• The Mobile App Maintenance Cost For The Year 2021

    The Mobile App Maintenance Cost For The Year 2021

    We’ve already seen an exponential rise in mobile and smartphone usage in recent years. According to research, the total number of mobile users all across the globe is sent to cross the 3.8 billion mark by 2021. However, as of December 10, 2020, the total number of smartphone users already crossed the 3.8 billion mark. Tremendous feet that we’ve accomplished one year prior to the originally expected date. The opportunity this market offer is off the charts and Mobile App Development Company is one sector that can gain the most out of it. Android App Development in India has now become a major source of income for developers. As more and more companies started setting-up their business within the country, merchants, and clients now can hire mobile app developers as per their requirements.

    Moreover, it’s not the development of an application that possesses a challenge for such developers. It’s the support and after a development process that creates challenges for Mobile App Development Agencies. This is because once the users start accessing the application, it becomes imperative for developers to keep on introducing new methods that keep the users engaged and increase retention. This Maintenance of application costs the most from the client’s perspective and proves to be more prosperous for the developer’s agency.

    But why is this much maintenance necessary? Let’s check out the importance of Maintenance:

    Importance of Maintenance

    It is important to understand what kind of features, techniques, or constituents are in Maintenance. As this is a continuous never-ending process, there are several elements that need to be worked out on a regular base:

    – Upgrading to the most recent OS form
    – Content Updation
    – Bug Fixing
    – Synchronizing and synergizing with the most recent technological patterns
    – Latest messages and push notification practices
    – Creating a strong reinforcement
    – Enhancing application examination

    Factors Defining Maintenance Cost in 2021

    Design Maintenance

    Users need variation while accessing any application. They won’t stay for long on an application if the design is obsolete. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the UI/UX of your application as the application and the technology grows. For this, you can take the help of a Mobile App development company as they are aware of the latest development in technology and how to augment new features within your front-end in no time.

    Moreover, at some point in time, you need to completely rebrand your applications’ model to stay relevant among your users.

    Development Maintenance

    The development maintenance phase is pretty big and there are multiple components that need to be addressed while working on this:

    ● Code Refinements
    ● New features Augmentations
    ● Bug Fixes
    ● Third-Party Integrations with APIs

    App Security

    Application Security is one of the essential maintenance components. Application Owners need to plan specifically for this section with a separate budget. There are 2 major things that one needs to consider:

    – Continuous Security Optimization
    – Legislative-imposed Changes

    Furthermore, developers also need to keep an eye on third-party integrations to ensure your consumers’ data privacy is not meddled with.

    App Analytics

    User’s interaction with your application is important. You need to keep a track of this also to understand your consumer’s thought and navigation process. Once you get such data, you’ll be able to decode the hang time and leave time of your users and make amends according to that. Try to use different analytical tools for this or you can always go to a mobile app maintenance service for creating a customized tool just for your application.

    Wrapping Up

    App Maintenance is an eternal process and takes time until the application is live. It needs to be done on a regular basis also. You are not a successful application even after your application gets more than 10 million downloads. Even Google pay is a popular application yet the UPI transaction from Paytm is faster. Hence, a well-maintained application can give your brand the recognition it wanted; even if you have only 100K downloads, make sure they are loyal to your platform. Mobi India has been leading Mobile Application Development in India for a decade and has expertise in such tasks. Get in touch with our experts and Hire Mobile app developers now!



    Q1. How much does app maintenance cost?

    As per the industry norms, the maintenance cost is 15-30 percent of the actual development cost. Hence, if the development cost of your application is $100,000, then as per standard norm, you’ll be paying 15K to 30K for Maintenance cost.

    Q2. Do Apps need Maintenance?

    App maintenance is the most important part of an application and helps businesses to keep their users engaged, happy, and retain within the application.

    Q3. How do you maintain mobile apps?

    These are the few steps we use to maintain applications
    ● Update the app w.r.t. The latest OS version
    ● Update Customer Support
    ● Bug Fixes
    ● Third-party support audits
    ● Hosting, Security, and Memory Checks, etc.

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