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    Tips for Successful Launch of Mobile App for Business Expansion

    In this competitive world, creating a Mobile app is not enough to expand business or engage new customers. Brands have to invest in app marketing as much as mobile app development for desired results. Most brands don’t take app marketing in a serious manner. Uploading your app in Google or Apple app stores is just a first step; the actual efforts start after it. For people to use your mobile app when hundreds of similar options present you need a great marketing strategy.

    App downloads see a surge within the first few days of launch. But those results are for short-duration if the app’s community and marketing efforts are not properly planned. It is important to focus on a long-term plan. In this blog post, some important tips of app marketing strategy are mentioned for pre-launch and post-launch tactics.

    Pre-launch Mobile App Marketing

    1. Do Marketing before launch

    From the moment you get an app idea and designs are complete, make some efforts regarding marketing. Identify your target audience, what solutions your app would offer, and how to encourage them for engagement.

    Marketing an app early create a sort of curiosity as people love the newest and latest app on the market. According to studies most of the mobile users get to know about an app through social channels like YouTube videos, blogs, and tutorials online. So there’s a lot of ground to cover when planning your marketing.

    2. Engage Potential Users

    In order to build an ideal app, it needs proper mobile app design services to meet end-users needs. People will download the app if they found it engaging and can’t live without it. So feedback from the target audience is important throughout the app creation process. Get feedback from real users through forums in relevant sites and social media.
    You can connect with the industry leaders and reach out to them for feedback, as well. For example, talk to influencers to get feedback on features of the mobile app, then includes them in the launch for better results.

    3. Start a blog

    A blog is a great way to share data online and keep the people updated with regular posts. You should start a blog for your mobile app to give an idea to the users. Sharing your experiences creating the app will engage readers. They’ll feel valued and included in the development process, and you can get genuine feedback by interacting with the people. It’ll also build a bond with the users regarding your application and become a platform where users can communicate, even after launching the app.

    4. Release App Teasers

    You can share blogs, updates or talk about your app all day, but people want something more creative. Use sneak peeks and small video teasers to move your audience from ‘interested’ to ‘excited’ regarding the mobile app. Humans prefer visual elements. App screenshots and videos let people feel, instead of reading about it. You can use these to grow an email list of interested mobile app users.

    5. Start Preparing for Press Meet

    You need to prepare your press meet and other materials for the launch date. Before launching the app, it is important to have a full website ready, a video promo regarding app features, and a piece of content. Talk to the relevant media, influencers, and reputed bloggers regarding interviews and application reviews.

    And now you’re launched! But the work’s not done.

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    Post-launch Mobile App Marketing

    6. Feedback from Customers

    Mobile apps in app stores are usually ranked on the basis of its popularity and value. So it is important to create a plan for getting customer feedback and reviews to boost the chances of download. You should also integrate contact information in the app descriptions, so customers can get more detailed feedback. But more than reading the feedback make a habit of responding to it and take it into consideration. Reach out to unhappy customers and fix their issues and improve customer experience.

    7. Get App Reviews

    You can submit your app for reviews on blogging and video channels. You can also create videos on app usage and address specific problems. This will ultimately capture people attention looking for solutions to those problems. Once step-by-step guide regarding the use of application is provided, the users will definitely like to give it a try. Remember that even simple apps can be confusing, even with instructions. A demonstration is a perfect approach to drive customer attention towards interested in downloading and using the app.

    8. Optimize the App for Stores

    For engaging people who download mobile apps through app store, you need to ensure that the app is properly optimized for the acquisition. Use properly researched and structured keywords for mobile app name.

    You can also use search ads to increase your download numbers. These adds can improve app visibility and boost downloads really well, because they are displayed at the exact moment the customer is looking for an app like yours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is mobile app marketing?

    Mobile app marketing is the process of interacting with your users through their entire lifecycle from the very first time they hear about your app, to when they become a loyal user. The typical way to think of mobile app usage is as a sequence of stages, or “funnel”.

    2. How do you market a mobile app?

    If you want to stand out, use the following app marketing strategies.
    • Research target market
    • Perform competitor research
    • Design a landing page that sells
    • Make your app visible in app store
    • Create viral video content
    • Reach your audience with social networks

    3. How do I get people to download my app?

    Let’s take a look at some of the ways

    • Write a blog. Not just any blog
    • Contribute to other blogs/publications
    • Use Slide-Share
    • Seek press coverage
    • Actively participate on Quora
    • Utilize social-media channels
    • Get community approval
    • Build word of mouth

    4. How do you make an app go viral?

    • App Launch Time
    • Cover All the Leading App Stores
    • Social Media
    • Cross Promotions
    • App Reviews
    • Press Release
    • User Experience
    • Create Videos


    You need to make your mobile app engaging & unique wherever users are looking for new apps. The best way is to hire Android app developers from a development company to build alluring app. Apart from development, marketing is very important as discussed above. The different channels they’re using show that it is important to be creative when devising marketing strategies. The app market is flooded with millions of mobile apps for download. Standing out from them is a challenge but we can help your app to survive sin this cutthroat market.

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