• Things To Consider While Creating The Best Smart TV Apps

    Things To Consider While Creating The Best Smart TV Apps

    These days, businesses are getting more connected, thanks to the development of technologies. The growth of technological tools and solutions makes it possible to create smart home appliances and smart TVs.

    Digital transformation makes it possible to build engaging products that enhance user experience. Among these products, smart TV app development services are the most popular concept that allows end-users to choose the content they like, interact with, and get seamless access to various media channels. Above all, there is no limit to local, national, and international channels.

    Smart TV app development is almost similar to mobile apps with some additional peculiarities. Developers create games, media apps, utility apps, and more using the frameworks and techniques used for mobile operating systems – iOS, Android, and so on.

    Types of smart TV apps for various platforms

    Types of smart TV apps for various platforms

    There are several platforms that offer big libraries of smart TV app development. While choosing the right platform, here are a few things you can consider:

    • Samsung smart TV app development
    • Android TV app development
    • Amazon Fire TV app development
    • LG smart TV application development
    • Vizio smart TV app development
    • Panasonic smart TV development
    • Apple TV app development
    • Roku TV app development

    The platforms offer individual SDKs and guidelines to use while creating an app for smart TVs. The list includes the best players in the field with the best available technologies that produce the first-grade experience for smart TV users.

    At MobiIndia, we provide a well-curated list of useful tips and guidelines that businesses can implement to create smart TV applications of all kinds. These tips help create high-quality products and increase user experience, making them highly intuitive and comfortable.

    Tips to follow for an effective Smart TV app development process

    Tips to follow for an effective Smart TV app development process

    Smart TV manufacturers and online streaming services have established a synergetic relationship where the two primarily benefit each other. Streaming services offer large screens and quick connectivity, whereas smart TV manufacturers leverage the plethora of options offered by streaming services.

    Smart TV platform

    There are numerous smart TV platforms available today, but it gets challenging to create an application that suits each other. For instance, a platform run on iOS and Android. It works on various principles and has unique features too. However, it may feel less complicated for developers to create apps for smart TVs if they experience building apps for Android or iOS smartphones via Internet of Things (IoT).

    The more platforms you cover with your app, the harder it gets to design and maintain later. However, the good part is that you can fetch all the necessary information about app development for a specific platform on the vendor’s website. For instance, Samsung Smart TV offers extension libraries that enable it to enhance applications with added features. The company also provides developers with a set of UX recommendations. It is easy and useful to know what to do before the app launch.

    Smart TV developers

    Hire mobile developers from a well-renowned application development company that can work on your project. To choose the best candidate, go through the developer’s portfolio, and check their technical skills, and experience level. Knowing the platform requirements makes it easier for businesses to find developers.


    While developing a smart TV application, businesses must consider screen sizes, distances, and angular. Think from the user’s perspective and how the screen will look from a different angle. After all, the software is to relax the viewer’s mind. The user may be watching the TV from a three-meter distance and in a horizontal position. Also, apps must get resized while fitting a small screen.

    Remote control

    Remote controls are essential for TV navigation. It should be easy and comfortable to use. Buttons on the remote should correspond to the names of the features on the screen. For instance, Apple offers Siri Remote for a limited number of countries. In other countries, only regular remotes can access the system. Developers should take into account and make sure the apps are device-compatible.

    Focus state

    Another crucial aspect of smart TV design is its focus state. Users must know where they are and which element gets selected. There is a difference between TVs and web or mobile searches where we can use a mouse pointer or tap on the right icon or element.


    The navigation must be intuitive and should not confuse the users. It should be transparent for the consumers where they are and where they are heading while clicking the “OK” button.

    Test on real devices

    A simulated environment for TV app testing is not always the best choice. It is essential to run tests on real devices and check every functionality. Businesses must make sure the app works perfectly on their chosen platform that suits user expectations and demand. Launch the app on the platform and see how it works on TV, whether it is easy to navigate or it connects to all the necessary devices.


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    What are the points to consider while creating a smart TV app?

    • Repurpose your existing Android app
    • Lease a white-labeled TV OS app
    • Commission a custom-built app
    • Buy an end-to-end coded app template
    • Hire a professional if you have zero to less coding knowledge

    What programming languages are best to use for a smart TV app?

    XML, JSON, Swift & TVML, LG NetCast/WebOS SDK

    What makes a smart TV smart?

    A smart TV refers to digital television that is an inter-connected, storage-aware computer specialized for entertainment. Smart TVs are available as stand-alone products, but regular televisions can also be made “smart” through set-top boxes that can trigger advanced functionalities.

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