• What are the key iOS 14 Privacy features and their impact on App Distribution

    What are the Key iOS 14 Privacy Features and their Impact on App Distribution?

    Apple is known to release remarkable changes year after year with every new operating system launch. In fact 2020 was the most revolutionary year in terms of improving user experience and privacy. In this blog post, we will discuss about the key aspects of iOS 14 privacy features and how the update will impact on the app distribution which you have partnered with iPhone app development for your business venture.

    The List of Privacy-Centric iOS 14 Updates

    The biggest announcement from Apple for iOS update is giving users the option to clock IDFA identifier at the application level. Move that boosts the tech giant position in the world of mobile OS. Let’s check out the major privacy centric features for iOS 14 updates.

    1. Changes in IDFA

    For every app installation process, users need to opt in to IDFA. When building mobile apps for iOS 14, app publishers need to share a summary of privacy practices on the basis of which users will identify whether they want to choose IDFA or not.

    The impact of this update depends on the ad campaign becoming incapable to optimize and measure ad performance. In addition, the move is contributory to consent fatigue, which would improve the instances of users declining the data view request.

    2. Changes in App Install

    iOS 14 is released with an updated SKAdNetwork interface offering a method for Apple to notify the ‘ad network’ when a campaign builds app install conversion. The impact of this update is the abandon of another type of app conversions for which a mobile app campaign would need to optimize other than app installation.

    3. Privacy Report of Tracking

    Apple currently comes with the functionality of Intelligent Tracking prevention. This feature blocks cross-domain tracking and a ‘Privacy Report’ is shared to the users in addition to the ITP. It will inform the users which companies are blocked from viewing their data. The impact of this update is more on the imaginary side. Brands and Mobile app development company have multiple use cases to track users with methods like frequency capping, behavioral-based targeting, and spend attribution. But the update will give the users a mindset that every company performs tracking.

    4. Access over Geo-Location

    Currently iOS users have control over which apps access their location using the ‘Location Service’ setting. The latest update will permit the users to opt-out of precise location sharing. And when that occurs, only approximate geo-location data will be shared with the apps.

    How to Address iOS 14 Privacy Features Impact?

    1. Use SKAdNetwork for Advertisement

    Apple has released SKAd Network enabling Apple to manage the attribution passed to the Registered Ad network. While there are means to optimize and scale marketing with SKAdNetwork, like how it assists identify redownloads and track attribution. They are not perfectly ideal because of multiple methods–

    • Permits only click-based attribution.
    • No date stamp parameter is offered.
    • The campaign IDs are limited to 100 per ad network.

    2. Non-individually Identifiable IP address-based Tracking

    Another way brands can address the iOS 14 impact on app distribution is by depending on the users’ truncated IP addresses for improved contextual targeting and attribution. This way, they won’t have to recognize any individual user.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is iOS app development?

    iOS is Apple’s mobile OS that works on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch hardware. An iOS app developer, can code in native languages including Swift or Objective-C or build cross-platform native apps using React Native or Xamarin.

    2. Where do I find iOS on my iPhone?

    • Open the ‘Settings’ app on the iPhone or iPad.
    • Go to “General”
    • Now choose “About”
    • At the “About” screen, look alongside “Version” to see which iOS version is installed and running on the iPhone or iPad.

    3. What is the cost of iOS App development service?

    The cost of mobile app development completely depends on your business requirements, app features and its marketing activities. After complete analysis the cost can be estimated for app development.

    4. What can I expect with iOS 14?

    Here are the best features coming to Apple’s iOS 14 in 2020.
    • Memoji updates.
    • Picture-in-picture.
    • New Widgets on the Today view and home screen.
    • A new home screen with the App Library.
    • A whole new Siri interface.
    • Major Message improvements.
    • App Clips lets you use mini-apps on the spot.
    • Maps improvements.

    Wrapping Up

    Hope you are aware of the privacy features integrated with the newest version of iOS 14 and their impact on App distribution. These features will play a significant role during the Native mobile app development and brands invest heavily in such services to engage potential users for sales. If you are planning to take your business idea to app development, reach us and share your app requirements. Mobi India is a reputed app development agency with years of experience in the similar field. We offer multiple solutions to get the best results for your brand.

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