• Everything You Need To Know About Creating A Wedding Planning App

    Everything You Need To Know About Wedding App Development

    A wedding is one of the biggest days in everyone’s life. Couples take vows to stay by each other’s side no matter what. Every couple wishes to make this day perfect without making any flaws. The success of this special day crucially depends on how perfectly you plan this day. Years ago, wedding planning was a process of finding the right match, mediator consulting, looking for vendors for various rituals, arranging & managing the venues, and more. A wedding app development helps to resolve the entire challenges that otherwise turns out to be a lengthy process.

    Today, wedding planning has taken a new height where technology is adding perks to every task you perform while providing a seamless experience. Mobile and websites for weddings came into the picture to resolve the chaos of finding matches & planning weddings. People’s custom needs have given rise to matrimony & dating app development to find the right match and organize a perfect wedding.

    The wedding app development services offer assistance to various dating & wedding planning businesses. Many wedding planners are catering their services to help their clients have a comfortable experience and enjoy their special day without worrying about the management, venue, and wedding arrangements.

    If you are planning to use or create a wedding planning app, this blog is all that you need. So, let’s get started!

    What are the benefits of wedding planning apps for people

    What are the benefits of wedding planning apps for people?

    The power of mobile apps is incredible. It has made people’s lives highly accessible and convenient. If you are overwhelmed with the wedding preparations, a wedding planning app can add numerous benefits like:

    Saves a lot of time

    Wedding management can be a lengthy and messy process that eats out a lot of time. With wedding planning apps, users can save time and manage things smoothly.

    24×7 assistance

    A wedding app development can help users get aware of their activities. From staying in touch with the vendors to inquiring about their time-to-time queries. With the round the clock assistance, users can get push notifications to keep themselves notified about the offers and discounts offered by the vendors listed in the app.

    Guest management

    The biggest challenge in any wedding is managing the guests of all traits. With a wedding planning Android app development, you can easily manage the guest list and their arrival details online.

    Activity tracking

    With a wedding planning app, couples can track everything from RSVPs to thank-you messages and manage all the entries by maintaining a checklist of their to-do tasks.

    [17:25] Neeraj Singh Rautela Faisal Islamok bhai? 📄 Benefits to a wedding event manager_vendor_planner_supplier.png 📄 Everything You Need To Know About Creating A Wedding Planning App.png 📄 What are the benefits of wedding planning apps for people.png 📄 Why do wedding planners need a mobile app development service.png Why do wedding planners need a wedding app development service?

    Why do wedding planners need a wedding app development service?

    Every wedding planner’s vision is to make their client’s wedding a picture-perfect affair they dreamt of. With the help of a wedding app development services, they can satisfy their clients, and earn their trust with a professional approach to their wedding arrangements.

    Hire a mobile app developer or consult with a well-renowned mobile app development company to create the best wedding app that consists of varied features like:

    • Implementing the eCommerce feature within the app to help wedding planners allow their clients to search, compare prices, and book from thousands of wedding destinations and venues.
    • By adding videos and images within the app, business owners can provide a 360° view of venues, facilities, and price listings
    • With the help of a wedding planning app, businesses can provide location-based venue directories with multiple listings attached to them.
    • A wedding planning app can provide users with extensive scheduling by enabling event calendars that help them streamline their management and arrangements.
    • Mobile applications help users gain access to varied online boutiques with eCommerce pages. From multiple styles and a list of brands, you can shop for your wedding accessories and ornaments.
    • Choosing a wedding planning mobile app development service gives businesses an easiness to provide their users with an online honeymoon booking. Couples can book their favorite destinations with eCommerce features at their service.

    What are the top features of the wedding planning mobile app?

    Are you planning to create a wedding planning mobile app or iOS app development for your business? Check these features to add to the app that helps improve your user’s and wedding event managers’ app experience:

    Benefits to a user

    • Social signup and log in: Users can create an account with their contact number and other social information
    • View event managers/vendors/organizers and their price quote
    • Improve the search based on the service required. For instance makeup, catering, flowers, and more
    • View the vendor’s profiles, reviews, ratings, portfolio, and the work delivered
    • Call and chat with the vendors to simplify the communication
    • Vendor profile sharing to get the second opinion from family and friends
    • Search wedding venues based on the location, price, and availability
    • Filter through the wedding styles to choose a custom theme for the venue
    • Create a wedding checklist to keep track of the activities performed
    • Wedding budget calculator to avoid burning holes in the pockets
    • Create and manage the guest list with ease
    • Create and send online invitations to the guests
    • Create and view their wedding albums while sharing them with the loved ones
    • Multiple payment options for user convenience
    • Write and check reviews and ratings of various vendors to guide other couples

    Benefits to a wedding event manager_vendor_planner_supplier

    Benefits to a wedding event manager/vendor/planner/supplier

    • Easy sign-in and log out option with existing social accounts and other details
    • Easy to create a business profile and add details like work experience and portfolio
    • Manage inquiries and books within the app
    • Manage catalog to showcase your specialties like venues, food options, flower arrangements, and more
    • Allow event planners to set and manage their availability preferences
    • Accept online payments within the app
    • Request for reviews to boost their business profiles and ratings
    • Call and chat with users to enhance flexibility
    • Track guests attending the function and make the arrangements accordingly
    • Manage employees and assign them tasks in-app
    • Create and export reports for easy payment by the clients

    Other than the benefits mentioned in this blog, a wedding planning app also offers VOIP calling facility, IVR application, AI/chatbot support, real-time analytics, client loyalty program, and much more.

    So, if you are running a wedding planning business and haven’t installed a wedding planning mobile app, now is the right time to go for it. At Mobi India, we create feature-rich mobile applications and have hands-on experience with on-demand wedding planning app development.

    Get in touch with our mobile app developers or book your appointment to consult our professionals for the right technological guidance. We will be happy to help. Let’s connect.


    How can an event app help in my destination wedding?

    A wedding planning app allows users and event planners to coordinate with the regional people regarding the commute, catering, decoration, and other arrangements. All you have to do is reach the destination on time and the professionals will coordinate with you via the app to execute things according to your taste.

    Can a wedding app help with my wedding arrangements?

    A wedding planning mobile app engages couples in using it to plan and communicate with vendors for their wedding. The app also helps manage guests and inform them about the location, date, invitation, and gift registry options.

    How to create a wedding planning website/app?

    Here are a few things you need to do first:

    • Hire a website developer or a mobile app developer
    • Choose a unique domain name to get found online
    • Create a personalized template
    • Add as many details as possible
    • Include an RSVP form
    • Make your site exclusive for users to get attracted at first sight

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