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    Top 5 Mobile App Categories with Assured Growth in Post Covid Era

    Whether it is a pre-or-post-Covid situation, business enterprises have already started adjusting to the new normal. The pandemic situation has an end that no one is aware of. So, in the midst of this, new emerging and innovative technologies are the only resources for companies to stay in operational mode.

    Sectors like Hospitality, Retail, and Travel are still not recovered from the after affect effects of the Covid-19 situation. And, will take time to get back to normal.

    On the other side, eCommerce, video-streaming apps, work-from-solutions, etc., are witnessing their share of success, especially in the post-Covid scenario, and will continue to do so in the long run.

    So, what retail and hospitality sectors can do is adopting the innovative mobile app development methodologies to again make their presence felt.

    In this blog, we will be looking at a few mobile categories that will shape up the businesses post-Covid era.

    5 Top Mobile App Categories that Will Rule the Enterprise Sector

    Before getting started, would like to add the fact that investing in app development after you hire mobile app developers is important these days. It is because, 79% of the users shop online, book services, grab information, and do much more via mobile app only. Especially, during the technology-driven marketplace, the mobile application is the only way to stay in touch with the world no matter where you are. So, all those enterprises still facing the heat of post-Covid condition can lay their emphasis on futuristic app categories to flourish again.

    1. Healthcare Apps

    Healthcare mobile apps have come a long way in improving the healthy lifestyle, eating habits, exercise routine, and physical well-being of people. Even post-Covid time, going to the gym, running track, park, or garden is not safe for people to unwind relaxation. The better alternative is having a fitness app, meditation app, diet app, and medical care apps to become self-sufficient and take care of self in an enhanced manner.

    Concerning this, even corporate digital funding in the healthcare app sector has accounted for around $21.6 billion. It is 103% more as compared to $10. billion 2019. As a result, healthcare apps will continue to make a difference in the sector in the following ways.

    * On-demand doctor’s app help patients to virtually connect with medical practitioners for consultation. It helps to get instructions on medical sample tests, prompt consultation, digital prescriptions, and more without spreading or getting affected by a virus.
    * Online fitness programs accessed via mobile application helps you to stay fit and keep doing workouts under the guidance of expert professionals.
    * Fitness bands app to monitor steps, heart rate, pulse, etc., and stay aware of one’s healthcare status.

    2. Enterprise Apps

    Enterprise mobility solutions are rapidly transforming the internal management of the organization. Especially after the pandemic situation when a majority of companies will continue work-from-home will get substantial benefits from the enterprise app development approach.

    According to experts, enterprise app s will help the stakeholders within the company to be aware of the internal surroundings, corporate announcements, share data, comminate effectively, and maintain a seamless integration of software.

    For information, 75% of the Fortune 500 companies have already invested in Enterprise app development and more will continue to do so in the future. Adoption of this technology will help all the enterprises in the following few ways.

    * Effective Communication: Enterprise communication levels via email, desktop chat, etc., are no longer a feasible option during the work-from-home scenario. Enterprise business solutions provide the internal benefit of effective communication via chat, audio & video conferencing via enterprise app only.
    * Data Sharing: The Cloud-based enterprise apps help in sharing real-time data flexibly across various official departments, employees, and senior members of the organization.
    * Boost Productivity: It comes with an efficient solution of increasing the work productivity of employees. Such apps appear with the feature of a detailed schedule of work, working hours, and push notifications that allow members to work more efficiently and diligently.
    * Employee Engagement: Enterprise app helps all the employees connect on a single best platform to communicate, share feedback, raise an issue, share relevant information, and more effortlessly.

    3. Grocery Apps

    The major highlight of the iOS and Android app development is the increasing surge in grocery apps. Grocery apps are on the top of the list of our growth-oriented app categories that have made a significant demand from 2.3% in 2019 to 35% at the end of 2020. The major reason behind this is people having a fear of getting infected from the virus and the ease of ordering groceries online and get the same delivered at the doorstep.

    All those retailers facing the ill-effects of the Covid-19 situation can now think of resurrection of their business using an omnichannel model. Get ready to transform the grocery business using high in-demand mobile apps to witness an increase in orders, sales, and overall ROI.

    4. EdTech Apps

    The education industry is one of the worst affected sectors due to the rising pandemic. But very quickly many educational institutes adopted the much-needed concept of e-learning apps. As a result, global tech investment in 2019 accounted to be $18.66 billion 2019 which is expected to rise to $350 billion by 2025.

    E-learning apps have now taken a center stage taking care of the learning approach across millions of students. Schools, universities, languages institutes, and corporate learning organizations have started to invest in a reliable mobile app development company. Several e-learning applications have made it possible to receive quality skills and knowledge, without even leaving the very comfort of home.

    5. Wearable Apps (Wearable App development)

    Wearable technology has become increasingly popular, especially during the pandemic era. Even, now people continue to wear smartwatches or fitness bands to keep track of their health status, getting call and message notifications on the wrist, and replaced the wristwatch.

    Wearable app development has witnessed a tremendous surge from $32.63 million in 2019 to an increase in CAGR growth of 15.9%. It is a real game changer for fitness companies, hospitality sectors, and other industries to create wrist-friendly apps giving access to their products or services right in the hands of targetted users.

    Important Features of Wearable App Devices:

    * GPS technology is directly attached with wearable apps to keep track of the exact location.
    * It helps in the efficient accumulation and collection of customer-centric data via smartwatches and Google Glass.
    * Easy supervision of health-related activities, heart rate, steps, and other tracking levels.
    * Contactless payment is another virtue of wearable app technology that enables users to transact payments swiftly.

    Wrapping Up

    Users are spending much of their time on mobile apps for learning, managing business, buying products, and booking services. To survive and profitably sustain in the long run, businesses have to get in touch with a reliable mobile app development company and hire developers. Doing this helps to build an interactive, feature-rich, and growth-oriented app for an enhanced customer experience. For more information, you can quickly reach Mobi India and get all the relevant details and services.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How to Develop Enterprise Apps for Businesses?

    Enterprise apps are business-oriented applications for internal employees’ communication, data sharing, software integration, and for making announcements on a commonly accessed platform. Share your requirement with us along with the type of features and functionalities, and based on the initial analysis, we will add necessary points and develop an engaging app for your enterprise.

    2. Which Operating System Android or iOS is best for App Development?

    It all depends on your targeted customer base. If you have a user-based with increasing Android users, then you can create such apps. Otherwise, you can create for both the operating systems to widen your spectrum of customer reach.

    3. What is the Average Cost of Developing a Mobile App?

    The average cost of developing a mobile app is based on several factors including features, nature of business, functionalities, project complexity, number of resources, and more. After carefully considering all the factors, an estimated cost is decided and shared the same with you.

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