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    Cost to Create High-Quality E-learning Mobile App

    Covid-19 has transformers the way we use to look at E-Learning. Previously this was just a platform to gain extra knowledge, something that was not taught to us in conventional school classes. After this infamous outbreak, E-Learning has become one of the most prominent sources of teaching and gaining knowledge. Hence, the rise in E-learning App Development is justified.  Several mobile app development companies are offering eLearning platform development services to fulfill the needs of merchants as well as students.

    Before we dig deep into today’s discussion, let us first understand what is E-Learning and why we need E-Learning more than ever.

    What is E-Learning?


    E-Learning is a Technology-driven, learning approach, which is powered by the help of Physical electronic devices as medium information transfer. The Internet is making it easier to access different forms of E-Learning even across non-accessible parts of a country. Previously, education institutions were the only place where you could achieve knowledge. However, it was not available for everyone, E-learning has made it easier for the user to assess the knowledge regardless of their status, financial situation, or other factors.

    Furthermore, since the Covid-19 spread, E-Learning has become a major source of knowledge sharing. Technology integration like ‘Augmented Reality’ and ‘Social Learning’ also allows applications to introduce new ways to offer practical learning courses. According to research, the global e-learning market will reach $325 Billion by the end of the year 2025. India’s leading e-learning platform Byju’s is estimated to be worth $5.5 billion. So as you can see there’s a lot of potential in developing an e-learning platform.

    How Much will it cost to develop an E-Learning Platform?

    It is quite a common question nowadays whenever anyone inquires about exposing their institution to an e-learning platform, ‘How much will it cost?’ and it’s not bad to speculate the costs before starting the production. There are some providers that are that overcharges for the services they offer, or there are some that are cheap yet the quality is not good enough. Therefore, getting the knowledge of costs beforehand will help you in planning your finances, marketing, and other factors.

    Even though you’ve set a budget for the E-learning Mobile App Development Services create a checklist and ask these questions yourself to make sure everything is according to your requirement:

    Content Creation

    Content creation is a typical task as well as an ongoing task. If you are allowing an e-learning development company to create content for your platform, it’ll add additional money to the production as the company itself uses different resources to write and review the content. However, if you provide the content yourself, you might save a lot of money as well as the time. The company will take your raw content, optimize it to match the market standard, and then add it to the application.

    Applications Functions

    Application features are the most important component in any application to gain attention in the market. Unique and interesting modules or e-learning platforms attract more consumers than a plain e-learning module. You have to include graphical representations of the content, video content, animations, and a team of experienced developers. It’d require a team of different experts to add these kinds of features who are skilled in graphic designing, gamification, videographers, proofreaders, etc. All these requisites will definitely increase the cost of development. In order to control that, plan your development in stages, start with your core functionalities, and then with time add modifications to the application.

    App Platform

    In order to create engagement and generate maximum traffic on your platform, do not just focus on creating applications for just one platform. Try to create a cross-platform application that is compatible with most of the devices available. It’ll be a bit costly process but will offer the most benefit in the long run.

    Tools for developing Web Application


    • Adobe Captivate 7
    • ReactJS
    • Xamarin
    • jQT
    • iWebkit
    • Claro

    Tools for developing Platform Specific Application


    • React Native
    • Titanium
    • GoMo Learning
    • Articulate Storyline


    Q1. What is eLearning development?

    Ans. E-Learning platform development is the use of Technology to create a platform that enables consumers to learn anytime, anywhere. It is integrated with different types of services that offer tutors and learners with tools, resources, and information to support and enhance education.


    Q2. What is the purpose of E-Learning?

    Ans. The main purpose of e-learning is to offer education with the help of technology. It allows tutors to offer education and information in interactive ways to learners allowing them to absorb personal accomplishment, or to obtain a degree certificate.


    Q3. What are the types of E-Learning?

    Ans.  There are several different types of E-Learning:


    • Computer Managed Learning
    • Synchronous Online learning
    • Asynchronous Online Learning
    • Fixed E-learning
    • Adaptive E-Learning
    • Interactive Online Learning

    Wrapping Up


    E-Learning is changing the norms of education globally. It is always said that there’s no rescission in the education and healthcare sector. With new challenges comes new opportunity as we can see a number of education bodies have already started to offer education digitally. Building a Platform might be costly but with the right guidance, it can be achieved easily.


    MobiIndia, a leading Mobile App Development Company offers you the service to hire a mobile app developer for your e-learning platform. Our experienced team of developers has already delivered several projects globally that are not only convenient but also cost-effective.

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