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    How Gamification Technology is Reshaping Banking Business in 2021?

    The digital technology has completely transformed the way organizations operate their business. Latest trends and solutions have helped industries to engage new customers and remain competitive. The industries implement these solutions to meet customer demands. Also, the core objective of digital innovations is to facilitate the work of companies, automate business operations, and improve customer engagement.

    As the whole world is facing pandemic, the percent of mobile banking app users has increased. According to the latest report, business banking app witnesses a 120% growth in mobile transactions. Also, the report reveals over 40% of customers prefer to use mobile banking apps. So, the banks need to invest in Mobile Banking App Development to enhance the customer’s experience while using the application. A major solution is integration of gamification to not only improve customer experience. But also achieve better performance and engagement of employees.

    Introduction to Gamification in Business

    Businesses implement Gamification strategies to build high-quality performance and know more about their customers. Latest technologies have changed the living standards by making it more fun, efficient, and convenient.

    What is gamification? It is basically a solution implementing gaming strategies and techniques in the non-entertainment environment. In business, it is all about the usage of game design and mechanics, for example, building a challenge and rewarding success.

    How Gamification Works?

    The solution aims to motivate people to achieve their goals. It implements techniques from behavioral science to meet target audience demands that are different from the video games and loyalty programs. Gamification implemented by Mobile App Development Company uses game mechanics to trigger motivational element and build psychological outcomes leading to behavioral outcomes.

    The educational and manufacturing sectors use this technology trend to improve the learning processes and bring a sense of motivation in the users. Businesses take the soul of games and integrate them in real-world operations. The implementation is not limited to the educational or manufacturing sector. You can also see its success in e-commerce, sales, banking, finance, and health.

    Gamification in Banking Industry

    Gamification supports e-banking to create and implement advanced features in traditional business apps, particularly the elements associated with online games. The implementation of mobile apps having the game elements offers a powerful strategy for conveying information, changing behaviors, and enhancing customer engagement. For most people, lack of fun element & attractiveness is major reason of not using e-banking activities.

    But today, Finance App Development influence user with implementation of fun experiences that motivate customers to spend more time online and allow them to explore new offers. For example, banks can integrate apps with tutorials and explanations on performing transactions & paying taxes. The companies can present it in the form of game, so the customers will earn points after completing tasks and later exchange points for music downloads, movies, tickets to matches. Customers can participate in online auctions, the more stakes the users make, the greater the chance for them to win exclusive services, like helicopter tour, free lunches, and certificates.

    Benefits of Gamification in Banking Sectors

    Gamification in banking has remarkable benefits both for the banks and their customers. It has the power to:

    Enhance customer engagement – Gamification is based on the game mechanics, thus makes customers spend more time to interact with the services.

    Simple to learn banking operations – Customer can learn about the banking processes and operations to increase financial security.

    Boost deposits – Gamification can be used to grow customers’ savings by linking credit card spending with savings.

    Engage new customers – Current customers love using mobile apps, ultimately they will bring new customers. In addition, data about existing customers will help you target wider audience.

    Customer Insights – Insights about customers’ behavior will help Android app development services to come up with ideas for future development and growth.

    Change in customer’s behavior – Brand loyalty is increased, the customers will feel more comfortable in exploring new services with trust.

    Promote new services and products – Banks that invest in mobile apps, let their customers learn about the latest products and services quickly.

    Digital transformation – Solution can serve as a great strategy of the transformation process for both employees and the bank’s customers.

    Customer engagement is one of the crucial benefits of gamification for the banking industry, as it brings more perks. It is important to offer clear, helpful, and valuable data to your customers. In this way, you will win their loyalty and bring more investments within your organization.

    Wrapping Up

    Gamification builds strong relationships with the customers in banking and provides valuable insights for further development and enhancement. We, at Mobi India, help banking and financial businesses to boost their workforces with engaging solutions and grow their efficiency. Are you and your business looking for the same? Simply hire mobile app developers and find out more about ways your company can implement gamification and start benefiting from this technology!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is gamification in finance?

    In the financial realm, there are a number of apps and digital services that use gamification to encourage users to save money, budget better or improve financial literacy. Gamification isn’t just a digital tactic. You can gamify your savings, budget or investments in analog ways, too.

    2. How do you gamify banking?

    Let’s review some of the ways to retain customers using gamification:

    • Hold contests, give rewards
    • Give points for shopping
    • Keep the game simple
    • Integrate social media channels
    • Use games to educate customers
    • Promote new services with game play

    3. What gamification means?

    Gamification is all about adding game mechanics into non-game environments, like a website, online community, learning management system or business’ intranet to boost participation. The goal of gamification is to engage with consumers, employees and partners to inspire collaborate, share and interact.

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