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    Top 6 Highly-demanded Features for Video App Development

    Getting started with building your first video-on-demand application? This article will definitely prove to be useful in your Video app development journey.

    Gone are the days when we used to plan our daily work around our favorite television shows or movies and wait for the next time they’ll be telecasted again. Today, with video-on-demand (VoD) apps coupled with high-speed internet connectivity has fully transformed the way we view media and entertainment content. Some of the giant video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime offer subscription-based VOD services. However, the scope of VOD is not limited to just entertainment; it extends far beyond covering education, live event, health and fitness, sports, and so on. According to Statista reports, the current revenue generated from SVoD will be US$27,628m in 2020, which will subsequently grow annually by 4.1% to reach US$32,447 by 2024. Moreover, the number of users is estimated to be 1,395.7 million by 2024.

    This huge number can be enough to encourage you to hire a mobile app development company and build a feature-rich and intuitive video app that will help you generate more revenue.

    What is Video-on-Demand (VoD)?

    Putting into simple words, Video-on-Demand (VoD) is a system that delivers content over the internet, giving users the liberty to choose a show or movie from the content repository any time they want. VoD services are broadly divided into Subscription Video-on-Demand (SVoD), Advertising-supported VoD (AVoD), and Transactional VoD (TVoD). Netflix is an example of SVoD as users pay a monthly subscription fee to access video content on-demand. YouTube platform works on an ad-supported VoD model where users have to watch ads in between content they are watching. Transactional Video-on-Demand service is based on the pay per view model in which a user makes a one-time purchase on iTunes.

    Before going with video mobile application development, there are certain things that you need to take into account to launch a successful video app like Netflix or Hulu. Here are the top 6 features that can enrich your video app and deliver a delightful experience to your end-users.

    6 Key Features to Consider When Going with Video App Development

    1. User Registration, Search & Watch List

    When planning to build a video app like Netflix, one of the standard features is user registration. By adding this feature into your video-streaming app, your app users will be able to access your app easily. Another important feature is to allow your users to search for videos in the app itself. This feature must be designed in a way that users of every age group can easily search content easily without any hassle. The watch list is a feature that allows users to download videos to watch anytime and anywhere.

    If you’re planning to invest in a video app development, you must include these features to build a successful video-on-demand app.

    2. Share The Screen or Screen Mirroring

    Screen mirroring integration is another important feature that allows users to share the screen. It lets app users switch the media for enhanced viewing experience. To deliver easy video streaming experience to app users, it is important to consider during video app development. You should include this feature to make a successful app like Netflix and Hulu.

    3. Real-time Analytics

    The real-time analytics feature is crucial from the admin’s perspective for video mobile application development. With this feature, admin can see a graphical representation of viewers and broadcasters and analyze the performance of the videos in real-time. Therefore, this feature is important to integrate during the video-on-demand app development.

    4. Payment Gateway Integration

    The payment gateway integration is one of the core features to consider during SVoD app development. To provide ease and convenience to your app users, this feature is important to offer a seamless online platform for payment. Multiple payment integration makes it easier for users to pay easily through digital wallets, debit/credit cards, and PayPal, etc. The more convenience you provide to your users, the more they will engage with your app. Also, don’t forget to embrace multi-currency support during video mobile application development.

    5. Recommendation Engine

    It is observed that about 75% of what users watch on Netflix comes from its recommendation system. This not only saves a huge amount of money for Netflix spent on marketing content but also engages users on the platform by showing them the content of their choice. a good recommendation engine can do wonders for your video mobile app.

    6. In-app Purchases

    The in-app purchase feature on your video app has a much better conversion rate and adds convenience to subscribers. While the in-app purchase is a subscription for end-users and works like an unlockable model, one thing that makes this feature essential is it allows content providers to subsidize their main app. So, rather than selling your app at first, you can offer the app for free and keep premium features disabled, thereby encouraging users to subscribe to a premium version of your mobile app.

    Should You Go with Subscription Video-on-Demand App Development?

    The entertainment industry will bring a billion-dollar opportunity in the near future. Moreover, live streaming will be the future of this industry. Therefore, it’s high time that you need to embark on the subscription video-on-demand app development.

    If you’re having an out-of-the-box idea on video applications such as Netflix or Hulu, then you can consult with us as we are a leading mobile app development company. We are industry experts in creating on-demand video streaming applications enriched with unique features and functionalities. So, just share your app idea and our mobile app developers will come with a plan to build a powerful video-on-demand app.


    What are the different mobile apps you can develop?

    As a professional and experienced mobile app development company, we can develop all types of mobile apps including
    • Native Apps Development
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    Hybrid Apps Development

    Will you assist me during my app submission process?

    Yes, of course. Our mobile app developers will take care of publishing your application on the App Store as part of our mobile application development process, without charging any additional cost.

    What if I need modifications in my mobile app after it has been launched?

    Ans. Our Mobile application development team is ready to help you, depending upon the type of change you need. However, the modification in your application will be done at an additional cost.

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