• iOS Development Trends 2019

    What are the Most Innovative iOS Trends in 2019?

    The App development trends are evolving with the introduction of the latest technologies. iOS on a regular basis bring latest versions having security updates, innovative features, and functionalities. Apple keeps on transforming iOS by integrating technological refinements.

    The latest version of iOS (12.2) hosts multiple exciting features to offer a rich and appealing experience to iPhone users. Here, it is important for the iOS App Development Company to keep an eye on the latest trends and features. These trends will grow and every enterprise needs to update themselves to match the growing competition.

    Here is a list of some important development trends that will play a key role in the future. These trends will transform the mobile app industry for sure.

    1. Internet of Things (IoT)

    The Internet of Things is one of the hottest trends in the corporate world. Many organizations are integrating IoT in their existing infrastructure to avail the benefits of automation. With the introduction of HomeKit ecosystem by the Apple for the developers, building apps have become easy. HomeKit is majorly focused with the home automation but can be used for handling IoT devices of office space too. The app developers can utilize it to make the IoT apps more reliable.

    2. Advanced Security

    App security is a top priority for iOS app developers. Apple has given more attention to privacy and data protection in the last few years. The continuous advancements in OS security help the app developers to block any sort of hacker activities. Apple addresses security-related concerns with the launch of every new version. Features like authentication and encryption are integrated to offer more security to the users. iOS Application Development Company utilize all these features to build a more secure app for end-users and business clients.

    3. AR & VR

    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will stay as a trending technology for a long time. With the recent launch of ARKit 2, an upgraded version of ARKit it is ready to provide developers an opportunity to integrate AR experience in the app for the users. From advanced face recognition to 3D object detection, all innovative features are available with ARKit 2. It is designed to give users a feature to create an AR-based art that can be seen by others also in the same place. In addition to that, the SceneKit functionality is very useful for designing realistic 3D images. AR technology will be integrated into huge number very soon in the iOS apps.

    4. Apple Pay

    Online payments are the most used medium for doing monetary exchanges. Apple has provided its own payment application named Apple Pay. A user can use it to make payments for shopping, booking tickets for flights, occasions, events or anything and online cash exchange. It changes the payment style of iPhone users. As we are living in the age of e-commerce and the use of mobile wallet is growing at a rapid pace, we can easily see that in coming years, the use of Apple Pay will grow multiple times. As brands want to provide a safe and smooth online transaction to the customers, the trend of integrating Apple Pay will sail in the upcoming years also.

    5. More Innovative Siri

    With the advent of the latest iOS version, personal assistant Siri has become more innovative. This AI assistant is far superior to Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. As per the experts, Siri replies more than 70% correct answers. Over the period, its popularity has surged for assisting the users in an efficient manner. Developers can integrate the Siri advancements in their app development work.

    When you Hire iOS App Developers for your needs, they can build interactive apps with the Siri-based features by using the Sirikit. Siri will remain a key element for businesses looking for AI-based apps.


    Apple has integrated the latest technologies like AR, VR, AI, and IoT while designing iOS 12. Mobile app developers will certainly use these trends to build next-level apps for the end-users. But it is important to keep an eye on these trends as they keep on changing with the latest technology. If you are looking for a reliable mobile app development company, Mobi India builds next-gen apps by integrating the latest advancements and trends. Our team is skilled and experienced to handle any sort of challenge faced during app development.

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