• Steps To Determine The Cost of Android App Development

    Steps To Determine The Cost of Android App Development

    Are you new to the mobile app development world? If yes, then you might be eager to know the cost involved in Android app development services while considering an application for your enterprise. There are distinctive factors that determine the overall cost of app development. And that too is based on your enterprise-level objective.

    So, here in this post, you will come across useful guidance towards steps to determine Android app development costs and proceed further seamlessly.

    Why do businesses prefer Android Apps?

    The Android app marketplace is huge and extensive. Generally, 8 out of 10 apps developed by professional developers are based on the Android platform. It is so because of the widespread revenue generation model, extensive user reach, and open-source nature.

    When it comes to hiring a mobile app development company in India or any direction for creating an app, the first preference goes towards the Android application. Android applications can be easily installed on the respective Android’s Play Store and offer businesses the opportunity to reach far-fetched target users.

    Some of the advantages of investing in Android app development are as follows:

    • Easy to accept: Compared to other operating platforms, publishing an Android app on the respective app store is fast and simple. Google takes less time in publishing your mobile application and making it visible to the eyes of targeted users.
    • Wide user base:Another beneficial reason to rely on Android app development services is the wide spectrum of the user base. More than 70% of the app users rely on Android devices. Thus, it provides you an opportunity to reach a wide scale of the audience with ease.
    • Easy tech options: The technology used in the Android application development process is simple and effective. Majorly, Java and Kotlin are two programming languages used in developing result-oriented Android apps. It allows the developers to create applications in a fast and simplistic manner.
    • Low play store publishing fee:From the cost perspective, Android’s Play Store charges a lower app publishing fee compared to other platforms. At a very nominal cost, you can publish your app and makes it readily available for the users.

    Key factors determining the cost of Android app development

    Key factors determining the cost of Android app development

    As an enterprise, you must be having the rising question of how much it costs to develop an Android app. Not just you, but several businesses interested in Android app development like to know the exact cost. Well, there is no particular cost to developing the app. It depends on your business requirements, objectives, and below-mentioned factors to determine the same.

    • Application Size

    One of the key factors that decide the overall cost of an Android app is the size. It depends on the short-term and large-scale projects related to your business. The large application certainly has an extensive size that implies more cost. On another side, short-term application of small size has comparatively less cost.

    To be precise, the cost of your application depends on the number of feature pages which could be in terms of 5, 7-10, and 12-18, respectively.

    • Online or Offline App

    There are two categories of Android application that are online and offline. And cost differs between the two factors. The online application provides real-time access to data, content upgrades, better flexibility, and handles transactions seamlessly. However, online application is costly compared to offline.

    On the other side, offline applications are also a good choice when your purpose is only to provide limited yet valuable information to users.

    • Application features

    Another major factor that determines the cost of an Android application is the range of features required. It depends on your business requirement, objective, and preferred user persona to add the number of features. Also, remember the fact that the more features you add to your application, the cost also boosts exponentially.

    • The complexity of the App

    There is also a difference lies in the cost of basic and complex Android apps. Basic application means featuring limited features like product showcase, filters, crop, editing tools, and aspect ratio. It generally costs lesser compared to complex applications. The other side of the picture is paying slightly more for complex apps which means more features and functionalities.

    • App Design & Number of Screens

    The overall cost of the Android app further relies on UI/UX design and the number of screens required. Undoubtedly, UI/UX design matters the most in terms of creating a user-friendly and easy navigational flow application. It helps users to best engage with the application, feel interactive, and buy from your brand. Moreover, the more screens you have on the application, the cost also increases. But that depends on your business offering and the overall objective.

    • Type of App

    The most important cost aspect of Android app development is the category of applications that you need to develop. It could be an eCommerce app, software-based app, travel app, banking app, healthcare app, AR/VR app, on-demand application, or any other. Every industry-level Android application has different features, functionalities, UI/UX design elements, payment gateways, and several other features. Therefore, the cost also differs depending on the type and category of application.

    Concluding Thoughts 

    Deciding on Android app development is the right choice to make your business widely visible and acceptable across the marketplace. Whether it is startups, mid-size, or large-scale corporation, Android apps work for all in terms of providing engaging features, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and other benefits. Even the cost of developing an Android app is less compared to other platforms based on distinctive factors. Therefore, check with mobile app development experts at Mobi India to determine the cost and develop a fruitful application.

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