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    MobiIndia is Your Perfect Apple TV App Development Partner in 2020

    AppleTV has brought numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs with its launch in 2006. The whole market for mobile app development is developed with its launch. With every new launch of Apple TV, the hardware features are improved creating numerous opportunities for a development company. The best part is that not only hardware features are improved but also several firmware updates offering a boost to Mobile App Development Company.

    Apple TV was first launched with the name “Macintosh TV.” But, 13 years later Apple renamed “Macintosh TV” as “iTV.” This was a game-changer opportunity for Apple resulting in growth in popularity and sales. Apple TV fully changed the way people used to interact with mobile apps.

    Apple centralized the App Store after the launch of the third-generation Apple TV which means that from now the app information will get shared directly between all the Apple devices. This action inspired Enterprises, start-ups, and businesses to move their iPhone or macOS app to Apple TV app with the support of App Development Company.

    What is the Apple TV App Development Process?

    Our development team implements the agile technique to ensure that the learners get remarkable services within the given time frame.

    1. Requirements Gathering

    Our team works with the clients to discuss the project requirements to build an engaging Apple TV app.

    2. Project Discussion

    Once requirements are collected, our team shares the proposal and NDA for the streamlined smooth completion of the project.

    3. Select Hiring Model

    We offer multiple hiring models as per the client’s necessities ranging from hourly, weekly, and monthly basis.

    4. Design & Development

    Once developers are assigned the project, the design & development process starts with the latest tools & technologies.

    5. Testing & Delivery

    Once app development is done, it is tested in multiple environments to ensure no bug is left unchecked before delivery.

    6. Deployment & Maintenance

    Mobile App is deployed at a server and proper maintenance is done if the user faces any difficulty while using the mobile app.

    Why Choose MobiIndia as your Technology Partner?

    We are one of the top-rated Apple TV App development companies because we are committed to offering top-rated quality solutions.

    • We can also develop or modify various features for user engagement.
    • Our solutions are all priced at competitive market rates and are affordable.
    • All the team members are completely educated, skilled, and extensively experienced.
    • We provide dedicated resources to all our Apple TV apps development projects.
    • We integrate highly innovative and interactive features in mobile applications.
    • Our creative and unique solutions help clients to stay ahead of their competitors.
    • We are very dedicated and deliver all our products on time to our clients.
    • We provide customized solutions to build engaging & secure educational apps.
    • Our apps are designed with state-of-the-art technology for high-quality and efficiency.
    • We provide quick and dedicated post-sales services, including maintenance & support.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is an Apple TV App?

    An Apple TV app is basically a platform present to offer a perfect viewing experience and access to the streaming service. It is basically a central hub for movie & TV show content.

    2. How much does it cost to create an Apple TV App?

    The cost basically depends on the amount of time required to implement all the requirements and the developer’s rates. You can reach our team to avail of an accurate quote for the project.

    3. Do you guarantee the security of the Apple App idea?

    Yes, we guarantee as we sign a strict NDA to protect iOS App Development information. Hence, we ensure complete security and project privacy.

    4. Are there any hidden charges of app development?

    No. We discuss with you your app requirements and then price appropriately. In addition, once you have placed an order, we work hard so that the price quote is strictly met.

    5.How can we help you with Apple TV App Development?

    We have numerous end-to-end Apple TV app development services for our clients ranging from development, customization to upgrade. Our developers have the proper skills to build a brand new Apple TV app or customize an existing app. We build mobile apps for entertainment, shopping, lifestyle, and many more. Our developers help you to deliver a perfect digital experience to your customers. We help you with several opportunities related to Apple TV apps by helping you to know how to get the app on the new Apple TV.

    Wrapping Up:

    With the advancement in technology and the implementation of high-speed internet connectivity the whole concept of the way, people used to watch TV and play games has changed. Conventional TV viewing is dying right now while the consumer base for on-demand TV is growing at a rapid pace. We have a very dynamic and skilled developer team as well as testers. With the launch of the Apple TV app, we can take your brand to the next level. If you want your business not only to sustain but also to grow in the competitive world, then it is highly recommended to Hire iOS App Developer from a reputed agency. They will offer you the best solution at a reasonable rate without any delay.

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