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    How Much Does it Cost to Create a Next Gen Courier App?

    The process of product delivery was time-consuming in the previous era. It took weeks and months to deliver products to the customers. But the idea has transformed immensely over a few years because of rapid growth in technology. Now, we can deliver products across the world within a matter of days. Today, life is becoming simpler with the evolution of courier applications that can track your product. It can also help to update all the information systematically. Hence, the need for a feature-packed courier app is crucial. Here, we are going to discuss the significant features and the factors affecting the cost of courier delivery app development. We are a leading On-Demand Delivery App Development company, and we can deliver high-end applications with unique features and functionalities. We have a team of highly qualified and professional On Demand app developers who can deliver the top-notch product according to your need and requirement.

    Features of Courier App

    • Type of Vehicle and Driver Availability

    There are requirements to select the desired vehicle based on the weight, size, etc. if the parcel and to ensure the availability of the drivers. Once the driver gets a message and information regarding the location, they can deliver the products easily.

    • Adequate Delivery Schedule

    The application provides regular schedules for doorstep pickup of products. the consumer can also schedule a specific time so that the driver can go to the exact location, collect products, and pack it adequately.

    • Status of Order

    For an easy update, an active order section is given in the courier application. It enables consumers to easily check their order status, all pending and completed orders, etc. This information will be saved as consolidated data within an application.

    • Multiple Modes of Payment

    The courier delivery application provides multiple payment alternatives considering the consumer preference to make it hassle-free. They can make the payment through debit, credit, e-wallets, net banking, and COD.

    • Data Management

    The admin can control the payments and billing. They can manage the parcels, users, warehouses, datasets, and monitoring systems.

    • Order Alerts & Optimized Routes

    Driver application involves building and upgrading the profile, order alerts, task sections. It also provides the option to accept or reject the request, optimized routes, collection of delivery evidence, and feedback section for consumers to describe the delivery services.

    Business Model of Courier Delivery Service:

    • Postal & Courier Service

    Postal and courier service applications can make the process of delivery simple and effective. FedEx and DPD parcel apps are a few of the postal and courier applications. They provide live product tracking, multi-platform support, uninterrupted customer support, etc.  These applications are designed as consumer-oriented assuring safety, security, ease, and convenience to the purchaser. The one prominent feature of these applications is that there are so many apps for admin, customers, and delivery agent’s application.

    • Package Tracking Aggregators

    The package monitoring aggregator helps to monitor all the packages of the carrier and supports in locating it. Every package has a distinct ID so that consumers can monitor it at any time. Courier can also be added using the unique ID.

    • Branded Delivery Packages

    The in-built order tracking feature in numerous applications provides all the necessary information to the clients. This incorporates package order details, once it is packed, shipped, and out for delivery. Also, it helps is sending alters when any issue occurs in delivering the product. Hence, some merchants only provide minimal information about processing, shipping, and delivery. Although, some vendors choose great packages to deliver products due to the support and transparency it provides in competitive business verticals.

    Factors to Increase Your Business:

    • Promote Your Application

    The promotion of your application performs a great job in the growth of your business. There are some digital marketing promotions and one should know about it before releasing the application.

    • Focus on Requirements

    The growth of the business lies in the small instigation that we take. We need to focus on the local requirements in your area. We also need to perform some strategy by keeping a good relationship with clients to get positive feedback. It will boost your business to grow naturally.

    • Ratings and Feedbacks

    Positive feedbacks and ratings about your services enhance the quality and visibility of your application. It makes your application efficient and optimized. Try to fix the issues and do not make negative comments.

    • Offers

    Try to provide more attractive offers to consumers to enhance your app utilization. Find interesting offers to gain your target audiences.

    • Customized Message

    Try to make your consumers connected with your services. Send them customized messages regarding rewards, offers, great deals, discounts, etc.

    Cost to Create a Courier Delivery Application

    Numerous components determine the cost to create a courier delivery application. The efficiency of an application relies on its functionalities and interesting features. The cost is based on the app designs, the number of pages, new features, etc. these elements can increase the cost of your courier delivery application. Also, the expertise and technologies of the Mobile App Development Company you hire to create your app can cause variation in cost.


    Q1. How much time will it take to create and deploy a system like this?

    We can estimate a high-level timeframe of 13 – 15 weeks considering a website with two native applications on Android and iOS

    Q2. Do you offer a facility to hire a skilled developer for my project?

    Yes, we do offer flexible hiring models consisting of highly qualified and dedicated resources that are well versed in project development for any industry.

    Q3. Can the delivery agents and customers communicate over chat?

    This can be an optional add-on feature that we can offer when required.

    Q4. Can Chatbots automatically learn questions asked by users of On-demand courier delivery?

    Yes, it can. By using ML or Machine Learning practices, bots can be developed in such a way that they learn by themselves


    The growing need for courier applications shows the marketing preferences of consumers. The courier delivery applications that are efficient, functional, reliable, and secure can captivate the consumers, also causing growth in sales. If you are planning to create a courier delivery application with innovative features, you can get in touch with the best Mobile App Development Services like us. You can Hire Mobile App Developers to create your next-gen courier application.



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