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    What are the Key Features & Tips of Developing Marketplace Mobile App?

    People nowadays prefer online marketplaces rather than shopping from brick-n-mortar. Thanks to the ever expanding mobile app development domain, online marketplaces have enjoyed a lot of popularity. Several online marketplaces have set new milestones in the world of ecommerce. Seeing their growing popularity, business entrepreneurs prefer operating online marketplace mobile app.

    The mobile app connects merchants straight to their target audience. The app also offers a mobile platform to large and small enterprises to boost revenue and improve online value. What’s more, the Mobile App Development Company gives more exposure to the merchants and provides them the feature of cross-selling. But then, it is not easy to stand out from the rest amid growing competition.

    This article is all about major tips you should follow while building marketplace app development.

    1. Select Marketplace Platform

    Online shopping has gained immense popularity in the last few years. People love buying products straight from mobile apps on the go. The marketplace mobile app provides a platform for shoppers and sellers. It is divided into three categories-

    Business-to-Business (B2B) – It is perfect for the organizations that transact products between organizations.
    Business-to-Consumer (B2C) – It is a perfect means to deliver the product/services from the company to the individual. It is similar to online store where it is simple to find anything.
    Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) – It is relevant for the consumers to exchange products with one another.

    2. Follow Strategy

    It is an important factor to consider. Whether it is a startup or a small to mid-sized marketplace, having a proper strategy to make your mobile app successful. Your roadmap starts with defining the target audience. Just find out the target audience and start promotion. In the starting, you can begin with less number of audiences. The Enterprise app development company integrates important features to make your app engaging for the end-users. Even if you have a budget, invest smartly in your online marketplace app because, you need to keep some amount for relevant backup, and app promotion.

    3. Make Use of SWOT Analysis

    SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threat) is very important to analyze features that can help you improve sales. In the marketplace app, it is important to identify unique products and services because they are almost common.

    For Result-Oriented SWOT Analysis-
    • What products should I sell?
    • What advantages buyers will receive?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • What is the USPs of business?

    In simple terms, provide true value to your customers. You can simply grow the value proposition by providing free delivery as well as discounts.

    4. Quote App Development Cost

    The development cost of marketplace app depends on a series of factors including complexity of features, app scalability, and developer’s hourly rate. The development of mobile app includes three major steps- requirement gathering, design, and development. It is suggested to consult a reputed Native app development company to get a quote for designing a marketplace app.

    5. Address Issues

    The requirements and expectations of customers change on frequent basis. In addition to user-friendly features and streamlined performance, the marketplace app should address ever-changing expectations and other challenges including handling large audience, lack of flexibility, and proper functionality. A number of marketplace apps including Amazon & Alibaba have already set their standard high and it is tough to compete with these established players. Thus focus on to provide a value proposition to the customers.

    Important Features to Implement in Marketplace App

    Every app needs to comprise the best features because only these will make your app stand out from others in the marketplace. The cost of app development depends on these features.

    1. Registration

    Before using an app, it is common to see that they ask you to sign up or register, even via Google or Facebook. This sign-up is essential for smooth registration that every app asks for at the start. Including your marketplace app with this feature will allow you to know how many people are using your app or actually connected with you.

    2. Profile

    Some people love creating their accounts on the marketplace to share their reviews. This feature helps the owners to know how they can enhance their services for users & sellers. Allowing users to create their profile will help you get better insights & it will also build trust among users. Try keeping it simple; ask for gender, name, & product preference as too much data might annoy the users.

    3. Support

    This feature can help users whenever they need assistance, or they get stuck somewhere. Just like Domino’s, we instantly put in our query when we don’t receive our food on time. This section helps users to get data about their issues that they might experience while using the app.

    4. Category Listing

    This is one of the important features allowing users to look for the product in their specific categories. It prevents effort & helps to promote smart shopping. With this innovative feature buyer & sellers both can easily place and find their item easily. They can simply search through categories and don’t have to explore the entire app. This feature makes product easier and convenient to search. Shoppers can shop anything by selecting the right category; likewise, sellers can place their products or services depending upon the different categories.

    Wrapping Up

    Today, people love buying products online to get things straight at their door place. This trend will remain in future as well. Marketplace mobile apps have slowly replaced traditional practices, and can take your business to a huge audience across the globe. All you have to find the iBeacon App Development agency who can help you integrate latest & innovative features into the mobile app.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is the actual cost of Marketplace App Development Services?

    The cost of Marketplace app development can be analyzed after coming across the project’s requirements and every element available in it. When you hire mobile app developers they first identify the project requirements and later, plan to complete the process. Once this process is completed, we offer our clients with the best quote for app development.

    2. What is the time duration of the Marketplace App Development process?

    The average time needed for the Marketplace mobile app development relies on the project complexity. Our development team breaks down the whole approach with specific milestones. After that, a time period is set for every milestone.

    3. Have you worked on an existing Marketplace App Development?

    Yes, we hold our core expertise in Marketplace mobile app development as per the client requirements. Furthermore, our experienced professionals can also perform customization to improve application performance.

    4. What pricing model you have for the Marketplace App Development process?

    You can hire our app developer on an hourly, full-time or part-time basis. We have different & flexible pricing models as per the client’s budget.

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