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    How Will Flutter v1.20 Redefine Flutter App Development in the Future?

    Many entrepreneurs are turning to the Flutter app development as it is the most cost-effective solution to build an enterprise application. Google’s cross-platform UI toolkit, Flutter, needs only one codebase for both Android and iOS platforms which saves time, effort, and money. So, if you’re a startup or an entrepreneur who is tight on budget and want to build an enterprise app that works well across all known, Flutter app development is your go-to solution.

    Google Flutter just released its 1.20 stable version. With every new update, the giant continues to focus and make the toolkit faster, beautiful, productive, and open for every Google-powered platform. As of now, Flutter v1.20 is considered to have brought the most updates in comparison to other previous versions and comes with significant performance improvements. It also provides better support for Metal UI on iOS, UI enhancements, new material widgets, autofill, and more.

    As a top-notch mobile development company, Mobi India offers futuristic app development services using Google’s revolutionary framework Flutter. Our team of seasoned app developers that are well-versed in Flutter app development and have successfully built apps that perfectly run on all popular platforms. Our developers keep a hawk’s eye on the latest updates in Flutter so that they can create next-gen enterprise applications using the latest technologies.

    Let’s now discuss in detail to know what Flutter v1.20 brings and understand how it can help you create a powerful enterprise-grade application for your business.

    What Flutter 1.20 Version Has in Store for You?

    1. Performance Improvements

    Flutter v1.20 fixes an issue with font tree shaking icons by making it a default feature while building non-web applications. This new improvement removes unused icons to reduce size. However, it is currently restricted only to TrueType Fonts but this restriction will be ultimately removed in future releases. Additionally, this version also makes any initial janky animations smooth with future launches.

    Google has redesigned mouse hit testing to provide multiple architectural improvements which will enable developers to improve performance by up to 15x. This has ultimately enabled support for mouse cursors that also display widgets.

    2. Text Autofill

    The new Flutter 1.20 version provides support for text autofill through its autofill functionality which frees up developers from the hassle of re-entering data. Google mentioned that it is working to extend this functionality for web apps as well. However, this functionality is at its basic level right now and will continue to improve in subsequent updates.

    3. New Widgets and Subsequent Updates on Old Widgets

    This new release offers new widgets, and that has excited Flutter app development companies and developers all over. Meanwhile, Google has also updated some old widgets with new and better features and/or the look.

    Interactive Viewer – This widget enables you to build interactivities within your app such as drag and drop, zoom, pan, etc.

    Slider and RangeSlider – The new sliders are designed by keeping improved accessibility in mind. Now, the sliders come with taller tracks, the thumbs have shadows, and the value indicator has been given a new shape. All these were updated to deliver a smoother experience.

    Date and TimePicker – These two come with completely new looks. The updated DatePicker now includes a new efficient design and support for data ranges.

    4. Dart DevTools embedded in Visual Studio Code

    A new Visual Studio Code extension enables you to bring Dart DevTools directly than Code workspace earlier. This does not require developers to open another Chrome window. This feature can be triggered by the new dart.previewEmbeddedDevTools setting. However, this feature is still in preview and Google is working on its potential issues.

    5. New Responsive Licenses Page

    Google, with the help of community contributor TonicArtos, has updated new responsive licenses page to meet material guidelines by making it simple and making navigation easier that is designed making it efficient for various devices including desktops, tablets, and phones.

    6. Pigeon – Package Update

    Pigeon is a new command-line tool that has been added to address the need to make communication safer and easier between Flutter and the host platform for plugins and Add-to-App. The updated Pigeons use Dart syntax to generate a type-safe messaging code on top of platform channels without adding extra runtime dependencies. It supports Java, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, and Swift for now.

    Some of the other updates in this version include New pubspec.yaml format for publishing plugins, updates to network tracking, Updating import statements on file rename, Typesafe platform channels for platform interop, etc. Google is, in fact, calling this Flutter’s biggest update from different aspects. It also includes tooling metadata for every builder.

    Wrapping Up

    The latest Flutter 1.20 version is a useful update for every mobile app development company and developer. It has addressed a lot of issues developers were facing. With the new and updated widgets, performance improvements, and tooling improvements, companies and individual developers can leverage the power of Flutter to create next-gen enterprise apps.

    Being a stellar mobile app development company, Mobi India offers the best-in-class Flutter app development services to help startups and entrepreneurs expand their reach to a wider audience while saving money, time, and effort.


    Q.1. Why choose Mobi India for Flutter app development services?

    Ans. Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing your project to Mobi India:

    • Low development and operational cost
    • Flexible to work in your time-zone
    • Access to highly experienced app developers
    • Shorter development times
    • 100% quality assurance
    • High-end technology and tools
    • Robust support system
    • Transparency and communication
    • Comprehensive understanding of different platforms

    Q.2. How much does it cost to build a Flutter app?

    Ans. The cost of Flutter app development depends on several factors such as the development platform, design and complexity of the app, app categories, the country and experience of the developer, the number of features, integrations, and customizations you need in your app, and so on. As a professional mobile app development company, we are ready to undertake any kind of project regardless of its complexity and deliver a solution that matches your requirements to perfection.

    Q.3. How long does it take to build a Flutter app?

    Ans. Again, the time taken to build a custom Flutter app will depend on several factors such as the development platform, the design and complexity of the app, the experience level of the app developer, features and functionality, customizations, testing, and many more. Share your requirements with us to know the estimated time.

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