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    iPhone App Development – Future of Mobile App Development Industry

    In today’s digital era, mobile app development has gradually overtaken web development with time. Realizing that the majority of the worldwide population is on mobile, businesses are now shifting their focus on building a strong mobile presence and employing result-driven mobile marketing strategies to boost their conversions and sales. As the number of smartphone users is growing exponentially, it has led to an increased demand for a highly-skilled and experienced Android and iPhone App Development company.

    However, as compared to Android, iOS has managed to leave a strong impression on the digital world and most mobile users, organizations within. In recent times, most mobile app developers and enterprises are turning to iPhone app development companies to implement better business strategies and improve their mobile app development game.

    As a reputed iPhone app development company, we understand the value and benefits of this dignified platform that has secured the most coveted spot in the digital space with a highly specialized and unique approach, planning, and proper implementation, when it comes to mobile app development for the platform.

    Why Should You Invest in an iPhone App Development Company?

    As most of the enterprises are switching to the iOS platform, it can be a great opportunity for every iPhone app development company to thrive in the industry. It’s Apple’s unrelenting commitment to providing the best solutions for its users that makes iOS the most appealing platforms. Apple’s rules and guidelines are quite stringent as compared to other industry standards and must be obeyed by every mobile app developer or company that specializes in iOS app development.

    Moreover, the scrutiny process that a mobile app undergoes before being published on the App Store is very intense and requires strict adherence to rules and guidelines for design and development set forth by Apple, including smooth UI/UX, thematic structures, consistency, and steadiness.

    The platform empowers an Ios App Development with great opportunities when it comes to the range of actions and capabilities that you can deliver to the app built on this platform.

    When it comes to the number, Android is a leading platform, but when it comes to revenue generation, the iOS platform is the winner. The biggest reason for the popularity of iPhone app development is the kind of revenue generated from the platform.

    Here are some major reasons why you should hire iPhone app developers for your project.

    Key Reasons Why iPhone App Development is Gaining Popularity

    • Swift Language is the Key Factor

    Coding is the base of successful mobile app development. If your base is weak, your app is not going to be a success. Swift, is one of the leading programming languages, that is widely being used by iOS app developers of different backgrounds and scales. With minimal coding, the language delivers great results and serves as an effective communicator between computer and coder. This makes it easier for the computer to grasp what is being required from it.

    • Quick Development Time

    Researches have revealed that iPhone app development takes 30-40% less time than Android app development. This is because writing code for the iPhone is much easier. Swift makes it easy it write codes for iOS apps unlike Java for writing Android which takes considerably longer development time.

    Another reason for the fast development of iOS apps is that Android is an open-source platform, and therefore, there is no standardization. This leads to more types of devices, various components, and software fragmentation that developers need to deal with. On the other hand, Apple has a finite ecosystem, meaning that there are only a few standardized operating systems and devices.

    • Superior Quality Emulators Make iPhone app Development More Intuitive

    Emulators play a significant role in making the mobile app development process more intuitive and creating experiences that engage the app users. Therefore, the quality of emulators is crucial in mobile app development. Unlike other platforms, iOS emulators are considerably faster and provide great support. This makes iOS emulators better and suitable for the speedy development process.

    • Advanced Developer Support and Tools

    Apple offers superior developer support and tools in comparison to other platforms, including Android. Since Android is an open-source platform, it lacks any kind of standardization which makes it more difficult in finding expert developer support or tools to help with app development. In iOS app development, the available support and tools are more advanced and of high quality.

    • Reduced Software Fragmentation of iOS Devices Simplifies the Process

    Bugs and technical glitches are inevitable. Android apps have higher chances of having bugs and errors as they have to deal with numerous brands, screen sizes, and platforms. In iPhone app development, the number of versions and types of devices is limited. This makes it easier to build iOS apps and reduce the risks of potential bugs in the app.

    • When It Comes to App Monetization, Look into the Possibility of Users Purchasing on Android or iOS

    Studies reveal that Android users are less likely to pay for their apps and are usually not big spenders. This is the reason why free apps with in-app ads work well on the Android platform. Although Apple’s App Store gets half the number of downloads, it generates twice the revenue of Google Play Store. Apple users are more willing to pay for apps and make in-app purchases. This is why you should approach an iPhone app development company to build your app on this lucrative platform.

    • iOS Apps Are Easy to Maintain When OS Are Kept Updated

    With numerous device resolutions and screen sizes, it is difficult to make sure that your apps work flawlessly across multiple platforms. Moreover, avoiding or reducing bugs and crashes for users who are still running an outdated version of the operating system. Android users take more time to become familiar with a newer operating system and Apple users prefer to update their operating system more often.

    • Cost of App Development

    The development cost of any app depends largely on its design, scope, and complexity. The larger and more complex the project is, the more will be the cost of the project. Due to the complexity in coding and numerous device resolutions, it can be an expensive affair to invest in Android app development. For businesses, the development cost is the major concern when it comes to choosing an Android and iPhone app development company.

    • App User Loyalty

    User loyalty is a key metric to track when it comes to comparing Android app development with iPhone app development. Studies have found that iPhone users are more loyal to Apple than Android users to their devices. According to a recent survey, 92% of iPhone owners agreed that they would prefer buying Apple devices only. This percentage was 56% for Motorola, 59% for LG, and 77% for Samsung.



    Q.1. What coding language is used for iPhone app development?

    Ans. Swift is the most popular, powerful, and intuitive coding language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and more. Writing iOS apps in Swift is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise but expressive, and offers many advanced features that developers would love. Moreover, Swift code is design-safe and produces a lightning-fast software.

    Q.2. How iOS application development can help me grow?

    Ans. As the iOS platform is popular across the globe and appreciated for high-end security, iOS application development can help you improve your traffic, boost revenue, and earn brand recognition. So, if you want to achieve your business goals, hire iPhone app developers at Mobi India to build a feature-rich, robust, and secure iOS app.

    Q.3. Do you provide support and maintenance for iOS apps?

    Ans. Yes, we offer dedicated support and maintenance service after completion of iOS app development to keep your iOS in an optimum condition. If you’re looking to hire iPhone app developers for your iOS app, we are just a call away!

    Wrapping Up

    Whether you choose to invest in an Android or iPhone app development company, your decision needs are taken based on a thorough analysis of both the platforms. You need to take into account various considerations such as target audience, your budget, whether you want to make more money or expand your reach. However, `there’s still a way to build your app in both versions without draining your wallet. All you need to do is hire iPhone app developers or Android app developers and start building your first app.

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