• How Healthcare App Development Has Transformed Patient Care and Treatment

    How Healthcare App Development Has Transformed Patient Care and Treatment

    As we live in a digital world, it is impossible to imagine our lives without smartphones and smart devices. We heavily rely on them to stay informed and connected through social media, to manage our daily schedules, streamline our work and business operations, book doctor’s appointments, health checkups, flights, hotels, and what not? Mobile apps have brought a tremendous transformation in the healthcare industry. Wearable devices and ingestible sensors harness the power of mobile applications to diagnose illness and improve patient care and treatment. Today, healthcare app development has become a necessity and comfort to bring innovation in patient health care and treatment.

    Moreover, the outbreak of the catastrophic 2020 pandemic expedited the demand for mobile healthcare and fitness app development. While the virus is still in the air, healthcare mobile apps have built an effective path toward tremendous growth, bringing a change to people’s perception of the health industry.

    Here are some useful digital health market facts you may be interested in:

    • According to Statista, the global digital health market in 2019 was worth 175 billion U.S. dollars. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25 percent from 2019 to 2025. The digital health market is anticipated to reach nearly 660 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.
    • Recent studies have revealed that medical app downloads increased 50% every year — urged by the demand for COVID-tracing and telehealth applications. The app downloads exceeded 3.2 billion across mHealth apps.
    • In 2020, the amount funded by investors worldwide in the digital health industry was 21.6 billion U.S. dollars. This is the largest funding done so far.
    • According to studies done by Accenture, the rate of adoption of digital healthcare tools is continuously increasing, and digital health services have satisfied 74% of patients.

    These facts and figures show that mobile healthcare app development is the rage right now. In the next section, we’ll discover how mobile health and fitness apps benefit both patients and healthcare personnel.

    How Patients Benefit from Healthcare App Development

    How Patients Benefit from Healthcare App Development

    One positive impact of the COVID crisis is that it brought a digitization approach to various industries. Digital transformation in healthcare not only improved patient care and treatment but also delivered a seamless user experience through mobile apps.

    From buying medical products online to maintaining a healthy lifestyle to finding highly qualified doctors, users can access everything through mobile apps. Hence, healthcare and fitness app development has played a vital role in helping patients with quick information.

    Using mobile health apps, patients can find a doctor, book an appointment, and view all their medical test reports just with a single tap. Patients can also video call or chat with their doctors, physicians, or nutritionists to discuss their health issues

    Healthy lifestyle apps and health monitoring apps have helped people to maintain healthy living and track their health status regularly. Health and fitness apps are truly a blessing for patients.

    Healthcare mobile apps not only help patients but also allow doctors and practitioners to collect and store patient health data conveniently. Patients can submit their health insurance cards and other information to mHealth apps and healthcare workers are less likely to make errors in their paperwork.

    Let’s see how healthcare app development benefits doctors and healthcare professionals.

    How Doctors and Healthcare Professionals Benefit from Health Mobile Apps

    How Doctors and Healthcare Professionals Benefit from Health Mobile Apps

    Healthcare apps have made the lives of doctors and physicians easier. Whether it is health and patient treatment monitoring, emergency response, maintaining health records, clinical documentation, or communicating with patients regularly, healthcare applications powered by artificial intelligence can all aspects to transform the healthcare industry.

    For example, hospitals and healthcare centers use mobile health apps to handle emergency cases efficiently. The app informs the doctors about the emergency case and sends all the important information to the doctor’s device.

    Additionally, medical professionals can use SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) for various medical purposes. This software can fulfill these purposes without being integrated with any hardware medical device.

    Hence, doctors can save a lot of time and prepare for such situations beforehand. Healthcare mobile apps can accelerate the documentation and treatment procedure which act as a lifesaver in critical situations.

    Significant Benefits of Healthcare and Fitness App Development

    Significant Benefits of Healthcare and Fitness App Development

    Here are the top benefits of healthcare and fitness app solutions:

    • Remote Patient Health Monitoring

    In today’s digital healthcare age, people use fitness bands that are connected to smartphones through a healthcare mobile app. Using these apps, they can track their daily activities like counting steps while walking or running, meals taken or diet checks, and do a lot more.

    Furthermore, wearable technology has transformed and innovated healthcare by helping patients and doctors in their critical activities such as giving real-time access to their eHealth records, providing patients’ medical history, etc.

    Besides, there are several devices out there that indicate any body health condition such as measuring blood pressure level, glucose level, or heart rate.

    • Instant Healthcare Access

    Health and fitness app solutions eliminate the need to visit doctor’s chambers or clinics to book an appointment with the doctor.

    Patients can easily find doctors and book an appointment instantly with mobile apps. Furthermore, interactive health mobile apps allow patients to ask questions from doctors who are available 24×7 without booking an appointment.

    • Easy Bill Payments

    Mobile healthcare applications facilitate easy and efficient bill payments. Gone are the days when people had to stand in a long queue and wait for hours to pay the bills.

    mHealth apps are integrated with highly secured payment methods that allow users to make payments instantly.

    • Easy Access to Home Healthcare

    Significant technological advancements have completely revolutionized home healthcare services. Apart from the IT industry, medicines, medical equipment, and other healthcare requirements in the industry have become much more efficient with the help of real-time technology.

    Using healthcare apps, patients can opt for home healthcare services. Elderly people, individuals with special needs or a disability, aging people who need help in living independently, or people suffering from chronic diseases or recovering from a medical setback.

    • More Accurate Reports

    After all doctors and healthcare professionals are humans who can make errors and wrong judgments which can lead to serious consequences. The implementation of machine learning and data analytics in healthcare has reduced the chances of serious errors or wrong diagnoses. By leveraging machine accuracy and efficiency, healthcare personnel can deliver accurate medical reports to patients.

    • Quick Access to Medical Reports

    Medical applications enable patients and doctors to access medical reports at any time and from anywhere. So, patients don’t need to hop from one healthcare provider to another to access the data. Quick access to medical reports helps in making quick decisions.

    • Option to Choose Doctors Yourself

    With mobile health apps, patients can access all the necessary information to find and choose a specialized doctor for their treatment. From ratings, charges, and expertise, to patients’ reviews and experiences, health mobile applications can provide you with everything you need to know to make a well-informed decision.

    In Conclusion

    The technological development and trends in the healthcare industry have emerged over time and professional healthcare and fitness app developers are contributing to their growth. We all realize that health mobile app development is beneficial for both the healthcare industry and the entire world.

    If you’re thinking of building healthcare mobility solutions, you may reach out to our mobile app development company to discuss your requirements. At Mobi India, we have a seasoned team of project managers, consultants, mobile app UI/UX designers, developers, and QA engineers who walk the extra mile to deliver high-quality health and fitness apps and achieve 100% client satisfaction.

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