• Critical UI UX Design Elements That Every Banking App Must Have

    5 Critical UI UX Design Elements That Every Banking App Must Have

    As mobile apps have transformed the banking industry, a majority of key players have already embraced mobility and more will be taking the same route in the near future. While investing in mobile banking app development opens a whole new world of opportunities for banks, it is no shortcut to success. An app that doesn’t meet the user expectation can actually result in loss of customers for the bank as they may switch over to another bank for the want of better services. For this reason, it becomes imperative for banks to serve exceptional customer experiences through these applications.

    When it comes to user experiences, nothing is as critical as the app’s UI/UX design. The primary consideration for this industry is to make the app design customer-centric rather than product-centric. There are certain elements that make all the difference in this context. If you are planning to have an application developed for your bank, you should be aware of these elements. The idea is to convey these to the developer team you hire for availingĀ mobile UI UX design services for your application. Let’s check them out:

    Intuitive Functionalities: A fluid experience is what every customer looks for in a banking app. Whether it is about checking account balances or transferring funds, everything should be easy to understand and execute. The functionalities need to be intuitive so that users can access them in the most efficient way. Digital forms, step-by-step guides, VR-powered DIY videos, and online chatbot support are a few elements that can be integrated to make the apps intuitive.

    Security First: Since banking applications require users to share their key financial details, security is a vital element that the design should possess. Login authentication methods can be made hack-proof with features such as finger-touch ID and biometric login. Some apps even include selfies as an authentication method. Such methods ensure that no unauthorized user is able to access the application.

    On-brand Design: Besides the functionalities and security features, the look of the app holds significance too. It should be designed to replicate and reinforce the brand, with the aim to enhance the familiarity level with the user. In other words, a banking app should be tailored to serve as a key branding tool. A clear, uncluttered interface along with appealing graphics that are aligned with the bank’s visual style makes the essence of an on-brand design.

    Easy Payment Options: The basic purpose of banking apps is to facilitate transactions anytime and from anywhere. Therefore, the UI UX design should provide easy and hassle-free payment options for the users. They should be able to set up, schedule and cancel payments as and when they want.

    Consistency: Consistency is another element that users look for in a banking application UX. Issues related to unavailability of certain banking functions on the mobile can hamper their usability to a considerable extent. Care should be taken to ensure that the entire functions are easily accessible through the app. Similarly, the menus and buttons should be placed in such a manner that they are compatible with different devices of varying screen sizes.

    Considering the various design requirements that a typical banking application has, you cannot trust anyone but an expert to avail mobile app development services. The developer team has to make sure that the entire elements are woven into the UI and UX so that the users can have a totally enriching experience. At Mobiindia, we are a leading application development partner that caters reliable Android and iPhone app development services. Our developer team has skilled professionals with a long-standing experience and successful track record of having worked with clients from diverse verticals including banking.

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