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    How Real-Time Features Can Benefit A Business Enterprise Mobile App?

    To ensure customers get unique features in a mobile app, it is the responsibility of enterprises to present them properly. Currently, real-time features in a mobile app are in demand and have become a necessity. Several business apps come with important like real-time feed, push notification, instant messaging and live tracking. Real-time technology provides information to users instantly.

    This feature has made itself an important element in both mobile and web app development, since its inception. Currently, renowned firms, as well as the startups, are including real-time features in their mobile apps to strengthen their user base. Real-time features are beneficial for both end-users and businesses as they enjoy quick, reliable and convenient communication. As a result, several industries, ranging from travel and transportation, food, healthcare, education to media have hired mobile app development company in India to integrate real-time features in their existing & new apps.

    Importance of Real-Time Features

    • Business enterprises must consider the below-given benefits and include real-time features in their mobile apps.
    • Mobile apps having real-time features can boost user engagement. These features allow apps to provide real-world experience. For example, users can handle multiple tasks at the same time, like chatting with friends and booking a ride.
    • Implementing this technology, a user can connect with other users of the mobile app in a simple as well as natural manner. For example, one can share the live location, message online and follow friends using mobile apps.
    • Real-time features enable app developers to focus more on the unique functionalities of the apps. These comprise of the upgraded user interface, trending features of inbuilt apps, interactive UX and many more.
    • With the availability of cloud networks, the developers don’t have to worry about the maintenance costs and additional expenses, when they integrate these features into the apps.

    According to reports, integrating real-time features in the mobile app leads to a good increase in conversion and sales. The benefits discussed above is the main reason behind integrating real-time features in the business app.

    Important Real-Time Features
    1. Push Notifications
    It is a significant feature in both mobile and web apps. This feature helps to make the users aware of the latest features, offers, product launches of the brand. It is a great feature that is quite handy as well. Today, business enterprises strategically use push notifications to boost the retention rate, improve sales and keeping the users updated. Brands hire mobile app developers to integrate this remarkable feature for desired results.

    2. Real-Time Feed
    This particular feature is already present on the renowned social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The end-users can get several benefits by integrating real-time feed in their business app. Users remain updated with any new content that you post on your platform. In the method, they do not avoid any essential feed.

    3. IoT Device Integration
    From the last few years, real-time technologies have evolved. These features are getting a relevant space in the mobile world. IoT (Internet of Things) is another important feature, which can boost the end-user experience.

    Let’s discuss how IoT Technology works in business apps:

    • The sensors in IoT devices access the data from its available source.
    • Mobile network or Wi-Fi connection is used to send data over the cloud.
    • IoT software analyses the data, once stored in the cloud systems.
    • Users get this analyzed data at the last.

    In case the information provided is incorrect, the users get alerts through the app notifications, messages and emails.

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    4. Live Status
    Live order status checking is an important feature that is mostly present in the food delivery apps. Particularly, enterprises dealing with shipping and delivery services integrate this amazing feature, using GPS. This is a great feature for the overall user experience. Users from any location can easily track the status and position of the order. In addition to that, users can communicate with the service provider using the same app. This is a great way of user engagement and business to strengthen the process. Complemented with location tracking and push notification features, companies use these apps to boost business transparency.

    5. Live Streaming
    Live streaming has become an important feature in modern apps. Industries from different backgrounds, including logistics, real estate, entertainment, and transportation, are integrating this advanced feature in their mobile apps. This helps mobile apps to create and deliver data to users to boost interactions. Live streaming is a great feature in gaming apps.

    Real-Time Features Benefit Multiple Industries
    Today, business enterprises from various verticals of the industry are relying on real-time features of their mobile apps.

    1. Health and Fitness
    The mobile apps are used to remind and record users workout schedule. Push notifications regarding goals are sent so that users can accomplish their fitness goals. Push notifications regarding diet plans, calorie burns are also sent.

    2. E-commerce
    Most E-commerce apps have real-time features, which boost their sales process. The companies send notifications regarding products launch, offers, and coupons to the customers. In doing so, they make users curious about the E-commerce store. Push notifications are a great feature to minimize cart abandonment.

    The core benefit of the real-time features in the mobile apps is to offer robust and timely information to the users. The users get information at the same, as it occurs in the real world. Clearly, the communication process is strengthened to a substantial level. For any business to be worth recognizing, smooth interaction between the marketers and users is important. Real-time features present in the mobile apps bring both the business and its potential consumers close for optimal returns.

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