• Game Changing Features for Mobile Banking App to Integrate in 2021

    Game Changing Features for Mobile Banking App Development

    We live in digital era where everything is virtually controlled. We leverage the power of mobile devices to perform everything from communicating with others to checking social status and even running a business by most innovative and advanced mobile banking app development. Mobile apps give businesses the advantage to perform the same actions that are earlier performed on a PC.

    Banks and financial institutions are shifting to mobile platform. Thus, if you own a bank who hasn’t yet jumped on the banking app development, then prepare for desired business outcome. The only reason several banks hold leading positions is that they have a well-designed, & user-friendly banking app for customers. Mobile app can help to handle specific needs, like transferring funds, checking balances and managing accounts. In this blog post, we’ll discuss must-have features to build a successful banking app.

    1. Voice Payments

    Voice banking has become a prominent trend in the mobile banking industry. Now customers of these banks can ask Siri to pay their bills. Even though voice payments have not yet received desired success but in the next few years it will take off. Over the next five years it will reach 30% of US adults. Relying on such facts, we can safely say that the introduction of these features will significantly boost client engagement strategy.

    2. Advanced Security

    Banking is all about the sensitive data and customers want the best security against hackers and cyber theft. To run a successful banking app, ensure that the app has secure sign-in feature. Keep steps limited for signing into a banking account else that could irritate users. A successful mobile banking app development build a fast & easy sign-in process of the app, providing peace of mind for the user. For example, multi-factor authentication is a secure technology but it’s also quite time-consuming. This feature isn’t the perfect idea for banking app implementation since anything time-consuming is never pleasing.

    3. QR Code Payments

    QR codes are becoming quite popular for mobile app banking. They help users to scan their code on a barcode reader for making purchases quickly and contact-free. Many leading banks are integrating QR code scanning technology within their mobile apps. QR codes offer an amazing alternative solution for both issuers and merchants to expand their customers’ mobile payment services. QR code payment solutions are easy-to-use, highly proficient, and offer advanced security that customers love.

    4. AI-Based Chatbots

    Providing amazing customer service and a personalized approach is always a priority for any service, particularly banking. Intelligent customer service chatbots can easily attend customer inquiries. Take guidance from app development company or hire mobile app developers to integrate smart AI chatbot feature into your banking app. This will provide 24/7 support to your customers, improving the chances for customer satisfaction. Chatbots are high in demand because they work 24/7, they can answer multiple questions at a fast rate without taking break. Several banks have gain desired success from using chatbots on their mobile banking apps, and yours can too.

    5. ATM Locators

    An ATM locator functionality seems like a super basic feature to apply within your banking app. However basic it may be, it’s important. Customers love such apps having such basic but important features. When customers need to find an ATM at a nearby location, they should be able to count on your banking app to identify it. Most mobile banking apps include this feature, because customers demand it. By all means, be free to get creative with your mobile banking app. But don’t forget the essentials and don’t forget the ATM locator feature.

    6. Multi-Lingual

    As per the reports, 70% of customers prefer app having native language content. Multi-lingual content removes all sort of barrier to use digital apps and payments. With the help of mobile banking App Development it is reaching every corner of the world, it can be beneficial to roll out a multi-language app.

    If the app is multi-lingual, people from all regions who are not comfortable with English can become familiar with the app interface. This drive more app downloads among all sections of the population. Latest technology including AI can automate localization services and eliminate the need for manual translation of mobile apps. Besides, chatbots are also implemented to boost user interaction.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why hire dedicated mobile app developers?

    If you want fast delivery of your project with the best quality, it is a great idea to opt for dedicated app developers who will work solely on your project and deliver you faster results.

    2. Will you replace the app developer if performance is not as per the standard?

    Yes. We will definitely replace the developer assigned to your project if we see that there is a performance issue on the developer’s end.

    3. How long would it take to develop a banking app?

    Depending on the complexity of the app, banking app development can take somewhere 1 month to around 3 months.

    4. How much would it cost to build my banking app?

    The banking app development cost depends on multiple factors that we will only be able to quote after we have understood your business requirement.

    Wrapping Up:

    A well-designed & advanced security features integrated mobile banking app can go a long way to engage new customers, get ahead of the competition, and build a positive customer experience. To invest in such apps reach out to a professional Mobile app development company in India like MobiIndia. They will offer different set of solutions to meet your business needs in an effective manner.

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