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    How to Effectively Promote Your Mobile App Amongst Your Target Users

    Creating a new mobile app is not the end of a story of your success, you need to launch and promote it effectively. Your mobile app could be the most unique one in the market, but if you don’t promote it in the right way, you won’t yield better results. You are likely to miss out on numerous opportunities or may not generate better results. With numerous businesses coming up with their mobile apps, we thought to give you guidance on how to effectively promote your mobile app amongst your target users. As a leading mobile app development company, we not only help our clients build next-gen mobile applications but also launch and promote them effectively and ethically to make them generate positive results for our clients.

    Whether it is iOS or Android app development services, we have vast experience in delivering robust mobile app solutions for various mobile platforms.

    Effective Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

    In this guide, we will discuss some of the effective ways to promote your mobile app. They include:

    1. Select the Best App Store

    Once you’re ready with your app’s promotional strategy, the next step is to add your mobile app to its respective app store. If you opt for Android app development services, then you should consider that Google Play charges with $ 25 registration fee and takes 30% of the list price for all sales. For iOS app developers, the app distribution through the App store will cost $ 90 per month.

    Also, if you’re opting for Android app development services, you will have to stand out from 3.3 million Android apps in Google Play. And, if you’re opting for iOS app development, then you will have to compete with more than
    2.2 million iOS apps in App Store.

    Other than Google Play and App Store, there are several other app store environments that distribute mobile apps across different countries and niches. Some of these app stores like Amazon Appstore, GetJar, Appolicious, etc. can bring good results for your mobile app marketing and promotion campaign.

    However, before selecting any app store, you need to consider the regions where you want to promote your mobile app. For example, if you’re targeting the Chinese market, then your primary channels of promotion should include Xiaomi App Store, 360 Mobile Assistant, TencentMyApp, or Wandoujia.

    When you hire mobile app developers at Mobi India, they not only provide you with powerful mobile apps but also offer you valuable suggestions and strategies to promote your mobile app effectively.

    2. Create an Attractive App Profile

    App description has a pivotal role in app store optimization and user experience. You need to explain what your app is about, its main purpose, and highlight its main capabilities. You can even make your app’s icon design attractive and meaningful. Try to make your icon design simple, stylish, and memorable. You can even add app screenshots to your app profile. Users are more likely to download an app when they know about your app and what to expect from the interface designs.

    You can hire mobile app developers if you want to create a stunning UI/UX design for your mobile app.

    3. Optimize with Keywords

    Keywords have a significant role to play when it comes to improving the visibility of your app on app stores. Spend enough time on keyword research and optimizing your app’s profile with best-targeted and related keywords. Think of terms you would type in a search box when looking for apps similar to yours. However, you don’t need to tag dozens of slightly related keywords, instead, add the most relevant ones to improve your ranking and visibility.

    As a full-service mobile app development company, we provide result-oriented digital marketing services for your mobile app to help it ranked higher in the search results and get noticed by your potential users.

    4. Create a Teaser Video

    It’s a great idea to create a short 30-seconds video to allow people to take a stroll around your mobile app. Demonstrate the key features, design, and users’ value of your app through an engaging video and the users will be eagerly waiting for the app release. Add your video on the website, share through social media, or allow marketing agencies for app promotion. A good teaser video will increase your brand awareness and create interest in your app.

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    5. Create a Captivating Website/Landing Page

    Before you release your app, you will need to create a website or at least a landing page for promoting your app. You can highlight the main news, updates, information, key features, and capabilities of your app on the website. Attract new users to your website through ad campaigns. You can even offer additional value like free levels or a personal discount for subscribing to the app news. Your email base can be the best channel for interacting with users. However, you need to make sure that you do not spam.

    If you’re investing in enterprise app development services, creating a website for your business app can help in attracting more users and app downloads.

    6. Add Sharing Button

    People love sharing content that is interesting, informative or makes them express their feelings. Add a sharing button in your app and allow your users to share content from your app with their friends and family.

    You can even offer users instant rewards for sharing content from your app in their social media profiles or even blogs.

