• The Impact of Emerging & Trending Technologies on Travel Industry

    Apple’s iBeacon detects all of the mobile devices within the vicinity of 10 meters enabling to send push notifications. These iBeacons are able to bridge the physical world with the digital as they connect you to the things in your vicinity so as to deliver content or any other likely offers. And, needless to say, mobile devices are creating a techno world today. The invasion of mobile devices and the emerging technology like the iBeacons together are creating an unimaginable and prospective impact on the travel sector too.

    The travel industry is one of the busiest firms as the people today keep traveling for multipurpose. Floating people, business destinations, tourism, and recreation are the main reasons that keep this industry always busy. The travel industry, being one of the most aggressive adopters of mobile technology primarily emphasis on research and booking phase, itinerary management and monitoring with mobiles. The other things like the enhancement of the travel process; interpreting, predicting, and serving according to the traveler’s needs are the points of concern to make travel life easy.

    At this juncture, iBeacons evidently elicit interest as they are able to integrate fun, data, and other functional elements regarding travel. Let us explore about the use cases for adopting iBeacon development services may act as a true guide to the traveler.

    Act as you move: Most of the travelers have the apps of the airlines already installed on their phones. It is advantageous for the concerned airlines when the traveler enters the airport. The beacon may trigger offers based on the traveler’s flight status and the contextual situation of the airport. The ancillary purchases may be re-targeted; priority check-in, expedited security lines could be made actionable; availing of the day pass into the air lounge, accommodations could be planned in case of unexpected flight delays; upgrade a seat on the flight, and so forth.

    Airport navigation: Navigation may not be a challenge in one’s home airport while it’s not so in other airports. The iBeacons could provide a precise and intelligent information to the passengers around the terminal based on the proximity and serve the traveler closely.

    The analytic reports help to boost the non-aeronautical revenue as it could align with the passenger’s movement, and send push notifications for retail, entertainment layouts, or the dining.

    Automatic hotel check-in: The installation of iBeacon at the hotels alert the hotel admin of the guest arrival, dynamically allots room, send a digital key to the smartphone. This helps the guest to bypass the front desk line formalities, saves time and enter the room directly.

    In-room controls: The iBeacons may sense the presence or absence of the guest inside the room and accordingly enable the services on the mobile device such as manage lightings, temperature, television and its channels, access room services, and so forth.
    The concerned staff like the kitchen, laundry, or the housekeeping team could be alerted.

    The travel and tourism industry can rightly harness the potential of this technology as it clearly demonstrates the localized and contextual communication. We, at Mobi India, enhance the travel experience by incorporating the iBeacons as recommended. Get in touch with us for more details or to avail a better and unmatchable service.

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