eliminates the chances of data tampering. It offers a sense of security to financing and business. Making blockchain integration with the mobile app is a significant trend to follow in the coming years. This streamlines data management while improving the transaction process efficiency. Blockchain is a significant technology behind the mobile banking app development process because money transactions are facilitated with confidence. Several payment apps use blockchain for reliable and direct security to their customer’s transactions.

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    4. Mobile Wallets
    Google mobile app payments touched $ 700 million in 2018. This figure was an increase of around $ 300 million in just two years. People prefer cashless technology and enjoy migrating from cash to cards to mobile wallets. Integrating mobile wallets like PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Pay, and Payment Gateway offers secure money transactions.

    Mobile wallet trends in 2020:
    • Mobile wallet users to cross 3 billion
    • Payment without contact
    • Better mobile wallet security

    5. AI
    The potential AI brings to the mobile app industry is perfect for a bright future. Its integration with the mobile technology make apps smarter and saves a lot of time, development costs and effort for the mobile app development company India.

    AI technology trends in 2020:
    • Automated Machine Learning
    • AI Automated DevOps via AIOps
    • AI-capable chips
    • Neural Networks

    6. Cloud Technology
    Integrating cloud services into the Android app development strategy makes the app compatible with multiple platforms. Cloud space allows app users to store data in an efficient manner and perform complex operations without worrying about space. AWS and Dropbox are popular cloud technology that several mobile apps use to store data.

    Major technologies in cloud-based apps include:
    • Reduction in hosting
    • Streamlined operations
    • Lower equipment costs
    • Enhancing collaboration and productivity
    • Increase the storage capacity of apps

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are Mobile Apps the Future?
    Consumers spend most of their time on smartphones, within apps. Mobile apps are the future and with the advancement in the latest technology, it is some way impacting our day to day life. With more and more recognized app development companies are bringing innovative solutions it is definitely the future.

    2. What are the new trends in mobile application development?
    The new trends in mobile app development are:
    • Instant Apps
    • Blockchain
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Cloud Storage
    • Mobile Wallets

    3. What technology is used to develop mobile apps?
    There are multiple technologies available in the market including Swift, Flutter, React Native, Phonegap, and a lot of others.

    4. What software is used for Android app development?
    Android app development process comprises of multiple things like a programming language, IDE, tools, and libraries.

    Wrapping Up
    The mobile app industry has completely changed in the last few years and with innovative trends, this will further transform to make people future bright. Each organization, regardless of its business domain, is enjoying more opportunities in integrating the latest mobile app trend. Making optimum use of the mobile app development trends mentioned above can lead to definite success and business growth. If you want the above trends to integrate within your mobile app, we are ready to help you. Share your requirements with our development team and you will get the perfect solution for your business.

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