    7. Rating and Reviews

    Mobile apps with the highest rates and reviews are more likely to get to the first positions of search results. You may request your app users to rate your app or write a review about the app experience. By offering them bonus perks like unlocking new content, or virtual lives will help you gain quality feedback. A higher ranking in the app store can also help you rank up in mobile searches.

    If you’re opting for enterprise app development services, then investing in ORM services is crucial for maintaining a positive impression of your brand.

    8. Partner with Mobile App Advertising Agency

    Partnership with a mobile advertising agency can significantly help in user acquisition and driving the maximum number of app downloads. They help you create brand awareness and promote your mobile app through mobile devices. They take off the burden of app promotion from your head and help you focus on your app enhancement.

    Mobile ad agencies create unique, fresh, and interesting ads that can generate better results for your campaigns. For a successful ad campaign, make sure to discuss your ad campaign goals, KPIs, budget, pricing, expected retention rate, and ROI with the agency manager before you launch the campaign.

    Yes, it’s true that a partnership with mobile ad agency costs money, however, they prove to be effective channels for gaining more number of app users.

    Being an end-to-end mobile app development company, we have a team of app marketing experts who can create banners, landing pages, posts, blogs, native or other ad units for your mobile app.

    9. Approach App Review Platforms

    Approaching app review platforms can help you generate more leads. These platforms publish informative and entertaining reviews and highlight key features and benefits of new apps.

    There are two ways of getting reviews of your app from such media. First, you can send them an overview of your app with links to app stores and request them to post a review. The other way is that they might add you to specific lists or ratings of similar apps. The media representatives may charge some amount for the app reviews, but that’s okay. In such cases, you need to double-check the platform’s amount of monthly site visits, geography, audience preferences, and interests with Google and Similar Web. Reaching out to popular tech blogs can get your quality reviews for your mobile app.

    10. Use Social Media for User Engagement

    You can bring interested users by featuring your app release on social media. Keep entertaining your followers with useful content, trending topics, and thematic infographics. Social media is a great platform for connecting with your app users, getting their feedback, and rolling out major updates. If you have not created a business profile of your app on social media, you are likely to miss out on numerous opportunities.

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    11. Approach Influencers

    Approaching an influencer also helps brands and marketing experts can help in gaining more users. Partnership with popular influencer’s gives you access to thousands of followers around their social profiles. Identify the best influencers in your niche and build an honest and mutually beneficial relationship with them.

    Wrapping Up

    Creating an outstanding mobile apps is essential to beat your rivals. While there are several app promotion channels out there, not all of them work wonders for all apps. Try creating your own customized ecosystem that includes a specific range of mobile app promotion tools, techniques, services, and platforms. Being different is a great way to build a strong app marketing strategy.

    As an end-to-end mobile app development company, we help you ideate, create, and promote your product at an affordable rate. If you want to drive more app installs and purchases, you can approach us for mobile app marketing services. Our top-notch marketing experts will provide good and ethical tips on mobile app promotion.

    Also, if you have a unique app idea and want to turn it into reality, you can hire mobile app developers at Mobi India at affordable costs. From iOS/Android app development services to wearable app development and enterprise app development services, we offer a comprehensive range of mobile app development services to cater to your specific needs and goals. Get in touch with us for a personalized consultation session now!


    1. What is native and cross-platform mobile app development?

    In native mobile app development, we use platform-specific language and IDE for both iOS and Android, that is, Swift/Objective-C with Xcode for iOS and Java/Kotlin with Android Studio for Android.

    In cross-platform app development, the source code is written once and is used on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

    2. What to do in case new OS releases in both iOS and Android?

    Whenever new OS releases, you need to first test your app in updated OS and prepare a list of things that are not working optimally. After this, you can hire mobile app developers from us to come up with a quick solution. Google and Apple do spread solutions for functions or methods they are deprecating.

    3. Would you help us promote our mobile app?

    Yes, of course. Our mobile app marketing team will create the best and result-oriented strategies to help you build a solid digital presence and generate higher revenue.

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